Scooter & Timmy Trumpet - Paul Is Dead (Official Video 4K)

Opublikowany 26 lis 2020
Scooter & Timmy Trumpet’s new single "Paul Is Dead" is out now!
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New Scooter album “God Save The Rave” out on 16.04.21!
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27.01.21 CZ - Pardubice // Enteria Arena
29.01.21 CZ - Usti nad Labem/Aussig // Zimni Stadion
31.01.21 CZ - Pilsen // Zimni Stadion
21.04.21 IS - Reykjaviv// Laugardalshall
30.04.21 UK - Glasgow // Brahead Arena
01.05.21 UK - Manchester // o2 Victoria Warehouse
02.05.21 UK - London // 02 Academy Brixton
03.06.21 AT - Nickelsdorf // Nova Rock Festival
04.06.21 DE - WCD // Frankfurt Deutsche Band Park
12.06. 21 HU - Budapest Park // Budapest
19.06.21 PRT - EDC // Praia da Rocha
16.07.21 BE - Tomorrowland // Boom
18.07.21 DE - Parookaville // Weeze
23.07.21 BE - Tomorrowland // Boom
30.07.21 EE - Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
06.08.21 UK - Rock The Park // Wrexham
13.08.21 DE - Berlin // Zitadelle
14.08.21 DE - Halle // Peißnitzinsel
19.08.21 DE - Kassel // Messegelände
20.08.21 DE - Lingen // Open Air an der Emslandarena
21.08.21 DE - Hamburg // Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld
27.08.21 UK - Creamfields // Warrington

More to come!

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A Zyrkus Production.
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Konzept/Regie/Grading: Ben Baumgarten
Kamera: Henrik Haftenberger
Schnitt: Ben Baumgarten
Producer: Isabell Cißarz
Creative Producer: Steven Suska
Licht: Norman Kochanski
Licht Technik: Christoph Neumann für Kingsize.Events
Runner: David Koch
H&M Artist: Daria Crainiucenco
H&M Assistent: Kathrin Hieselmayr
Tänzerinnen: Jeannine Kühne, Eirime Kravec, Daria Tikhonova
Technik: 25p cine support - Berlin

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  • Who is Paul and is he still alive?

  • Paul is dead = Corona is over

  • ЗАШЛО!

  • Never seems to let us down 😍

  • Ein intellektuelles Meisterwerk 😂

  • Daniel Hartmann Du hast Recht Wir 2 Sind einer Meinung

  • Ein Musikalisches Meisterwerk Weltklasse Always Hardcore


  • this is ✨immaculate✨

  • YEAHHHH let's go fk this virus! 💪💪👌👌💪Still good as ever 👍👍👍👍👍

  • yes yes yes

  • А что тут делает чувак из дискотеки аварии? XDDDD

  • Heino is back 😂🤤💜💜💜💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💆🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️😋

  • So geil 👍👍💯

  • Scooter never disappoint since more than 25 years. Trustworthy to the grave!

  • This is shit compared to old scooter

  • The best of the best

  • Meisterwerk 😌💓

  • Это каййово,именно эта тема,по чём рыбка?по чём наркотики

  • Scooter is not a raver any more. So bad! 👎

  • Ne add fel papi. Nyomjad amíg lehet! Te vagy a rave király . A Kapitány ! Don't give up priestly. Press as long as you can! You are the rave king. The captain !

  • Scooter 100 % PROFESS 😁😁😁😁😙

  • Love it old skool.

  • Party hot Party hot ich mach mir ne schnidde und fasse mark an die titte

  • Paul is hardcore and hardcore. will. never die!

  • Scooter wideo polecam

  • мне уже 36,но как же я этих ребят люблю!!!

  • legandary scooter

  • 1:32 the best part

  • Scooteeeeer! 🤩💯

  • hab eigentlich nach fehlfarben gesucht. wtf scooter, warum tust to mir das an?? ლ(ಥ Д ಥ )ლ

  • Scooter is the man and this song IS SO FUCKIN FIRE OMG

  • Endlich mal Scooter den ich seit 2000er kenne. War der Fan noch in Russland

  • Respect to the man in the Ice-ceam Van ! We start'd in '94 ...' Thanks for the class :) Love from Scotland !

