Zlatan Ibrahimovic - I AM FOOTBALL | THE MOVIE

Opublikowany 1 lip 2020
Sweden's talismanic striker Zlatan Ibrahimović is arguably one of the greatest players in history. With powerful strikes, fantastic athleticism, and unusual & unforgettable goals, the Swede is also one of the finest strikers of his generation. His impressive resume spans Europe's top clubs with a total of 33 trophies in his career, making him one of the most decorated players in football history. He is also Sweden's all-time leading goal scorer with 62 goals, and has been awarded the 'Guldbollen', 11 times.
Now at 38 years old, King Zlatan is still a threat on the field.
Powerful, Ruthless, Legendary, GOD.
The book 'I Am Football : Zlatan Ibrahimović' [Originally published in November 2018] inspired me to make this film.
The film is about Zlatan's incredible footballing journey with 10 chapters in the main story from Malmö FF through A.C. Milan (2020), and an additional Epilogue "I am Sweden", bringing a total of 11 Chapters in the full film.
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  • The film has a crazy amount of bass sounds. So headphones are highly recommended if you are watching it on a mobile phone.

    • great film, you really understand this great man, his motivations in life and his amazing personality

    • nee malayali aanoda?

    • @Amanpreet Singh pandher absolutely

    • That was great! Thank you!

    • ⬜🟥⬜❌❌❌🥦

  • *ZLATAN*

  • Ibracadabra

  • As far as internet love goes..you got it.

  • Even Zlatans shadow has a lawer.

  • Legend.... Top 3 greatest strikers of all time imo.

  • beautiful movie and now i'm sure he isn't a man

  • Zlatan would appreciate this movie.

  • great!

  • When Zlatan retire Football miss zlatan

  • i dont understand how ppl say zlatan was a flop at man u flop and zlatan in the same sentence sounds wrong

  • pleasure seeing this video, thanks, from Argentina

  • The king is in Italy.Much respect to the editor of the video 🙌🏾

  • Zlatan uncomparable GOAT alongside Ronaldo/Messi Neither Ronaldo or Messi can compare to the qualities of Zlatan!! Same goes for Zlatan to Messi/Ronaldo and between messi/ronaldo. For me ronaldo and Messi are more succesful with heavier titles but zlatan impresses me the most with his mix of technique and strength and his understanding of the game and intuition. Zlatan also up there in amount of titles but also not to understate that he has achieved them in far many different clubs/countries and environments. Zlatan deliverd quality football and joy for fans at so many top clubs like no one in history, AJAX, JUVE, INTER, BARCELONA, MILAN, PSG, Man.Utd, Recovery ftom serios knee injury at age in career when carree usually is over but still made great impact in Major Soccer League and then remarkably at age of 39 carrtying up AC Milan to top spots which they not accomplished since Zlatan left in 2012. Still scoring and playing good, INSANE! Abilities: Genius dribbling skills mostly early in his career that was left behind to develop more effectiveness for the good of the team with focus on goalscoring (similar development like ronaldo) Closer to Ronaldo than Messi in style and qualities but ronaldo has more speed wilst Zlatan also great target player holding back defenders . Both good with both feet, power shots, technical shots and scoring headers, Ronaldo edges Zlatan on headers. The most similar characteristic with Messi would be to read the game and provide genious passes but not seen so much due to zlatans position on the pitch. What separates Zlatan from any player of all times is the huge number of spectacular goals in various ways both close/long range with finesse or power. Messi not as differentiated as Ronaldo/Zlatan but on the other hand far superior with dribbling and scoring effiency mid/close range. All three of them GOATS in different perspectives. Another perpective is that Zlatan for national team never even close to be surrounded with same level of quality players yet scoring 60+ goals for Sweden. Pure talent of Messis goals are genious and looks so easy which no other can do like him, best of all times as it is almost impossible which he repeats over and over again. Ronaldo and Zlatan goals are for ME more spectacular and in this Zlatan is edging Ronaldo. Zlatan unique!! specially combining height, strength, technique, play intelligence and acorabatic goals and skills that I doubt will be seen again on this earth! For me therefor the GOAT!

  • When zlatan said I went to England and conquered. He surely did. And also on this they call him arrogant. People are assholes..

  • Dope ass video

  • Zlatan doesn’t write the book The book writes him

  • GOD!!! This is what he is!!!!

  • ο μεγαλυτερος ποδοσφαιρικος τουριστας!

  • 💞💕💖👌👌👌

  • king 👑

  • 18:28 Motivational 👊

  • captivating and award winning film. to catch this amazing guys personality , game, aura, charisma, talent, and deep rooted motivations since his childhood,this is so artistic and beautifully done...ive seen pretty much all thats out there on zlatan, the golden one, and his book was fun, but o catch it like this on this video is simply outstanding. zlatan would be proud ;)

  • Absolutely the best video! Ever! Zlatan shows what can happen when you back yourself & really believe you can do anything!

  • Amazing player, absolutely inspirational but a misunderstood person.

  • Great work sir. What a video!!!! ♥️🤤

  • മച്ചാനെ മലയാളി ആണോ ❤️👌👌👌

  • Zlatan is nothing infront of Leo Messi

  • Zlatan is pretty sure one of the effective player on the field. His size gives him an advantage and is a similar player like Ronaldo relying more on Physical aspects. People like Maradona, Messi, Iniesta or Ronaldinho are pretty brilliant skilled players who doesn have the physical advantage, whereas Ronaldhino was a monster later. Confidence is not equal to arrogance ?

