Touge Drift Night - SKELER vs LXST CXNTURY - Phonk and Future Garage Mix

Opublikowany 26 cze 2020
Arabic / Turkish / Oriental / Indian / Ethnic / Trap Music
Trap & Bass Car Music & Gaming Mix / Drift / Road / Touge Drift Night
00:00 Skeler - Tokyo
03:28 Lxst Cxntury - Sorrow
05:58 Skeler. & y tho - Vice
09:49 Lxst Cxntury - Mirax
12:17 Skeler - Waste
16:02 Lxst Cxntury - Distortion
18:30 Skeler - Tel Aviv
21:55 Lxst Cxntury - Liberty
25:15 Skeler - Hypnos
29:42 Lxst Cxntury - Odium
32:14 Skeler - Rule
34:22 Lxst Cxntury - Infinity Volume Two
36:26 Skeler - Rapture
38:33 Lxst Cxntury - Never Existed
41:25 Enjoii x Skeler - Still Wasted
43:28 Lxst Cxntury - Blur
46:57 Skeler - Falling apart
51:06 Lxst Cxntury - Kismet


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    • @Fiat Voador I know u r a man of taste

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  • вот это деду нравится

  • I can totally see myself driving to this in my Prius.

  • Why rule?

  • Thank u! Love ❤️ this entire video! Please make and instrumental version 🌺🌕🌒🌞⭐️✨⚡️🔥

  • LXST CXNTURY one love and best phonk

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  • это скайлайн на фоне?

  • A R T Glad I found this awesome playlist. Didn't even know who Skeler and Lxst Cxntury were before this. Now they're my fav artists

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  • Music from Skeler is the best what someone can listen while driving a car at night with high speed🔥🔥🔥

  • photo by gt6

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  • BEAST of a mix this got me plowing through my solidworks homework haha

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  • best mix ever, thx bro

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  • LXST CXNTURY топ-1!

  • 38:35 be like The Park from Westworld xD

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  • 29:44

  • 'vs'

  • 12/18 are already my favorite songs while driving.

  • Super relax, bomby, pecky, rakety 👍

  • 12/18 are already my favorite songs while driving.

  • Заебись

  • say trap and mix ur songs are cool an awsome im loveing it aready so ty!

  • топчик 1 рек оссобенно

  • TOP!!!

  • Midnight Club 3

  • Skeler - Tokyo, песня-песня)

  • 12:19

  • whats happend with the original video? (uploaded around march of 2020)

  • не много анимаций

  • Достойные конкуренты друг другу.. Оба круто исполнили👍🔥💥

  • Lmao CAPS LOCK doesn't make your SHITTY DJ NAME cooler hahahahahahaha

  • Ещё посоветую послушать Lxst Cxntury - Collar

  • Не понимаю как люди это слушают, и почему у меня это в рекомендациях?

    • Ну пи3дуй тогда эншпиля и фару слушай

    • Чел, просто послушай Distortion, Andromeda, потом поймёшь)

  • Походу у меня появились новые любимчики!

    • У меня тоже

  • 16:17

  • This mix is fire. I listen to it every day!

  • pizdato slov net

  • This shit is hot for a late night drive or some late night motivation music. Thanks for the mix brother

    • I love the vibe everyone has on here. it's almost Heaven Trap for me man. puts me in a good place.


  • which skyline you would prefer: 33 or 34?

  • THE BESTS!!!

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  • Amazing compilation broooooo

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  • its relaxing as well i love it and its FIRE!!

  • WOW really good songs

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    • Are you stupid? İn description also have not only arabic and turkish.

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    • Hey stupid who said its arabic and turkish? Whats the name of video? Turkish or Arabic?

  • Im definitely more of a Z boy but this is sick good music

  • thank... YOU!!

  • liberty is by far the best for me

  • 16:02 51:06

  • + Skeler & Juche - Proxima (Original Mix) +

  • its so good, you dont even know, im listening to skeler and lxst cxntury everyday and especially at night or at evening trips with tuning car, its giving me so many chills, this music is so cool, love it almost 1 year listening to this kind of music and i cant get enough.

  • where is the guy that draw the rear of the skyline with letters and emote?

  • this is so good and i don't know how u don't have any subscribers

  • Wrench. Drink. Smoke. Wrench. Drive. Tune. Drive. Smoke. Tune.....

  • is good :D

  • I want that car so bad