WOW! "Disturbing" ACE Family Leak, Dixie D'Amelio, MrBeast, Jeffrey Toobin "Exposed", & Hunter Biden

Opublikowany 19 paź 2020
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00:00 - MrBeast Trivia Controversy
01:59 - ACE Family Leak
04:24 - Toobin Whips Out New Kind of Incident
06:21 - TIA
08:00 - The Hunter Biden Drive
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Mr Beast Defends Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Following Tournament Win Backlash:
Ace Family “Fight” Accidentally Aired:
New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin After Zoom Incident:
Hunter Biden Emails
Pelosi Says No Stimulus Before Election If Deal Isn’t Struck By Tuesday:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning
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    • Beautiful, we go from Toobin exposing his bits to Nord VPN telling you to protect your bits.

    • Punny Pulling*

    • is this normal for US leaders talking about the country behind the country's back. is that pimping your country out at a discount?

    • i can nothing but aspire to pull a toobin. absolute brilliance

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • They say it's not realistic to expect them to be perfect, but that's exactly the image they sell...

  • great show phil!

  • That toobin story is why I fell in love with Phil, the obviously partisan crap is not.

  • I so needed you now

  • Lmao pullin a toobin is exactly what it sounds like

  • Y’all still talking bout this stupid family

  • When it comes to the Zoom call I guess you can say.... he left the Toobin.

  • Austin and Catherine were both side pieces when she ended up getting knocked up. They’re “together” for the money and fame, it’s obvious.

  • Why would Hunter Biden drop off his laptop with extremely sensitive information on it and also never come back for it?

  • Phill should just put a sticker for his channel for Biden/Harris! Good job Phill

  • 2021 divorce rate 0% .from that day forward no one got married again .

  • can shiff like... stop bringing up russia? all it does is remind me of the 3 year long lie that i was subjected to from the media.

  • Has Phil done an update after the Biden story was confirmed?

  • Instead of swearing, people should have a problem with the fact that the Ace family literally exploits and manipulates their children for views and money. Family vlogs are toxic.

  • Ever notice how every "smoking gun" Republicans come out with always, always turns out to be fake news?

  • I was hoping they’d let ZHC win so that they don’t get so much hate

  • Looking for the best game ever made ??? ...@

  • top headline for years "TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA" Put it everywhere and talk about it nonstop!!!! People: Maybe you should have proof before pushing this ?? Media: Nah we have plenty of witnesses!!! People: Oh really, great who are they??? Media: Oh they go to a different school, you don't know them.... [Actual credible information about Biden corruption surfaces] Media: well i mean, maybe Biden bumped him passing in a hallway, so I mean really they may have "met" but i'm sure nothing happened! Just to be sure these lies don't make a difference, lets silence anyone who tries to spread this horrible misinformation!! People: ...........

  • Oh so a supposed illegal meeting with Ukrainian leaders wasn't on Biden's official calendar?? Open and shut case man! There you have it, his official calendar doesn't show the illegal meeting so it never happened! So shut up conseratards!!

  • Dude Guiliani got punked by Borat. Anyone who thinks he's got any brain doesn't have one. He's like a horrible, bumbling sidekick lol.

  • Some people have clearly never had a bad day in their life if they think a husband being short is the worst thing ever. They are acting like he smacked her or something. And also fuck peooles censorship why should he watch his language. I am sure she didn't mean to do it and I am sure she drops f bombs too

  • What are these stories?

  • Why has society decided that the female body is beautiful and deserves to be admired, yet the male body is something disgusting to be hidden away. I believe what happened, is the same I do when I am invited to digital meetings. I log in early then finish getting ready for work. Granted I am usually clothed, but that man must have needed to change or something. But because it is 2020 he is probably gonna have to register as a sex offender.

  • Hey when I’m in a zoom/ other video call or class undressed or indecent (because I procrastinated and didn’t bother to get ready) I make damn sure I have a sticker over the fricking camera before I even join!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ wtf happened we need details

  • So rooster teeth isn't a thing?