  • That guy is almost 60....

  • Scooter. King of Rave

  • And bushido, fler, bonez mc

  • POLICE dead :D

  • good scooter

  • i had choose an other vocal but the kick is very nice

  • 🎺🎺🎺🎺

  • Same song for the hundredth time.

  • Фанат скутера с 1993 года!до сих пор заводит и слушать приятно!!!а про какого Пола поют?

  • he whil never get old

  • Fcking good mates

  • Very good tune. I have a question here for you? Will Rick J. Jordan and Ferris be teaming up with Scooter for Chapter Seven in the future?

  • Scooter nimmt doch adrenochrom 😂

  • can some one tell me what paul they are talking about

  • Please listen mad joint music.scooter super мое детство

  • neeeeein paul

  • Wow nice fantastic ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Sag mal scooter, ist das dein ernst. Werbung für ein online Casino? Hyoerino? Da gehen Menschen dran zugrunde!!! Ich finde es schon schlimm genug das die Fußball Stars ihre Fans drauf schicken. Bitte du nicht auch noch. Als alter Begleiter von früher. Mach das bitte nicht. How much is the fish? Bis denn dann

  • Paul Elstak diss dont work he is Faster and Harder ;)

  • Still alive scooter 😍😍😍 big up from Kingdom Of Morocco 🇲🇦

  • Genial


  • Seahr gut!!!!

  • Спасибо, вы - лучшие!

  • Jungs, wo ist die Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung? 🙃


  • Its 1997 all over again

  • Umm... I'm not dead XD

    • You got scooter and you got timmy trumpet so you make something modern with both of you. I'd rather hear the trumpet with scooter answering the call. Don't make something new and modern. Make something that captivates both of you. give us the banging beats with the "who gives a **** lyrics.

  • this is way to short!

  • What is Paul? Who's them? Paul Oakenfold? Paul Van Dyk? Paul Elstak?

  • Happy New Year!

  • I love H.P

  • Always straatooo 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Lyrical mastermind strikes again and i love it. The sunroofs up and the windows down Get the speed and get the sound Back to the roots with brand new boots Like I said, Paul is dead

  • Does Anyone know who Paul is?

  • Ты самый лучший, мой Кумир с 12 лет. Крутой ты мне 35

  • 😰

  • Scooter Is LiFE

  • The sound of future... Yihaaaa !


  • Niezła muza.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎

  • WOW SA

  • Are you shure that this colab with not Technikore?) Real happy hardcore from Scooter = my happiness!!! thank you!

  • latteri tekst nedsnødd faenskap

  • Brutal 💥💥💥🎺🎺🎺

  • Scooter is back with an amazing banger! Who else was waiting for this?! 2020 anyone?

  • Scooter best band

  • Scooter ,уже не тот,скатываются на скутере вниз по дорожке

  • Scooter ,уже не тот,скатываются на скутере вниз по дорожке

  • DJ Paul Elstak will never die! Я всё сказал!

  • Daje radę skurczybyk :) :)

  • Scooter for the next twenty years 🍾🎊🎉

  • Who is the female singer?

  • The sauce ! is the power of the force

  • Who's Paul?

  • Faster Harder Scooter 😍😍😍 Scooter Fan von der 1 Stunde an und immer wieder geil. Hol gerne die alten Lieder raus und denk an meine Kindheit zurück und wie geil sie doch war und immer Scooter im Ohr. Jungs macht weiter so.

  • Demon Club

  • hyperinoo

  • Hello from Czech R. !!!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥

  • Absolutely awesome song I'm loving his new music my father absolutely loved scooter he's the reason I'm into his music and I'm glad too coz he's awesome fair play my father would have definitely loved his new music especially this year R,I,P Dad YNWA I will definitely keep ur memory alive xx

  • the girl who is sing is Jeannine Kühne :)

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  • what is it me but scooter is starting to look older now noooooo means i am getting old to :( but still a legend though