The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus - WITHOUT YOU (With Miley Cyrus - Official Video)

Official video for "WITHOUT YOU (with Miley Cyrus)" by The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus.
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Directed by Miley Cyrus.
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  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • lowkey getting the dtf vibe from both ends😂

  • Idk why the hell all these comments are going crazy over Miley’s voice. Its Laroi’s song and was so good in the remix too. I personally think Miley linda low-key ruined the song. TKL is king. ✌️

  • Gay Miley just ruined the song her voice has no part in this guys amazing voice smh

  • Why is he wearing pearls!?

  • Miley is the queen

  • Ewwww miley cyrus voice

  • He looks like he just popped out of a 90s after school special about just saying no....

  • Val is bad

  • Miley Cyrus sounds like she eats ten packs of cigarettes and sausages a day

  • 1:54 my favorite part 🙃

  • Ages Miley Cyrus 28 years old that kid larol 17

  • Sorry, some people will hate me for this, but this song ain't it I prefer the original

  • awesome song :D

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • this kid is really going places...

  • lit

  • twin flames

  • She loves that aussie noinch boyy haha

  • I'm addicted to this song. But this video is trash. Great song tho

  • Miley's back on crack SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN

  • Notice how there getting so close but not a couple!?

  • I really like the natural footage of the music video and how they didn’t try hard with a bunch of bullshit directors. Raw song raw footage 💯

    • Really? Maybe they were just trying to spend as little as possible. You people will eat it up anyways.

  • Does anyone else find this shot really weird? or is it just me

    • Yup, a 28 year old rolling around in the lap of a 17 year old. It's weird because it is fake and wrong.

  • *Close my eyes, empty my mind, listen to the lyric one by one* This song reminds me of my best friend who slept with my crush, even before the incident happened I told my friend about my feeling for that girl. I'm not mad at my friend but all I feel is betrayal. ( Just a story from my life) Edit: idk why but I feel relieved after sharing this story

  • I love both of them. Mad respect for Kid LAROI. He deserves all his achievements. And btw.. (he literally looks like he badly wants to kiss Miley)

    • I saw that too. Now he regrets shooting the video with the Virus.

  • Just listen to the damn song stop looking for stuff to gripe at

  • This video is horrible but the song is incredible

  • Why in wtf I ship them 💀

  • nobody going to talk about how much the 17 year old cusses this much lol but great song

  • AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS IT SOUNDS LIKE HE BEAT HER LOL I guess like I lost my shit and hit you my bad why you gotta tell everyone? maybe I'm projecting - good song tho

  • I was only on season 3 how did we go to season 8?

  • ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • ♥️

  • If this song isn't played at my funeral I am not dying

  • I like this song wthout miley cyrus without her it sounds more better

  • The best collab in 2021 😍

  • they look like they are in the early 2000's

  • Laroi rocking that haircut though

  • I hope he continues to make Juice Wrld proud and makes sure no one forgets him as well as continues to keep his memory alive

  • The Virus is back! This time with a 17 year old...

    • @Reaper SF Miley loves her "fans" so much, that she charges $160 for a used t-shirt. What a rip off!

    • Cry more 🤡

  • Miley's crush on Aussie boys I love it haha xo

  • Ansioso pro seu álbum novo dona miley

  • He is 17 & a colla with Miley .. here I start a PLthrow channel & seeking a colla with the ace family 😭

  • My ex remimds me of miley. This song hits hard. Proud of Laroi! Doing Australia proud homie ❤

  • miley waiting for Kid laroi's 18th birthday ;)

  • John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

  • ❤️❤️

  • Guess we are here living to find out what its like living without me without you

  • Miley feat yungblud

  • Miley is Amazing her voice is iconic and I'd say the best female vocalist of this generation

    • ↑↑↑ Endorsement Paid For By Miley Cyrus ↑↑↑


  • Stinging rich step father and oldest step daughter**~~

  • Amazing song, godd for the kid, looking fir more of him in the future

  • Her keeps getting better and better!!

  • old is she....

  • Mad respect for him what a collab

  • Just asking random questions on random popular videos. Did you know! On September 11 the day the twin towers were hit 300BILLION dollars of gold was stolen from a secure facility very close to ground zero and apparently nobody knows what happened?? Did you hear about this before now?

  • Wypad

  • NOOO zjebałas wszystkoooo

  • Juice Wrld proudly looking down rn

  • Without you

  • Directed by ? It's covered by next clip screens. Someone help me out. Is it Steve Cannon?

  • The cords of the song is a Eminem Love the way you lie rip off.

  • This hits harder every time I listen

  • uffff

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • can someone forward this link to my ex..... I dont have the *$&# to do it......

  • when video budget was 10$. Or 10 words of Miley Cyrus are too expensive?

  • Need BellieEilish

  • pelo jeito so eu de brasileira aqui

  • I never thought i would really fall in love with song But i did damn! God job Miley

  • Top 8 song on billboard thanks to Miley

  • #1 winning piece with Miley unique voice it makes whole lotta difference

  • Pretty cute Miley right for Liam #Malibu

  • I knew Miley Cyrus would be absolutely horrid and loud and used it to find my $160 headphones. Thanks Miley ❤️❤️❤️

  • Miley I deeply love u,Rwandan love u

  • What happened to taking pride in one's craft. Poor editing and an adult with a high school kid. Someone has peter pan syndrome.

  • 5.3M ✅ 6M ➡️

  • Original is far better. 1st chorus miley sounded like she was choking, vomiting and singing at the same time. She is good singer but not here.

  • Yo

  • if Juice was still alive the kid laroi and juice would have a Album that slaps everyone else

  • man I love Miley but this felt weird to watch.. especially if the roles were reversed and it was a 28 yr old guy with a 17 yr old girl you know people would be flipping tables lol

  • The collab we never knew we needed

  • Up the power feminism in the industry music.💪🎵

  • having Lana on this mv would've been interesting

  • I feel like she completely ruined it.

    • @Kevin Torres ↑↑↑ Endorsement Paid For By Miley Cyrus ↑↑↑

    • ​@Kevin Torresit was on the radio so much before the remix​

    • @Kevin Torres "finally has a hit"... so your saying the original without you wasn't a hit?...

    • @Ethan Owens it could go to the whole world but if people don’t like it they ain’t gonna listen. Sales for the remix were up 200% people physically bought the remix. Thanks to Miley he finally has a hit.

    • @Kevin Torres and her part of the song in this sucks.

  • I love this song and video 🌸👌

  • Everone: omg I love Miley’s songs Me I used to watch Hannah Montana

  • It's not my type of song but i love it♡︎♡︎♡︎

  • The remix sucks

  • That kid is so..... and shows heart

  • They need more songs together their voices are perfect together

  • I wish girls would love me

  • I miss you, I hate that you'll never miss me

  • This remix blessed my whole month ✨

  • One of the best song ever