  • Yall out here pull-in a toobin

  • Who TF starts playin with themselves during a Zoom call. I don't care that u thought u were muted. What an idiot.

  • He didn't pull a Toobin... He pulled a DarkSydePhil

  • slow newsday

  • Seeing grown adults write "I love you bebe *kissy face*" to each other on twitter makes me want to vomit myself inside out

  • how do people still support trump lmao

  • trump saying “there is nothing worse than a corrupt politician” made me cringe, what a hypocrite

  • That confusing moment I listen to this in the morning sans ciffee and all I heard was ''Hunter Biden did crack and had sex with a Barrista''.....YOU TALK SO FAST AND I HAD NO COFFEE !!!

  • I have no love towards family vloggers by any means, but my god this was nothing worth getting mad over. No marriage is perfect, no person is, people get mad and frustrated sometimes. Thinking she should leave him just because of something that insignificant? Laughable.

  • Wasn't she being controlling by not letting him be on camera. He literally just wanted to film a clip and she yanks the camera away because he has messy hair. Just what I perceived, I certainly would be a bit annoyed if my wife did that

  • What are the numbers on Phil’s shirt?

  • I'm not a fan I have no clue who the ace family is but, people need to stop throwing stones trust I've seen men and women who acted was at more disrespectful, volatile this was just a normal couple fight not even a couple fight people need to calm down and worry about their own relationships

  • Giuliani is sus...

  • Mr beast "it was just for fun like a community thing" umm no bro you just make it look that way. You used money to get famous ppl and names to try to get as many people involved in your vids as you can. You've done sone asburd things for famous and clout bro. Not foolin me

  • They want to remove a company’s ability to remove inappropriate content??? Absolutely not! The implications of that go beyond the political spectrum. If you break the TOS or EULA, you deserve to be permanently banned from using that site again. The fact that people will even argue about this is asinine. When you sign up to a website, you are signing a contract. Period. If you break the terms of that contract, which is subject to change at any point in time at the discretion of the company, that’s on you.

  • I don't like this narrative that Catherine is "helpless" in her relationship with Austin, nah both parents are toxic and are exploiting their children and marriage for views. She made her bed, now she needs to go lie in it. They deserve each other.

  • The biden’s lawyer asked for the laptop BACK

  • Idk what the big deal is with the way Austin was talking to her - I believe their tweets, people get frustrated and sometimes they snap at each other. I do think they're exploiting their kids for clicks though.

  • more like he was pulling his Toobin'.

  • man I swear that whole family looks so fake and manufactured. Even the kids are being trained to act fake for the camera.

  • When Fox News debunks a fake story about the Democratic presidential candidate you KNOW it must have been beyond belief.

  • IDK... ive been in a relationship for three years and not once has he ever spoken to me like that

  • Pretty much ALL of MrBeast's "competitions" are bullshit. He _will_ screw you over for the sake of entertainment. Cheating, favoritism, sudden rule changes, etc

  • I don't know anything about the Aces, but I have a feeling that footage wasn't left in by accident. I think the woman left it in there on purpose as a way to position herself for a better divorce deal.

  • They obviously cheated.

  • great show phil!

  • Anyone in a long term relationship where you live with the other person would recognize that ace family thing as no big deal. It's hard.

  • I think Mr. Beast is lucky he isn't held to the same standards as game shows.

  • If you find the answers to all the questions, PLEASE let us know.

