Urban Freeride Lives 3 - Fabio Wibmer

Opublikowany 3 gru 2019
Urban Freeride is back! Lyon to Paris, Let's Go!
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Deutsche (german) Version: vimeo.com/ondemand/tothelimitde
Huge thank you to CONTINENTAL for supporting the high speed journey!
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  • Is this level of coolness legal?

  • Banger videos fabio just so you know we love you

  • Me: is this even legal? if so... ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) My bones: don't even think twice about it My cheap bike: yeah... dream all you want kid! not gonna happen!!

  • Völlig durch der Typ! Aber auch völlig geil das Video! Bestimmt schon 10x angeguckt! Bleib Gesund👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ken Block on a bike

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  • Literally me... In GTA

  • me when im lating for school:

  • FAbIO I LOVE U!!!!!1

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  • When she says she’s home alone

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  • Everybody: Damn this city is so bicycle unfriendly, it has so many hills and stairs. Fabio: This.Is.Paradise!

  • Sorry fabio we didn't record that

  • did he really just go down the lyon 25? yes, yes he did.

  • Kann mir jemand sagen wie das Lied heißt ?

  • Very good

  • Alguém brasileiro

  • Who wants the bloopers 😉😍

  • Add rail grinds and handbag tricks to videos.

  • De lo mejor en bike que he visto..muy bueno!

  • Super!

  • Nice. Put a bafang bbshd mid drive on that bike and then hit it again and watch the air you get. 👍🇨🇦🚴‍♂️

  • He is crizy

  • My friend can wheelie for 1 and a half minutes

  • sick

  • what kind of bike is that

  • They have a lot of stairs at france

  • ehrenpflaume brachte mich her

  • Ada yang dari indo??

  • Hello

  • Lagunya apa yang menit 4.09

  • Imagine when you can't control the bicycle.. So Hurt

  • Кто русский

  • How your parents say they got to school

  • The bike says,"please kill me"....

  • benim öyle biskletim olsun ben bunu yapmak deyil biskleti raampadan uçurarak aya giderim translate it into turkish

  • This is how my dad used to go to school

  • awsome special thanks to specialized

  • Holy shit, imagine the pay-check this man would achieve if he did uber eats 😂

  • Is this guy insane 🙁

  • Eu vendo o cara fazer isso logo após detonar o aro da minha bike só por ter dado uma pancadinha no meio fio

  • i love your videos greetings from mexico

  • Super awesome and I wanna be like you

  • I know the area, these are all cut scenes not a continuous ride.

  • Asshole move smashing other people's bikes

  • No way a bicycle would shake the ground

  • Eres muy bueno t felicito y tien s huebos como king kong

  • Где русские?

  • you make this look so easy wth

  • Einfahrt verboten ausgenommen Fahrrad. Fabio: Let‘s Go

  • To fast for me

  • Ich komme von ehrenpfalume xD

  • .hey am abdul hannan and i am a kide

  • Balls of Steel

  • Sei un grande! 😃

  • The Maps app on his phone must have redirected the route as many times as this comment gets like!

  • Fabio Wibmer mach weiter so du machst richtig geile Videos!Alle auf ehrenbasis Ecj-brawlstars abbonieren

  • Wow fabeo

  • what is the title of the song you are using

  • Hi

  • Nice its all fun and games untill you plough into some old granny SPLAT.

  • Bragging for endangering public safety. Not enough stairs jumps, by the way.

    • are you fr? try jumping that many stairs.


  • My palms were so sweaty after watching this that I can't use my notebooks mouse pad no more lmfao

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  • 1 Million likes soon! Lets go boys

  • 4:12 sweet 😁

  • Je tes vue à mont martres

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  • just waiting for the epic fail video..............

  • Gilaa gila gilaa more pain more gain amazing

  • Which is that cycle. Cycle name

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  • when you do these stunts in India you die in a half minute.

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  • how to bend your rims

  • The gps in a the car Fabio: really?

  • GTA in real life

  • Sam: How many stairsets of doom do you wanna ride? Fabio: yes

  • Respect💪... That is amazing🔥

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  • How much was the repair bill after this

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  • Daaammnnnn!!!! This is extremely insane than ever before!!

  • Can you please tell me which cycle is it??????

  • Einfach bei Kai im Tab

  • When she's home alone