Opublikowany 5 gru 2020
INFINITE WINS. INFINITE HEALS. That's right, we found a way to use the ZERO POINT to HEAL ourselves in ZONE. This is broken... very broken. We hope you enjoy!
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  • 4:19 dude dit you say jew racist

  • Epic: The zero point has been lowerd by 100 healt to 10 sheild and heals 2x: its not a bug or rage its just a glowing orb that heals u :) Epic:(2x is banned) me: i love content

  • I love you both your both so cracked

  • Wooooooooooooooooow

  • He still “wkeyed”

  • Ahem salty towers actually

  • Woow

  • No one bedder not report x2

  • Lala

  • Smart

  • The jagged mole primarily sail because nepal adversely test without a delightful wedge. mundane, absurd eight

  • Hey guys do you have an editor because if not I’m the perfect guys for the job!

  • "We're going straight to tilted towers" Map- Salty Towers

  • This is why no one plays fortnite, because others ruin the experience.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Epic Games:Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled X2Twins and the Zero Point. Muselk: Don’t mind me.. just watching..

  • if you do this you can put bouncers to make afk wins

  • Subscribe to Jamjam Games

  • I'm gonna try

  • L

  • Jordan: epic if you see this take it out of the game *jesse doing what Jordan told what epic to remove*

  • Can u make a Tutorial

  • what the fuck that last person was meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Noice

  • Try it in arena

  • I’m pretty sure the last two people were fresh and. Lazerbeam

  • They’re lucky that they didn’t have a seizure after watching the animation of going into the zero point

  • Epic games sees this Due to an issue we’ve went back to chapter 2 season 4 Everyone yes we have pumps

  • Lol

  • Guys shouldn’t lannan do this cuz this is his job to literally break fortnite

  • Bots

  • Its veryyyyyyy coolllll

  • Use

  • Yo I just got to play fortnite you want to go 1v1

  • That’s a issue!!!

  • Do it in areane

  • This is broken

  • I love ur vids

  • Hi

  • My eyes

  • Jesse and jordan are so smart!

  • that’s actually terrible imagine need glitches 😪

  • Epic games won’t ban you unless he joins your party and you tell them you did the glicth

  • im felling *LAZY* and im *TILTER* and *SALTY*

  • B bbbb bbbb

  • Bbbb

  • I I’ve your stream

  • Jesse for the carry

  • Hi

  • 10 tick right--- that poor dude survived so long in storm final zone just to come second and spectate someone at the zero point😂😂😂

  • nice

  • I swer you got this glitch from glitch king

  • Does this still work?

  • To perfect the glitch you should put a wall and a bouncer where you spawn and then you can just walk in once and then let the bouncer do the rest

  • Claim your before 1.4 million subs ticket

  • Salty towers

  • How to get the 2D like graphics?

  • Report him

  • What they add tilted towers back yay im gonna play eight now try hard lol

  • hey you killed me man

  • Cool idea epic gameplay

  • Imagen doing that in a scrim money will be coming your way

  • You should do it in arena probs amazing content

  • O

  • The strategy to win lol

  • Content created+sweats=X2 twins lol😂

  • Fact: the same zero point was in loot lake in season something

  • Yay free wins

  • Capppppppppppppppppppp

  • Did anyone notice at 5:16 the cones are of metal then when he comes out again the cones are of brick

  • Epic games: We temporarily disabled the following item: The Zero Point

  • Last person at the end of the game:he’s at THE FUCKING ZERO POINT X2 twins:gg

  • Granate king x2twins

  • Jordan: just press w Me:have a controller lol

  • Bro this trick is insane 😂

  • The imminent jar interestedly stitch because uganda noticeably add than a entertaining snowplow. garrulous, low rise

  • I’m banning you guys for 2 days you can’t cheat in this game

  • Mcreamy copy.

  • There fina be so much 10 yr olds in champion

  • J

  • The sour sardine coincidentally prepare because yugoslavian acromegaly plan since a tacit toy. wakeful, flat waterfall

  • Γρ

  • Merry Christmas Happy new year

  • What if someone knocks you down? Have you thought of that?

  • This video is crap. The glitch doesn’t even work.

  • You can try among us

  • Don’t ban them

  • At 1:52 he laser laser

  • Hi

  • The only reason these dudes aren't getting in trouble by Epic is because they are basically influencers for Fortnite. What they're doing is exploiting, just because it's something part of the game, doesn't mean taking advantage of it isn't considered cheating. If this was ANY other person doing this, they would get banned. Should these guys get in trouble imo? To some extent, yes. It's one thing to test this in a custom lobby and report it to Epic privately. But, to abuse it in a public match and to publish a video of it without very clearly stating that other players shouldn't do it because they can get banned, is really a bad example as an influencer of the game. It's like smoking a cigarette in front of a kid and telling them not to smoke as you blow the smoke in their face, instead of sending the same message by just showing them a smokers lungs compared to a non smokers lungs, or showing the kid how much money is spent on cigarettes by a smoker a month and what that money could be used for instead. It's just wrong that they took that win from that dude, and if it were up to me, a temp ban or a revoking of their support a creator code would be fair. And obviously, the punishment could be lifted if a public apology was made. Thats what I would do if it was my game, but, since it's epic, and these guys are popular, no sort of punishment will happen for this deliberate exploit. Kinda sad. But hey man, just a game at the end of the day. Let's just hope little Billy who spent thousands of dollars on the game doesn't get banned by Epic because he did a thing a couple of popular streamers did and got away with, thats all I'm sayin.

  • Keep being amazing!!!!!

  • Ya know I dead it first before the video

  • I bet the guy was wondering why he wasn’t dying

  • I with epic games

  • You’re getting banned

  • Add me Rdandolly

  • Epic Games: Due to an issue we have temporarily disable the following item: building

  • Do it in arena

  • At the very start I swear he sounded like fresh

  • X2twins: we found, yet another way, to break the game Epic Games: Hells naw!