Some Things Never Change | LEC Spring 2021 Start x Logitech G

Opublikowany 21 sty 2021
Some things never change... As we gear up to start the 2021 Spring Split, GrabbZ has a new naming scheme, Jankos has turned his eyes from Mikyx to Rekkles, Caps seems more ready than ever, and all those WoW raids are catching up to Wunder.
Will we win the split AGAIN? Let us know in the comments!
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  • 2:50 rekkless asmr

  • "I give rekkles a lot of attention"

  • Ducking Epic.

  • When do we get a g2 asmr??? Imagine jankos trying to be quiet :3

  • Watching this after the valentine's video and hearing Rekkles saying again "everyone's been really welcoming, some more than others." Sure, really welcoming huh 😳😳😳

  • @Wunder xD i loved it 2:20

  • Love u guys!

  • No, no, no staph... I came here to see professionals in action, not to "fangirling" like a crazy! Nevermind.

  • I love how every second Toplaner plays World of Warcraft (me included).

  • "I stiil haven't touched League"....Wunder 😂😂😂👌

  • Caps is an fan of Cobra Kai?

  • ah. yes the gay momebts are nbeaitjspkfds;a

  • can u add subtitles in spanish ?

  • Best team synergy ever. Inside the game and outside. XD

  • Wunder is on another lvl of experience. GGz

  • Somethinf never change:My Rank

  • i feel like rekkles is some kind of anime girl

  • I don’t know why but i have a feeling G2 will be the Champion this Year I’ll screenshot my comment so like my feelings we’re right

  • dang best video ive seen in a while good job g2

  • So much "the office" style I love it

  • Is this the best ducking org in Esports history?

  • What if in worlds they all get named Martin with their numbers

  • 0:18 KEKW

  • Rekkles fits perfectly here. Why you didn't buy him earlier?????

  • i feel like we are loosing wunder :D

  • 1:50 It never struck me before, but Candice has some competition now that Rekkles is on G2

  • Where can I download this ringtone? Please. :D


  • OKAY I hecking LOVE G2 just for who they are. And the memes

  • I love it. This is beatiful...

  • High level acting

  • That Cobra Kai reference tho 💚

  • love the pornhub acting level

  • Rekkles in G2? whaaaaaaaaaat

  • bloody brilliant. love it!

  • wunder about the legendarys and torgast ... i feel that one xD

  • This is a bit cringe xD

  • This has some PronHub acting bruh and I like it!!!

  • Brillant

  • omg, never laughed out loud in a long time!

  • ta gracioso

  • I love how almost all of them are about to break character for the entirety of the video. There must of been a lot of takes, wholesome enjoyable content tho

  • Jankos is the best actor

  • Cobra Kai xD

  • Wunder stop lie, m+ does not give any good loot

  • i want that ringtone

  • The acting was so bad but its masterclass

  • The Cringefest xD epic

  • chige

  • Jankos kiedy odcinek po polsku?

  • I have the feeling that nobody of them is acting

  • Long long maaaaaan

  • Hey Mikyyyy 😘😘

  • Cobra cai vibes caps xD

  • Ok i see cobra kai fan (Caps 😏)

  • Wunder just won this LMAO

  • Any chance I can get Rekkles’ ringtone?

  • So funny!

  • Jankos = Simp


  • Isnt that the best Video g2 has ever made Like wooo its so good

  • HAHAHAHAHA i love it guys this was hilarious

  • Just seeing Rekkles smiling makes me happy

  • why they had that reaction when wunder saiz "wait, Riot announced a new MMO"?

  • @1:42 jankos : I think you outperformed enemy support so hard. mikyx : I wish I could say the same. lol

  • I never saw such cringe and at the samr time entertaining stuff on this platform lmao.😂😂😂

  • Seems kinda gay to me... :D

  • This cracked me up so hard, you guys are fire

  • Hahahahahaha i love it

  • What a mix of cringe, gems, scripted, and improvised stuff - classic G2 :D

  • wait, i'm the only one who thinks that this is really funny ?? i mean, rekkles in g2 was meant to be!

  • Wunder doesnt play league for 3 months second game plays moonstone renewer ivern top sounds about right

  • Oh Cobra 🐍 Kai Caps


  • i think this is the best piece of content you've produced

  • Acting 11/10

  • Plzz show us the bloopers 😆

  • G2 apparently stands for Gay Gamers 😳

  • cobra kai reference was nice!

  • cringelevel 100. i love it

  • only question is ... can wunder play riot MMO on stage computer without punishment?

  • I fucking love Jankos

  • Miky: oh shit i'm in danger

  • no no no Jankos pride makes me terrified

  • This video is so good actually

  • great video

  • Just if M+ actually gave loot, instead of 210 ilvl shit

  • PL: Zajebiste ENG: Very good

  • P*rnstar level acting but funny as F@ck

  • Ngakak banget 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jankos never change...

  • holly made my day today

  • The dislikes from people have no humour sense

  • lol with this guys lmao

  • Heyy mikky...

  • Lec games voicecomms pleaseeeeee

  • Jankos saying hey miky gives me life

  • This feels like a brazzers video

  • Jankos is the best

  • PogChamp!