We Bought A “Superbike” From Amazon For £300: How Bad Is It?

Opublikowany 28 lut 2021
You don't have to spend loads of money to get yourself a really good road bike. Loads of brands trickle technology down through their range so even their entry level bikes perform brilliantly; without breaking the bank! However, there are some bikes out there that just seem a bit too good to be true. With this in mind, we spent £300 on an Amazon Superbike to see what it was like!
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Would you ride our £300 Superbike? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Would you ride our £300 Superbike? Let us know in the comments below!

    • No thank you;) Rather just buy a cheap used aloy bike

    • At the risk of sounding like a snob - that is dreadful. The tests highlighted just how much worse it performed, which will translate in the diminished experience and fun. Just avoid trash like this. The second market would be a better option for a first bike. I hear the Triban is much better if you do want to go new.

    • the first Road Bike I bought XC550 2 months ago....... 2 weeks ago i took the XC 7000.......still witing for it to arrive...... reviews on it seems better,..............

    • I will. Considering the price, I understand what to expect. Won't have the same performance as the high end road bikes. But it's still a road bike and can hit speeds much higher than most other kinds of bikes. Just like sports cars, there are fast and not so fast ones but all are equally lovable. It's the bond between rider and the bike that makes us happy after all. 😀

    • Yes, I'm monitoring the Amazon site right now waiting till you guys ship it back so I can pick it up as an Amazon Warehouse deal for $249 😂😎

  • This bike is still 2Kg heavier than my aluminium, full suspension Scott Spark trail bike with 29" trail wheels, dropper post and aluminium rims. That's Quite an achievement!

  • Fun clip but it is complete rubbish. Spend what you can for the best equipment that fits you. I spend more time each week on my bikes than I do in my cars. Point made?

  • I bought that exact bike about a year ago and it helped me lose 30lb - since then I got a Topstone by Cannondale but that is the bike that started me off so no complaints.

  • Buy used, be happy. Got a 400€ deal last year on something that's been painted all black so no clue about manufacturer, but it's running components from around 2005, all ultegra, still shifts super nicely and had a new chain and saddle on it, great deal. Also it weighs just 8.4kg including pedals and bottle cages. Love it, been riding it for the last 10 months and couldn't be happier.

  • 1:16 Gu on Ethel show em ya knockers

  • better than my v-brakes lol.

  • The braking doesn't seem too bad lol.

  • Let's vote this bike to be the best bike on gcn app

  • It needs a longer name

  • What Ollie says at 7:40 about physics is wrong. The higher kinetic energy the heavier bike has is cancelled ot by the additional fricition it has with the ground.

  • Steel for me old school


  • So why doesn't the canyon have a nice carbon kick-stand? Seems like you pay more money for less features!

  • What size the bike u review 49cm or 54cm?

  • Good for Ollie!

  • Someome would really like that bike.

  • Even for 300 pound that bike is a POS. You can get bikes better than that for half that here in the states. The shifters were a joke. Side note: I know you were joking about the kickstand but understand, most people don't race and they aren't weight snobs so the couple of ounces it adds as opposed to the versatility it adds most casual bikers would want one.

  • My MTB weights 14 kg as well LOL!

  • I'm going to give an unbiased, honest and generous assessment of the bike.....It's a crock of shite.

  • Its a good workout bike

  • For a go around the block a couple of times on the weekends it works for me.

  • If I had an apartment Id buy a real bike. And a nice car. Till then it is what it is. Im not going to Olympics any time soon. Just weight training. Dont want sucond hand either. $10000 carbon fiber is one pothole away from destroying the frame. Aluminum is fine.

    • @Graham West chicken butt thats what. It shatters slightly less than glass. Roflolium. Make it out of PVC and it will disintegrate in 500 years.

