The Best of Vivaldi

Opublikowany 6 lut 2013
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Performers: I Musici, Felix Ayo
1. The Four Seasons: "Spring" Concerto No. 1: I. Allegro
2. The Four Seasons: "Spring" Concerto No. 1: II. Largo 3:33
3. The Four Seasons: "Spring" Concerto No. 1: III. Allegro Pastorale 6:22
4. The Four Seasons: "Summer" Concerto No. 2: I. Allegro 10:27
5. The Four Seasons: "Summer" Concerto No. 2: II. Adagio e piano 16:24
6. The Four Seasons: "Summer" Concerto No. 2: III. Presto 18:35
7. The Four Seasons: "Autumn" Concerto No. 3: I. Allegro 21:33
8. The Four Seasons: "Autumn" Concerto No. 3: II. Adagio molto 26:34
9. The Four Seasons: "Autumn" Concerto No. 3: III. Allegro 28:58
10. The Four Seasons: "Winter" Concerto No. 4: I. Allegro non molto 32:19
11. The Four Seasons: "Winter" Concerto No. 4: II. Largo 35:50
12. The Four Seasons: "Winter" Concerto No. 4: III. Allegro 38:13
13. Concerto for Two Horns RV 538 - Allegro 41:48
14. Concerto for Two Trumpets - Movt 1 44:32
15. Concerto for Two Trumpets Movt 2 47:44
16. Concerto for Two Trumpets Movt 3 48:38
17. Concerto for Two Violins & Two Cellos - Allegro 52:05
18. Concerto for Two Violins & Two Cellos - Largo 56:18
19. Concerto for Two Violins & Two Cellos - Allegro 58:40
20. Concerto Grosso RV 562a - Allegro 1:02:03
21. Flute Concerto Op.10 - Movt 1 1:07:30
22. Flute Concerto Op.10 - Movt 2 1:11:46
23. Flute Concerto Op.10 - Movt 3 1:14:27
24. Symphony No.1 In C RV 116 - Allegro 1:17:40
25. Symphony No.1 In C RV 116 - Andante 1:20:27
26. Symphony No.1 In C RV 116 - Presto 1:23:39
27. Symphony N. 2 IN G RV 146 - Allegro moderato 1:24:48
28. Symphony N. 2 IN G RV 146 - Andante 1:29:00
29. Symphony N. 2 IN G RV 146 - Allegro tempo di minuetto 1:34:07
30. Bassoon Concerto RV489 - Allegro 1:37:43
31. Bassoon Concerto RV563 - Allegro 1:41:09
32. Lute Concerto - Movt 1 1:43:49
33. Lute Concerto - Movt 2 1:47:51
34. Lute Concerto - Movt 3 1:53:00
35. Storm at Sea - Presto 1:55:22
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  • Esta música me dice muchas cosas

  • Moltobellopernoi

  • Belissimo!

  • Esta musica parece de otra galaxia,que maravilla;)

  • Lo mejor de Vivaldi... la peluca.

  • Hermoso

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  • Bababaabaaaadaaambaababaaadaaammmmmmm however you interprete this, classic is just great, Vivaldi ist just great.

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  • don´t see the coments, and study

  • ЛучшИе или лучшЕе всё таки??

  • My teacher: *posts this to listen to for lunch* Me: *skips the whole thing to the end* Also me:doesn’t understand what to do

    • @My Twins I found classical music helped me whilst I studied because it can help to de-stress you. Music with lyrics can be distracting but you gain the ability to think clearer with classical music.

    • @julie ansell idk

    • @My Twins Does music of any kind help you relax through your lunch time ?

    • @julie ansell yeah well the lunch is just about music it’s not much

    • @My Twins You could have it on as background music, but the best things is to do whatever suits you then you can't go wrong.

  • Thank you!!!!!!

  • Боже как виртуозно поет скрипка! Божественно!!!

  • Puiku Gerai Do - Re - Mi - Do - Re - Do Kaunas LT

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  • Hermosa la música que belleza de repertorio

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  • Excelente,cuando escuchó la música de Vivaldi mi alma se eleva.

  • klasiklerle oyun oynamak :d

  • I love how all the comments are made by people named antonio vivaldi or antonio lucio vivaldi lol

  • Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, da Venezia detto 'il Prete rosso' . Suo padre Giovanni Battista Vivaldi era barbiere e valente violinista...

  • Le quattro stagioni di vivaldi meravigliosa musica, 🎸🎸🎵🎵🎵💓

  • This is why I love the violin. It’s like it literally pierces your hear

  • C’est superbe et très magnifique. Il est sublime VIVALDI. Merci bcp

  • Anyone else here on New Years Eve? Peace to you and yours, where you are, and wherever you may roam.

  • This is my favorite type of music. I used to listen to it when I was little and I still listen to it today.

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  • Beautiful music never gets old, no matter how long it's been around. She feeds my soul

  • VIVALDI cette musique joyeuse me ravit.

  • Grandissimo geniale compositore musicista periodo Barocco

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  • Una caricia para el oído, la música de Vivaldi

  • As a metalhead i absolutely love this music! Bravissimo!

  • Mi cantante de música clásica favorito.

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  • VIVALI Oh mein Gott, alle meine Gefühle sind Musik!

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  • These artists really were romantics. ♥

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  • Vivaldi must come to Brazil to make a show !!!

    • We in Italy have been waiting for him to come back for 300 years but he doesn't come back

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  • Eu não entendo. A harmonia tem um compasso matemático. É assombroso. Eu não enxergo os números, mas sinto.

  • Classical music by Vivaldi is the mantabz surantabz deh....Balikpapan, 18 Desember 2020

  • Потрясающе!!! Что тут скажешь! Именно этот композитор - мне близок; из-за его умения чувствовать и светлые стороны жизни и её трагичность.

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  • As quatro estações de Vivaldi é a música clássica que eu acho melhor do mundo!!!!!!!!!

  • Antônio Vivaldi eu apenas amo!!!!

  • Vivaldi is the back then equivalent of a shot poster today