  • Great work

  • LOL OMG i died when he said... "He scored a beautiful goal today. But he should try it from 40 meters" LOL

  • When he came back from that leg injury... insane... Legend? Naw i think he ascended to mythology now :v

  • I watched a lot of videos about ibra and his career and what he did but honestly this is the most beautiful, decorated, amazing video I've ever seen you did an amazing job... And for me I don't know if I ever can thank you enough about this fantastic work and effort that you did in this video so keep it up good work and good like And as you say in your video: "THIS IS TO HOT TO HANDLE "

  • ibra nr1 ever


  • You Earned A Subscriber ❤️

  • Great Edit and I think this video will reach its peak as time evolves. Love from Kerala.

  • I wish i can talk to this man iam martied to a swedish and we have a 3yrars old son but we could not joint him in sweden i wish he can help US

  • i was searching on YT for a nice zlatan compilation of his funniest moments and then i stumbled over this video.. first i thought ill watch that another day cause of the length BUT i wanted to get a sneak peak if it was worth to save it for later.. and oh man, when i started to watch it, i couldnt stop it.. your work effort and love to make videos is visible and hearable in every second of this video so that i can tell you right away, THIS is definitly one of, when not the best video about ZLATAN. Thank you for your effort and keep your passion going on

  • ZLATAN-RONALD-MESSI 1-2-3 as overall best futballer

  • me + thaddeus = ZLATAN

  • This might gonna sound weird, but I have been watching and studying football for 35 years and I can say most people don´t even suspect how good Zlatan is. For me, the best European football player in the entire 21st century. A striker who has inherited the throne of Mathias Sindelar, Josef Bican. Ferenc Puskas, Eusebio, Gerd Mueller, Keegan, Rummenigge Bergkamp, and Shevchenko.

  • Touching... Messi played with this guy, because Zlatan played everywhere. Undoubtedly, he is the G.O.A.T, playing in one team proves nothing!

  • Great work mahn...its too good.

  • What a movie! Zlatan should watch this masterpiece.

  • Ce jucator fenomenal... a jucat in diferite Tari și campionate mereu la nivel mondial...mi au dat lacrimile..Respect

  • Zlataan ibrahim... plthrow.info/my/wideo/rXylfmfIrNyap3U.html

  • I recently read the book of Zlatan. This film sums it up very good. I had goose bumps during the whole 26 min. and 56 seconds. Thank you very much for giving us Zlatan supporter this nice feeling.

  • Appreciate it

  • Is this the full movie?

  • Tremendous! - I love every minute


  • Everywhere this guy has been he has left his mark true legend 🙌 👏 👍

  • Name Zlatan should be written on a GOAT mountain. Right there with Messi and CR7 (i watched Maradona, Ronaldo9, Ronaldinho... but this 3 are something else)

  • Very great quality document movie, both visual and sound. Zlatan is a legend, a king, no doubt, respect from a Real Madrid fan!

  • Amazing video... thanks

  • Sensational..!!

  • CR7

  • 4ever IBRA

  • He came he conquered and he left 💪

  • he was best in the world for me !!!!!!

  • video meraviglioso, montato da dio, musiche fantastiche , il migliore sul talento svedese tra tutti quelli visti finora , complimenti

  • The best player in the world

  • Pictures can give you something but its still unpainted without MUSIC!

  • my Saint!!

  • That was fantastic ... makes you both smile and emotional :) thanks ...

  • I am football let's get that straight from the off 😁😀😀😆

  • Very nice film bro. Well done, congrats.

  • After watching this I don’t know how to explain how much I’ll miss him when he’s finally done

  • With mourinho, I would kill for mourinho what a legend

  • Fantastic.

  • One word M O T I V A T I O N

  • The entire movie gave me the chills! Amazing film Kannan! Thank you! / Chris, Malmoe - Sweden

  • King of all soccer players CR7 is good player Messi is excellent But Zlatan Is the king

  • Th'at's me

  • I am Ibrahimovic biggest fan

  • If Zlatan had Spanish or Italian or Portuguese surname he would have been called the greatest player ever.It is a sacrilege that he never received Ballon D'ór

  • Breathtaking on An incredible player - great work

  • Great documentary, Dude! Awweeeesooommmeee... Do more from any legends. It's even better than Sky's Football's Greatest series! Well done! Enjoyable to watch!


  • CR7 : Jet Lee Messi : Jacky Chan IBRAHIMOVIC : BRUCE LEE

  • He is (an extremely good) player who fights for the most paying club only.

    • @CNX Expat: You clearly do not understand his psychology. He is getting well paid because he delivers. For Zlatan, it's all about getting (new) challenges. He professionally delivers for each and every club he plays for. To call Zlatan a mercenary, is to be incredibly ignorant, in my humble opinion.

  • beautiful video for the legend!

  • What a film, great piece! Thanks a lot for making this!

  • " Era melhor ter ido ver o filme do Pelé "

  • King zlatan the best player every season all clubs. No one can't complain about zlatan. The legend.

  • Legend

  • As a Milanista It gave me goosebumps. Thank you Zlatan, what a career.

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  • this video should be "to be continued..." just wait till the end of the ongoing season SERIE A.

  • im gonna cry for a year when he retires. LEGEND

  • The most complete attacker ever

  • I didn't know Ibrahim played for all this big team

  • That Man City coach hate people of different races that are stars That's why his team is performing badly

  • Oneday, we all gonna cry when Zlatan will retire!

  • Lion is long live👊👊👊

  • Journalist: What's your style of play? Zlatan: Technical Journalist: But you're very big. Zlatan: Yeah but I have very technical feet

  • amazing work on the film mate...hats off to you and your team. a brilliant tribute to one of the greatest..

  • amazing work on the film mate...hats off to you and your team. a brilliant tribute to one of the greatest..

  • everything is perfect...except the disgrace caption in zlatan's AC milan introduce...you put "giussepe meazza" stadium...it should be "San Siro"❤️🖤