Top 10 Hilarious Jimmy Fallon Show Moments

Opublikowany 17 lut 2017
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Jimmy Fallon has been tearing up the small screen with great interviews, stories and lip sync battles. His skits with celebrities, and crazy white guy rap battles are some of the funniest moments in Jimmy Fallon's show. Fallon's musical numbers and pranks with people like Seth Rogan and Zac Efron are some of the funniest talk show episodes of all time. Join Watchmojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 Jimmy Fallon show moments.
00:28 #10. Jimmy Interviews ‘Khaleesi’
01:36 #9. Jimmy Has His Ear Pierced by Harrison Ford
02:40 #8. Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Can’t Stop Laughing
03:50 #7. Ew! with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron
04:51 #6. “Whip My Hair” with ‘Neil Young’ and Bruce Springsteen
05:57 #5. Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman
07:02 #4. Point Pleasant Police Department with Bill Hader
08:07 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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    • Stfu during the video

    • Stop talking for god sake , just inline the video from 10 to 1 and shut you mouth !!!!

    • your going downhill

    • that SAME tight pants segment INCLUDE Xtina too, but u cut her out?? :D wtf....its even funnier when u watch whole sket...

    • Camila Lorca true!!!

  • i’d be so mad if someone spit in my face

  • No need to do commentary between videos!

  • You talk too much !!!

  • Is there such a thing as a hilarious moment on a Jimmy Fallon show?

  • I predict Bradley cooper will be at the top.

  • Hilarious uh? Is this opposite day?

  • The sketches are funny without out you talking through them. You just ruined it by stating the obvious through the whole video.

  • We don't need your stupid channel

  • This video should've been 0 seconds long

  • low-key scared of the thumbnail.....

  • I'm so happy Bill Hader appeared in here 😍😍

  • Yess...He rely on his guests👏👏👏

  • No, I saw the original shows, you totally slaughtered comedy with your 'attempt' to entertain????, what I see is endless talking, you only succeeded to bore us senseless with talking and crap editing!

  • what a bad commentary ... you just talk way to much .. this should be funny video, i didnt manage to laugh a single time during your bla bla bla

  • Your trying to get your bitchass murdered

  • Cut the bull, get to the videos. Very simple

  • #5 should've been #1

  • Jimmy fallon NOT funny

  • #5 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I just love his laughter

  • I want to hang out with Jimmy and Justin at a campfire, have a couple beers, smoke, and then tell stories and laugh and giggle. 😂🍻🌲

  • Both on SNL & The Tonight Show, Fallon & JT are the funniest comedy team‼️

  • The clips were funny but she wouldn’t shut the fuck up so you can hear them. This video is so annoying.

  • Brian Wiliams' Rapper's delight???

  • "More Than Words" - Jimmy and Jack Black duet. What made it so hilarious was that it was so perfectly spot on (and of course, Jack Black's mugging for the camera). Jimmy never broke character.

  • talk too much.....

  • It’s annoying with the talk over

  • Got danm let the clips play oh my gosh

  • Wow almost all of fallon's funniest moments required props. The amount of push this guy needs is ridiculous.

  • He sounds JUST LIKE Neil Young! Haha you’ve gotta be kidding me

  • I love the duo of Jimmy & Justin!! Everytime!! My all time fav thing to watch,funny,talented,they just go together

  • Paul Rudd??????????? HELLO!!!

  • You talk to much shit let us see the show biaaatch

  • This was funny

  • Lmao at all the little weaklings complaining about the talking. Stay cute.....

  • shaddup and play the clips

  • You talked through the whole damn thing!!!!! Big dislike!! I can figure out what funny is without hearing your voice!!!!!!’

  • A trick click-bait title. There are actually ZERO hilarious Jimmy Fallon Show moments.

  • Reasons why we watch Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... because he brings that SNL mentality to the show. What we’re missing on SNL. So I know I’d rather watch Jimmy and his friends.

  • This video shouldve ended at 0:00

  • The nicole Kidman interview is the funniest... because you can see he is seriously embarrassed.

  • Stop the stupid overtalking

  • Jimmy as Jim Morrison doing Reading Rainbow...the best! Should have been on this list.

  • Jimmy Fallon and JLO dancing to “tight pants” was hilarious.

