UFC Records: Fastest Finishes in History

Opublikowany 26 maj 2020
Watch the full collection of the fastest finishes in UFC history. Jorge Masvidal's flying knee against Ben Askren at UFC 239 remains the fastest finish in the promotion's history.
*Justin Martin and Joe Charles each had 14-second submissions, at UFC 12 and 4 respectively, but were alternate bouts and are not a part of this list.
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  • Is that tim from never back down lol

  • Найс слепаков навалил

  • I remember the Jorge fight , wasted my pay per view. Went to take a leak and that idiot Ben was done.

  • I thought the thumbnail was showing ass cheeks

  • This is why MMA won’t get paid a lot.. it ends so quick

  • This shit is why I can't jive with this garbage. The hype is real and then the fight is over before you can sit back and relax

  • That rousey armbar is unbelievable

  • 2:47 - Irvin's win over Alexander is one of the most badass looking knockouts, especially that little wind-up he did on the follow up punch.

  • First guy got beasted, destroyed, annihilated lmaoooo

  • 3:55 wtf was that

  • Gamebred is in the building these guys just flapping gums at each other any chance they will get the fight is bought to you buy modeloooo the fastest knockout you will ever see askren stiff as a boured gamebred

  • 1:40 that’s a big ass robot 😂😂

  • 12:59 That was his first fight.....the cameraman of course.

  • Man i realy fuked up

  • The first one is it even alloud

  • imagine training all your life for your first professional fight and you get knocked out in 5 seconds


  • when u get fists in the gulag

  • I'm good.. u sure? LMAOOOO

  • Where is James Irving vs Terry Martin? 7 or 8 seconds

  • 이영상에 정찬성이 기록보유자로 있다는것이 자랑스럽다!!!

  • Such kicks are like a slipping pill)

  • Crazy stuff! I also make such fight shorts, but with much more quality!

  • Lol 2:42

  • 3:40 much respect for this fighter. This is a real man. Because he stopped beating before referi comes.

  • Very Fast, finish only in seconds.

  • Imagine paying to watch a 5 second game

  • Chan sung Jung knocked him out in 3 seconds

  • I don't why you are not talking abt the first dude he is died or something GOD!

  • Props to the second guy who didn't go in on a downed man like a bitch.

  • Who’s here after seeing Jake Paul vs Jorge masvidal

  • 2:42 my boy was so confused he started pinning the ref.

  • Jske paul fight sith a guy who knocked out in seconds 😂

  • 2:05 damn he blocked it with his face new technic

  • Houston Alexander was such a douche.

  • Holy f 💀

  • Machine vs Zombie, zombie wins😂

  • Is this a highlight real or a lowlight real?

  • Poor askren... now hes going to lose to jake paul too.

  • thumbnail and title kinda sus

  • Conor was 10 sec actually

  • 1:37

  • the 135'rs look like the midget division

  • I absolutely LOVE hearing Joe Rogan. OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Everytime there’s an awesome knockout. It pumps me up haha

  • Ben Askren went from Fighting the beer in the world like Jorge Masvidal to fighting Jake Paul..... a fkng PLthrowR! Hahahaha his UFC career was basically nonexistent.

  • Who else is here after hearing that Ben Askren will fight Jake Paul?

  • The video title plus the thumbnail. Things that make you go hmmm. Lol.

  • It is all over. The six weeks they continuously fight without stopping it’s all over. No wait a minute, he hit him two times and then it’s all over? All over? All of it? That’s something that you would say at the end of a saga not a to punch knockout LOL

  • Some of these punches don’t even look like punches...

  • What's the song starting 1:12? Anyone?

  • OK

  • 2:20 man did even get chance to sit down from locking the cafe door

  • this the guy fighting a youtuber

  • me skips intro then i skip 1 fight

  • @6:09 That Karen haircut tho.

  • gostei do video

  • So jake pauls fighting this guy😂😂

  • 7:38😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I feel bad for all those ppl who payed money for a 10 second fight

  • Best knock outs ever

  • Главное после такого особо не вы*бываться , а то всегда есть шанс оказаться в противоположной ситуации 🥊🥊🥊

  • paying money for a VIP seat and watching a 7second knockout, for me its worth it.

    • Better than just grabbing for the hole fight I prefer a clean KO in 7 seconds

  • Gamebred/Masdival, That is one brutal finish I will never forget

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  • Dustin Ortiz, a.k.a. Cody "No Tats" Garbrandt.

  • The free salad happily release because slip longitudinally improve out a few fierce puffin. bad, closed song

  • Masvidal's victory means nothing. Askren was ahead on the scorecards before he got knocked out.

  • Сейчас я понимаю почему в СССР были запрещен мордой. Хлеба и зрелищ , ничего не изменилось ....

  • I observed that the bald guys always win

  • 2:45 ref is tapping

  • imagine buying a V.I.P. seat and the other one get’s knocked out straight away

    • Well then I'd see a VIP view of it

    • Its not the only fight, but yeah it still sucks waiting for the show.

  • 8:49 Big John McCarthy finishes Jose Aldo with an illegal knee to the head.

  • Ja

  • Fact: you're watching this after McGregor loss to poirier

  • Seeing battlefield 3 ads. Memories.....

  • Dirty fighter.

  • 0:27 clownin

  • I don't fight, I haven't been on a fight and I've been drunk in public many a times. Not planning to get into a fight anytime soon. I don't advocate violence at all. Still... it is so entertaining to watch some dude beat the shit out of another dude. And both dudes can most likely beat the shit out of your average human being. I mean , no idea why would someone ever would get into this line of work. But it is entertaining as hell.

  • みんな喜び方が可愛いw

  • can you imagine paying to watch 5 seconds of a fight

  • The first guy died?

  • Half of these shouldn't even count as a knockout. Referee needs are too sensitive!

  • Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!

  • Jesus is the way the truth and the life!!!!

  • Je law noh bigi boy

  • 2:40 did anyone else notice they guy started wrestling with the ref?

  • Don't blink or you'll miss the fight.

  • 3:18 class from Edwards. Knew it was over, wasn’t there to hurt anybody.

  • the Masvidal KO was 3 seconds, and a lot of these are faster than it says it is😂

  • Is that political correctness, that there are no black men knocked out fast, or are they just immune to ambushes? I dont want to start a racism discussion, im just curious ^^

  • Poor refs lmfao these fighters are so lost they start fight ref 😂

  • "IT IS ALL OVER!!!"

  • I thought he went back and knocked him out again🤣🤣🤣 2:33

  • Conor hier was Hungry ...

  • 7:04 Triangle by the referee

  • Jorge committed first degree murder that night

  • 1:48 this scene its from never back down 2 ? Wtf:))

  • 12:04 Isn't this an illegal kick? I think that he was mostly out already, but I mean you aren't allowed to run up and kick a guy who's on his hands and knees in UFC are you?

  • I don't like watching a grown man doing the splits.

  • im baaaaaaack