  • About the bidden thing... I 100% don't believe its true.. If you do or you have questions or concerns I have a couple questions that could possibly help you decide who you want to vote for in November. Did either 1 of the bidens snatch thousands of imaginat children who either didn't speak English or were to young to even talk from their parents without a plan to give them back, indirectly give Russia the go ahead to keep paying the taliban for killing American soldiers because they are to afraid of papa Putin, kill 250,000 American's with their sheer arrogance, incompetence and ego and then turned around and caught the same disease also coincidentally through the same sheer incompetence and then turn around and rub the fact that he got better because he has access to literally the best medical care on the face of the planet, countless doctors at the drop of a pin and access to drugs normal people can't get in the faces of the 250,000 families that have had loved ones die from that same disease because they didn't have that access, used the office of the president to blackmail countries into either giving him something/buying something from him/helping him do something, nearly cause ww3 a handful of times over a 4 year time period, done everything he could to stoke a race war, told armed militias to stand by and wait for his signal, tried delaying/messing with/undermining our election process, literally tweeted/said/written word for word Russian disinformation about the 2020 American election that is literally playing on Russian state TV in Moscow for some fucking reason... There's so much more I could ask because most of those question were just from the past 6 months... remember the Russian investigation, the flynn situation, what about when China said he tried to get their help in 2020 as well but we just ignored that, remember when he singed that executive order saying meat packing plants had to stay open with no changes during the beginning of the outbreak... Incase you forgot we found out a few weeks ago that the meat packing plants wrote that executive order/submitted a draft to the white house where it was edited into an executive order and then placed infront of him to sign, have you checked to see how many people are still employed by the US government in a while.. it isn't much not because they quit but because he has fired anyone and everyone who decides to do the job they've been doing for years instead of throwing that away and doing whatever he wants them to do that day, oh also check the FDA/EPA/DOA you probably didn't notice because it happened during the beginning of the whole impeachment thing but that was gutted by moving the offices to different states and demanding the employees move or be fired and then fired the ones that agreed to move because the government didn't give any of those departments money to move states so they didn't have a building to go to work in... So so so so so so so so so so so so so much has happened over the past 4 years... EVERY SINGLE DAY MULTIPLE GIANT ACTUAL THINGS HAVE HAPPENED THAT THE GENERAL NOT POLITICALLY NERDY PUBLIC NEVER HEARD ABOUT.... I could never list everything and so far I have yet to find a complete list... but sense they want to try and get him on something they say happened in the past I'll end by asking if either one of the Bidens used to brag about being close personal friends with an infamous child rapist/child sex trafficker and brag about how much fun he had at parties with all the young girls he "kept around" and brag about being at the infamous yacht child rapist parties and had a french sex trafficker who used a modeling agency as a cover for moving the victims run around claiming he was jealous of their modeling agency and wished he could have an agency just like Mr. Trumps and then when everything blew wide open and the disgusting vile pedophile was arrested suddenly they had never met/didn't know him/never heard of him/never saw him and then when the pedophiles disgusting vile piece of trash sex ring organizer got arrested stood at a podium on national TV and gave his well wishes to her and said what she was being accused of probably didn't happen and he hoped it all got sorted out quickly... At this point anyone in bidens family, including Joe, could walk up to a random person during an internationally televised live event, stick both fingers up their nose and repeatedly pull the persons head down and pretend to hump their forehead while snorting a line of cocaine off their back, wearing an easter bunny costume and holding a fist full of sparklers and bottle rockets... I'd still vote for him... If he really is part if the deep state and controls the media and whatever boogideeboo fuckery their saying he is or does I'm honestly 100% fine with it... Atleast he kept it quiet and didn't use it to keep literally everyone and everything talking about him! So I say FUCK IT!!!!!! Republican's can do it why can't we!?!?!?!? #LEG2020!