  • Hey, that's my bike! A few thoughts after riding a Eurobike for a year. When I bought my bike, they sold it with tri-fork wheels. Tri-forks would seem to be more aero, however, if the wind is even slightly perpendicular, and depending on how strong that wind is, it actually makes the bike unsafe to ride. Tri-forks catch the wind like a propeller and a strong gust will yank your front wheel sideways. I ended up swapping out the tires for Continental Gatorskins. Not only did this make it much harder for me to get a flat, but it also lowered my rolling resistance - ie, I felt a definite speed increase. The brakes, after a while, started braking unevenly. I'm still not entirely sure what causes it, but when I engage the brakes, they sort of pulse as opposed to offering a consistent deceleration. That being said, I don't think I've ever worried about stopping distance. My biggest problem with this bike is the gear ratio. The biggest front gear is way too small, and the rear cassette doesn't offer that important 8th gear. This means that when I'm going about 20-21 mph (32-33 kph), I really need to shift to a higher gear but I've run out of gears. This makes any speed beyond that range uncomfortable and hard to sustain. Fortunately, the bike works well for towing, and on the weekends I use it to tow my son in a Wike. The gear ratio seems perfect for that kind of thing.

  • I don't care how cheap your bike is. Beats sitting on the couch.

  • First bike always buy good used one

  • That's why many sell their new bikes after a week, they buy cheap but get extra weight to carry, no wonder newbies get fed up of their first bike experience !

  • can you do a budgt showdown again? Like Decathlon vs. Poseidon vs. Rose etc. all sub $500 or sth

  • I'm puzzled as to how Alex lost to Ollie on the hillclimb. He noted he was far behind despite the mis-shifts. In real life, Alex could ride Ollie's bike wearing a 50 lb backpack and still beat Ollie. That's the power of a pro. We need to see power data to determine if Alex was really trying.

  • Ollie’s laugh says it all at 3:00 hahaha!

  • Hahaha! You know it’s awesome when it’s got a kickstand.

  • NO¨!

  • 4:08 "Do you think its nice or super nice" lmao

  • well looks like you guys have had it too easy with the light bikes.

  • What if i buy this and upgrading to a sora groupset? ( just to get the looks lol ). Would that even make a difference? Although it does seem sketchy

    • @Graham Westtrue that. haha i went and buy a used carbon tt bike instead.

  • Nice or supernice? That thing is a pile of crap...nothing more than a bicycle shaped object.

  • Isn't a heavier bike harder to stop because of the momentum?

  • I did not understand what the problem with the handlebar was.

  • I brought my second hand for £90 and its pretty super to me.

  • My last bike was a carbon rear triangle SAB/ Planet X 105 groupset complete minus wheels from ebay for £170. Its not lack of money that makes people buy crap bikes, its lack of knowledge and possibly money too. ( Its for sale btw uf you want to test a 2nd hand £300 bike😁)

  • That Triban thing costs like a thousand euros guys...

  • man it weighs like my hardtail lol😅

  • What a huge pile of crap. I rather spend all my money on booze than on that piece of shit.

  • Plumbum bike

  • I own that bike 😢

  • I personally would like to see you guys do this exact same thing with the Winspace, Trifox and Super Team bikes.

  • I work in a bike shop. I've seen a few Amazon Eurobikes come in for repair and can confirm they are terrible. Every time both hubs had knackered bearings after not much riding. But for £300 a Carrera Zelos or as mentioned Btwin would be a great choice.

  • Euro anything makes my skin crawl!

  • Train on the eurobike, race on the Canyon!

  • Clearly a BSO!

  • You should review the SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Bike 700C Racing Bicycle with Ultegra 8000 22 Speed Group Set, 25C Tire and Fizik Saddle- From Amazon and do a long term test of it. Its only $1,989.00.

  • They didn’t really talk much about the rims themselves on the cheap bike. Like is it actually ‘carbon’ or alloy deep sections with stickers on it.. I’d like to know!

  • Heap of shite

  • That's not a cassette, and it"s not going to give you "top speed" because it's a "7 speed". Those type of things are freewheels, that "cassettes'" can't feature a 11 or 10 teeth because of limitig fucktors.

  • I love how it's not "how good is it" "But how bad is is it"

  • The best bike is always the one you're riding.... apart from that one.

  • How does a road bike even make it to 15kg? that's RIDICULOUSLY heavy. My old holdsworth steel 531 from 1980 weighs 12kg....

  • It's Fernando Torres!