  • Any top ten list including Jimmy Fallon should be about ten incidents in which he was punched in the face.

  • Songs leading into the next is called a medley

  • I won’t even watch it because this is a trick......there are NO hilarious Jimmy Fallon moments whatsoever.

  • if the 40,000 steps fapping joke isn’t on here i’m gonna riot

  • I saw some of these and they’re hilarious 🤣

  • This would have been good if only you hadn't talked over 90% of it...

  • Love Jimmy Fallon

  • "Perfectly presented piece of playful prop performance" I see what you did there Mojo... i seee....

  • OHHH COME OOOOON! play the damn clips no commentary

  • I got ass cancer from this

  • I think everything's hilarious when it comes to him

  • You've lost me Watchmojo. Sorry but the commentary is way over the top. Love your lists but please keep the talk to a minimum.

  • We don't want you talk.... And we didn't came for that....

  • No such thing as hilarious Jimmy Fallon moments hes the world's biggest hack. He is the real Kenny Banya

  • Jimmy Fallon is amazing!🥰💪

  • Shaddup let us listen...doh!!!!!!!

  • Stop talking and let us watch

  • Jimmy's impressions are fantastic! Don't understand all his haters, he seems like a genuinely happy, interested guy. He lets his guests talk about what they want to.

    • All he does if talk about politics he isn't even funny

    • @White Guilt Well i dont care sorry😁

    • Pls dont hate jimmy

    • @Alfons Enström the moment i saw his show, i know this guy is putting on a face. NBC is already giving him a push but honestly he is just so awful.

    • Hes a talentless moron that interrupts his guests and constantly fake laughs instead of listening to what they actually said. Theres a reason his funniest moments are other celebrities and not him.

  • Why this bitch talking?

  • homer simpson: "what are you boys laughing at?!" then, *with fist in air* "... and if you say Jimmy Fallon, I'll know you're lying..."

  • What? There's a good Jimmy Fallon moment?

    • greenballas666 why did you click on the video? He’s winning

  • Dude, NOTHING will beat Jimmy and Justin's history of rap collabs

  • Me: clicks on this video Also me: oh wait, there’s nothing there

  • What about Fallon's impression of Jim Morrison. Blown away!!

  • humour american so nerdish

  • I think Nicole Kidman true story is number 1! Besides Jimmy being the most talented talk host of all time when it comes to entertainment, the best thing about him is when something like Cowbell and Debbie Downer happens! This time is was based on a true story about himself and his reaction was priceless! What was going on in Nicole's mind and Jimmy's was so funny! He totally blew his chance and never knew it until that interview. The history of rap was incredible and amazing performance!! I rank it number 2. Tight pants #3, iconic sketch! Emma number 4, she nailed it!

  • fallon is a gigantic piece of shit

  • maybe should not have interrupted too much...this sucked

  • I couldn't hear the sound of my laughter due to your explanation of comedy. Other than that they were good pics.

  • I REALLY cant believe you didnt include Reading Rainbow by The Doors' frontman Jim Morrison.

  • Not a thing, watchmojo. Never was, never will be.


  • THIS! is exactly why I'm a fan of Jimmy 💛🤣

  • The roots are dope

  • Musical beers should have been on the list

  • I always liked Will Ferrell's love handles hanging over his pants 😂😂😂

  • Fallon cops far too much flack. He’s awesome.

  • There should be a top ten jimmy Fallon fake laugh moments

  • to me the funniest was Fallen and Timberlake being the BeeGee's

  • why are you talking though ?

  • Jimmy Fallon and Hilarious - the biggest oxymoron since Military Intelligence.

  • Wow! Stop the running commentary!

  • omg can she just shut up? I get that she needs to introduce each clip, but do so, and shut up 🤐

  • this wasn't good

  • Where can I find the full episode of episode 132; season 1, October 14, 2009? I was on that episode playing wheel of carpet samples and had a really funny moment with Jimmy and John Cleese playing Wheel of Carpet Samples. Haven’t thought about it in years and now I cannot find it anywhere. Great memory, would appreciate any help.

  • I feel bad for the narrator no sense of humor

  • Don't be gay its all act

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  • What about Ellen's b@#$& better have my money? That was hilarious.

  • Zach looks like Peter Steel as a little girl.

  • more funny clips:

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