    • @Tom King Again... I'm not arguing that the accusations against Biden are true or false. We have a choice between someone who is being accused of profiting off his office or someone who is publicly screaming that it isn't fair that we know he's personally killed 250,000 American's and sickened 8,700,000 American's because the economy was his ticket to reelection but he fucked that up when he decided to spend the beginning of the pandemic calling it a Democratic hoax, piting half the country against the other, calling for/supporting his supporters arming themselves with military style weapons/body armor to storm government buildings to intimidate their local governments into ignoring the CDC guidelines that HIS ADMINISTRATION TOLD STATES TO FOLLOW just so they could continue to eat at fucking McDonald's or go to the movies, refusing to actually support or help draft any sort of legislation that would help support people while their area was shutdown and ignored the scientists and government/global officials who were telling him what to do ALL while privately telling a reporter that he knows it's really bad and deadly because the president of China called him and told him and then 8 months later that reporter releases that tape and Trump's explanation for what he said on tape wasn't "fake news!"... it was "I didn't want to panic people". NO! He doesn't care about the country, he doesn't care about American's, he doesn't care about his supporters, he doesn't care about you. ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS STAYING IN POWER BECAUSE PUTIN IS MAKING HIM RICH. THAT'S IT... He proved that he is willing to encourage the deaths of 250,000 people just so that the 1 thing his supporters had to defend him with wouldn't go away... So ya.. I don't want to vote for stop and frisk or shoot them in the leg instead of the head Joe Biden either but im going to because Hitler has to go... By the way both of those policies would have been much better arguments to defend voting for sir shit bag and much harder for me to defend rather than "look a wanted Ukrainian oligarch told Giuliani that Joe's son's computer's are at this random piece of shit tech repair place and the dude says some guy just dropped them off and left so he illegally went through them, illegally copied the hard drives and illegally called up the presidents personal lawyers friend who just happens to be an indicted Ukrainian oligarch wanted in the US for funneling Russian money into republican campaigns so he could illegally hand them over to him risking his entire livelihood and jail time because apparently they happen to be hunter bidens and they just happen to have copies of emails on them saying he stole some money with his dad" which by the way is weird in and of itself. Just ignore the whole origin story of these laptops and focus on the email part for a second. These computers that "belonged to hunter biden" had hunter bidens emails just saved to the computer? This dude didn't need a password to sign in to an email account or anything? Was hunter just screenshoting or downloading incriminating emails so the feds wouldn't have to look that hard for evidence when they investigated it multiple times before now onto laptops that he was so reckless with that a random stranger just brought them to a random tech repair store and anonymously dropped them off without giving this tech dude any reason why... At least the policies I mentioned were about Joe Biden publicly as a senator supporting extremely racist and hateful legislation but ya know... When your Putins Pocket Pussy you gotta do what Papa Putin says or daddy gets angry 😠 Gotta align with what's being broadcast on Russian state media weeks before the story is released here 🤷‍♀️

    • @Tom King Lets say it is real.. the whole story. Joe bidens son had a drug problem (which they had always publicly talked about and has never been a secret), the emails about his son promising a meeting with someone for a business deal, Joe Biden meeting this person and then his son getting the business deal. All true... What did Joe do wrong? I see and understand the actual legal issues and laws broken in this situation... but from a Republican Trump supporter standpoint what exactly is the problem here? Trump does that stuff all the time... He brags about it LITERALLY ALL OF THE TIME! It's the art of the deal... Who cares if bidens son set up a meeting for his dad to meet with a colleague so that his son could be financially successful? They aren't accusing Joe Biden of accepting any bribes for policies... which Trump has done. Multiple American states have run out of hospital space... children's hospitals are turning away children who would have otherwise been admitted for treatment so they can fill rooms with covid patients, Trump has publicly admitted that he knew the virus was very contagious and very deadly for everyone not just the elderly but he felt like pinning half the country against the other half, causing the virus to spread and kill 250,000 American's in 8 months, so "people wouldn't panic". To this day he is traveling to states where hospitals can't accept anymore patients and holding packed rallies where he screams and encourages not wearing a mask, ignoring shutdowns, not socially distancing and still telling people the media and democrats are using at a weapon against him... and then touts that his proof is that he got it and survived. Even though he has access to a doctor literally 24/7 within seconds, medications and treatments that haven't been approved for use and extreme over the top preventative testing/care for free. While the vast majority of American's won't know they have it until its time to be put on a ventilator because sir "we have so many cases because we're testing more" is doing everything in his power to stop people from being able to access a test because the way Trump is precieved by voters means more to him then just doing what is necessary to stop literally hundreds of thousands of people from slowly suffocating to death... God fucking forbid Joe might have taken a fucking meeting with one of his son's coworkers so his son could make a couple hundred thousand dollars before working with an international team to dismantle the company his son worked at. If a picture of an irrelevant person smoking crack and a meeting is going to stop you from voting for the guy who isn't personally responsible for the death of 250,000+ American's in 8 months then you've got some thinking to do... If you support banning abortions I suggest you start with that because if the thought of a woman you will never meet taking a pill to induce a period and passing a ball of cells is so personally devastating to you that your willing to force her to give birth to a baby and have to hold it while it helplessly dies in her arms because it is so physically disabled that it will only live minutes-hours but you aren't physically sick from the thought of the president of the United States personally and purposfuly traveling around the country to lie to his supporters and get them to spread a deadly virus ultimately killing 250,000 of the people who he swore to protect because the numbers look bad for him then there is something seriously wrong with your interpretation of reality and the role you think you play in it.