  • If anyone is looking for a really good bike for around £400 I suggest looking at giant They have a 2021 bike rn for 400 its one of the best quality bikes id think you can get in that price point Although it is a mountain bike

  • My bike is a secondhand trek marlin 5 once i renewed the parts it’s perfect i paid £300 and swapped my then current bike for parts to upgrade it I am definitely pleased with it i did a 6 hour ride all off road yesterday It did need a good bit of work i put about £130 in parts It didn’t exactly need it but I didn’t like the worn parts so i changed them Once I get some excess money it would be very nice to buy a road bike although im not exactly confident on the road but doesn’t mean I can’t learn Im considering joining the local team

  • The frame looks like a Helliot bike frame, about 15 kg, the bonus of that is it really trains you on your hill performance. ;-))

  • Moral of the story: There are £300 new bikes out there but there are no £300 road bikes. Not really.

  • I've had a triban 3 for years. The red one with the carbon forks. It's a fantastic bike for £300.

  • Hi, can the Eurobike fit onto a Wahoo Kickr trainer?

  • It has a kick stand. Beat that :p Froomy never had a kick stand.

  • I think it's a botch

  • I've owned it for two years and it was my first "road bike""and still love it. 3500 miles and a few grades and still love it. No idea why, I have much better bike now, but I keep coming back lol

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  • You get what you pay for.

  • Don't know how you dare chuck 1000 watts+ through that thing, surprised it could stand it 😮

  • Ollie should retire after this.

  • You can get a lot better (admittedly less flashy) for about £200 off facebook! That gear setup is bonkers for any modern bike... Idk what they were thinking.

  • Budget friendly kids bikes tend to look flashy and usually are very heavy too, having a lot unnessesary low quality 'gadgets' like suspension fork, disc brakes, too large gear range, etc. There are some brands specialising, like Woom, Frog, etc. What do kids really need for fun riding and what to choose from? Could you make a video about child bike essentials?

  • these bikes look great....and are made to look great like so many....but they are shite.....really shite....

  • I was looking at this bike as well as the 3 spoke model. Both from Amazon. I looked at the specs and comments. Based on the majority of the comments being negative. I would have to say no. Still searching for a road bike that will fit a heavier person. That has a decent price tag.

  • Nice to see you guys riding local to me

  • Great video! Cycling around Westbury, where I live! White Horse climb is tough enough without the 15KG bike haha

  • Alex: this bike is horrible Me: has to road cycle on a 15kg MTB bike with phat tires :)

  • Adequate? Sure. But given the emphasis on flash over substance at that price point, I would worry about the components wearing out after a few months' use. For any serious amount of cycling, a $1000 bike would potentially be less expensive over the long run simply by needing far fewer repairs or upgrades. (Lesson learned from several cheap bikes).

  • 15.4 kilos? That's a mountain bike! Mind you my road bike is 12.7 kg

  • Sorry alex its a freewheel not a cassette

  • How much did the "better" bike cost?

  • Thanks! You save me lots of regrets.

  • Heavier bike - more friction to avoid going into a skid! In principle this shouldn't be a disadvantage as long as the brakes are powerful enough to cause a skid if you pull them too hard. The likely reason for shorter stopping distance would be better grip tyres on Ollies high spec bike.

  • crappy chinese bike. Get a used giant SCR

  • Could you make a video for starters, to start kinda cheap? What is the best $300,- bike? How can you get decent clothing and such, but not with spending $2000,- for a bike and gear. Thats an insane amount for a starter

  • Remember, ANY bike beats walking.

  • Beware the BSO - bicycle-shaped object! Manufacturers of these types of bikes are preying on people's lack of knowledge. Alex said it best, at the end - if it _looks_ too good to be true, it _is_ .

  • Why not buy a Chinese brand bike: Winspeed, Trifox, Yoleo or something similar, or are you not allowed??

  • hi GCN,Please check my PLthrow channel.Our S8 model might get your guys interested.@GCN

  • The 3 spoke version of this looks great

  • It looks nice but the shifting .... I'll pass on that . Like everything else on Amazon ; it is overpriced junk . Amazon prices keep climbing & the quality goes straight into the dumpster .


  • Amazing bike, looks awesome too.

  • This videos a year late :( , bought this in lockdown last year and the biggest mistake ever

  • The rim of its wheel is aluminium. That's why it is so heavy.

  • Good for a beginner it looks like 👍

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  • Im looking for that un amazon and there unavailable 🙁

  • I find these videos very unnecessary and even humiliating for some people. The reality of each country, continent is different from the pink world that some live in. £ 300 for you, in my country that would be the equivalent of 2,320 plus the import fee of 1400 ... totaling 3720 ... you would buy an excellent bike for 3720, right?