    • @Tom King The bidden thing? I don't need a reminder that all the Trump stuff has been because I didn't even list things he hasn't done on national TV we've all seen the things I listed about him. If you're referring to the Biden thing 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 no it hasn't... Giuliani and Bannon took it around to all the networks including FOX and OAN before they went to the new york post and NO ONE COULD VERIFY IT AND WOULDN'T TOUCH IT INCLUDING FOX AND OAN. 2 of the new york post writers that helped write the story refused to even have their names on it as author's... and for 6-7 months now all of the intelligence agencies that TRUMP IS IN CHARGE OF have been screaming from the mountain tops that Giuliani and Bannon have been working with a wanted Russian oligarch to spread Russian disinformation about the Biden family.

  • What have we learned? Nuke your hardrive, kids.

  • Are the Hunter Biden emails being strategically released now? Of course. Should it still be investigated? We can't just look the other way when it comes to allegations of serious crimes just because it's close to an election.

  • Any one giving Biden shit isn't putting Trump to the same standard. Their motivations are transparent and cancer

  • 6:16 Best part of this video lmao

  • So Binden is officially doing the bidding of the IMF, & other forgien interest groups & that makes it better how? His son, had no business sitting on the board of a Ukrainian energy company making 90k+ a year doing what exactly? The last thing the US should be doing is trusting anything the fucking IMF has to say.

  • Maybe I'm in the wrong here, but the ACE family leak isn't really all the concerning to me? Like he should speak with more respect, certainly, but I don't think she was getting berated?? He just seemed rushy maybe?

  • LOL fans believe that other PLthrowrs are always politically correct off camera. WTF

  • The creator games was unfairly matched up, in terms of size of teams. But more than that, the creator vote back was grossly biased. Jimmy heavily supports Dream, as do his subscribers. It was obvious Dream would be voted back from the beginning, as the whole Mr. Beast team was pushing for him throughout the competition. It makes it worse when you could tell Dream didn’t even want to play, purposely throwing out extreme answers that no logical person would think is correct.

  • I think it’s fair to say “we won’t show this news story because it’s unverified and could be false” but I don’t understand why they take this position NOW, after all the unverified news stories they allowed in the first place, story’s they still allowed to be posted on their platform even after they were proven false

  • The hunter biden article is comically terrible. To give it credit while not mentioning the supposed story of how the hard drives were "recovered" is laughable

  • 17:48 Article top right. WTF is that?

  • In Argentina something similar to the Jeffrey Toobin incident happened but worse because it was a deputy in the middle of a senate session via zoom. He didn't noticed that the zoom call was on and he appeared in camera sucking on his girlfriend's boobs. He then explained that he supposedly didn't know his camera was on and that he was "checking" how his girlfriend's boob job was. YEAH, THIS WAS A REAL THING.

  • The thing that gets me about the Biden story: why did the repair shop go into the content? Also, why would Hunter Biden take a laptop with this much stuff on it to a random shop? Makes no sense.

    • He went into the content because the laptop is now legally his as hunter biden never came back for it. Why hunter biden would do something so stupid is irrelevant as to whether or not the case is true, or if it should be talked about. If it's not his laptop, then hunter biden or joe biden can just easily come out and say it, and if the emails are fake, they can make that known as well, but they've been silent, and at least one of the email chains has been confirmed by an individual on there.

  • Dude the ace family makes me feel so sorry when ever I watch them The dad is incredibly creepy

  • What a great recommendation, Spiritfarer is such a beautiful game c:

  • I’ve just realized that PLthrow stopped showing me your videos. I have the bell full on

  • socialist fake news

  • "My guy... what?" is how I have reacted to everything that 2020 has handed me

  • I shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of really successful people have smoked crack and fucked hookers at the same time.

  • I never cussed in front of my 12 & 11 year old & they curse more than me & their dad does. It doesn't matter if you curse in front of your kids or not, they're going to hear it some where. Its up to parents to teach them where & when its not appropriate to say those kinds of things.

  • Glad there’s proof the ace family are the fakest “happy people” you’ll ever see. I feel so bad for their kids.

  • The end of the Republican Committee report literally said that more investigation was required to determine whether criminal activity occured. They didn't clear him of anything. Who the hell are you getting your facts from?

  • wow, i have been his channel my entire life. And now i'm graduating this year. Thanks dude

  • Why would the Hunter Biden lawyer team ask for the laptop back if it wasn't his property? Was hoping you weren't going to shill on this topic but I guess that hope was poorly placed.

  • THis Biden Story was a mess to watch. You keep saying Biden, to whom are you referring each time? This story needs to be reexplained and simplified.

  • Everytime there's some "anonymous" sources ALL the stories/ news get 90% less believable

  • 300k purse just for fun? yeah sure ok,

  • She says it’s part of marriage? Yeah no, my husband and I don’t treat each other like that. What a lame excuse. What about all the other times he’s mistreated her and even cheated on her? Austin is a low human being and she chooses to stay in that marriage because 1) for the kids and 2) for the money.

  • Ace family has had so much drama I just stopped watching a while ago

  • I just wish the money was for charity if that make sense (for the trivia contest) just my opinion tho

  • We all know what Toobin did. Thought he was was off mic and cam and thought he'd rub one out real quick. Yeah - don't be stupid, stupid.

  • I have little to no issue with the ace family clip. Families get frustrated and it’s really very silly we stigmatize cussing anyway. My issue is the way they exploit their children for content.

  • "Toobin whips out a new kind of incident" lol. Love how that is in the description.

  • I was watching the live stream trivia and a lot of the people complaining were the people that wanted dream to win even though he didn’t do well even when he got voted back for a second try .

  • Fox has the harddrive now. Also, everyone other media outlet is obviously trying to cover up for these corrupt dems. Just like with Hillary's very true emails Also Hunter's buisness partner came out and admitted that Joe was involved

  • Don't really watch family vlogs, but couples do often get short with each other. Right now more than ever with the quarantine and being confined to, what essentially is a house/apartment sized jail cell.

  • Twitter and FB hiding information because it may be misinformation is so stupid. We deserve to know everything and make a decision for ourselves not allow big brother FB and Twitter to control what we intake.

  • I don't think they have a healthy family life, however, this clip itself I think is just normal frustration. Like people get frustrated with each other and can be rude

  • you're doing great Phil, keep it up

  • He was so pulling a Toobin😂😂😂..on my god am dying laughing

  • I’m sorry but does that man have trump straws? As decor??? 🤢🤢

  • Well damn Zoom just ruined his life now. Its the russians! Oh no wait its the Chinese!

  • Nah she doesn't take his shit 🤣

  • Even if Joe did nothing “improper” Hunter Biden was still in the board of a company in a field which he knew nothing about. It’s clear his name got him that job, not illegal but corrupt as hell.