Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

Opublikowany 1 sie 2019
Relive the fourth Wimbledon meeting between Rafa and Roger in the 2019 semi-final...
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  • 44:46 - Start of first set tie-break 51:52 - End of first set 56:59 - Start of second set 1:28:20 - End of second set 1:31:39 - Start of third set 2:06:45 - End of third set 2:10:06 - Start of fourth set 2:54:53 - Start of final game 3:03:00 - Match point

  • Nadal is LOSER

  • Hey dhar mann fam

  • Why does goats stick out so much lol, that's hownill remember this match

  • the same approachshot as Fed made against Djoko on his matchpoint - with the same result, as we all know ... 3:01:43

  • 2:14:08 who is the girl on the right?

  • Bravo


  • What network is this?

  • 2:58:30 federer should have hit the ball to the right not to the left.. that was so bad

  • Son lo mejores gracias

  • Federer es todo un maestro del tenis

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  • Fedal ❤️

  • Amy Adams?

  • How come Rafa was hitting the ball so short?



  • And then he lost his 3rd Wimbledon final against Novak having the whole stadium (for the 3rd time) cheering for him. All those rich guys in the stands yelling and not respecting Novak who showed for Nth time who is the best when it comes to the highest level and difficulty in tennis.

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  • Rafael is the man my favorite player! He's so unbeatable

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇦🇷

  • we all know that cheater rafa can only win on a grandma court. The court has to be as slow as molasses running uphill in the winter time.

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  • 35:15 xd

  • Roger so afraid of rafa obviously

  • 11:33😀😀😀

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  • Amazing

  • 35:15 is that boy reading lord of the rings? lmao

  • can i just say i LOVE seeing the camera on Federer’s wife. she is always there to support him ever since the beginning of his career. so wholesome

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  • El mejor clásico

  • Federer es el rey, y su Reino es el tenis. Esto es deporte ,y no es una lucha a muerte de gladiador como ljokovich, o Nadal que pelean a muerte. Gracias Federer por dar un espectáculo de primera, Dios te lo pague. Chao 👋.

  • I think Federer lost in the final against Novak. 311 weeks at no.1 Novak Đoković

  • 2:59:12 First: Beautiful, Second: Sublime

  • 2:37:24 Just Federer can do this

  • 31 minute - no out two times. Mistakes for judges

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  • the point of 2:45:04, Rafa hits a one handed backhand to win the point

  • Only if he could have converted that one championship point at 40-15 😂. Man I was so dead that day. Credit to Djokovic's return : only second to Agassi's IMO

    • Best returner ever tbf

  • Like the good old days.

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  • Than Novak comes and crying of Roger started

  • Sreća pa je izgubio u finalu.

  • 8:20-9:11 lmao GOATS

  • It really bums me out that Roger would lose the final after holding 2 match pts. IT will haunt me forever.

    • He lost 3 Wimbledon finals to Novak having the whole crowd cheering for him...

  • I have the impression that Nadal and Djokovic were often doped. For example, Nadal seemed a bit weak in 2020 but was full of strength in the final. It was similar with Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open 2021. I have often observed this with both of them. Dokovic was also behind Thiem in AO's 2020 final, then he took a break and when he came back he was very strong. I never had this impression on Roger Federer.

  • Two GODS!

  • Sportsman spirit there by Nadal signing autographs for the fans despite losing the match that's why everyone likes tennis no animosity between two great champions ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • 35:16 Favorite part: "Not the time to be reading" lol

  • Goat Novak gave 2 MP then shut the door right at Rogers face😂😂😂

  • Come through nadal, but can't beat nemesis djoker....sorry fed

  • No one's ever going to read this, but Roger Federer used to be my favorite tennis player but now I like Rafael. My grandma and I would wake up at three to watch the Fed at the Australian Open. We loved him. But now I just believe that Rafa is the more sincere and hard-working player.

    • maybe federer is old to be as hard working as he used to be, with everything he accomplished he must feel a little tired and cant keep the same pace he used to u know?

  • Thank u for this

  • Se te extraña roger

  • Then the finals and what happen 😂 🤔

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  • 2020 is going to be his best season yet! He will not lose more than one match.

  • I watch over and over again.I hope they will meet in the final this year and the result will be the same.

  • It's a shame Djokovic won the final.

  • Nadal idola ku semangat

  • A legend against a legend

  • Federer the goat

  • Al Nadal ya se le ve el chiclocentro


  • 14:41 just for myself, never mind :)

  • Who’s watching this boring game 🥸🥴

  • Cricket is my favourite game but RF is my favourite sportsman of any kind of sports.

  • But the best is Djokovic Nowak

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  • If only this was the final - even the commentator thought it was 3:01:26

  • Federer looks old in Uniqlo outfit when compared with Nike. Anyone agrees?

  • AS IT'S ..............

  • Sheer joy after 11 years turned into utter despair in 2 days. It is a ruthless sport.

  • Roger Federer has the abilities to play for 5 more years.💖💪😘

  • World-class tennis players gather on the court. To watch tennis tradition

  • Out of all the tournaments Roger didn't manage to win, I think Wimby '19 is arguably where he performed his best. Other examples of this include RG '07, RG'11 or Masters Cup 2005.

  • That was cool!.

  • 1:07:46 why does this look like some sort of speed racer cutscene lmao

  • 个人觉得还是比较适合我

  • this video: 69% Nadal pre-serve rituals 11% breaks and inter-game time 20% beautiful, god-level tennis

  • Still watching ❤❤

  • only an english commentator would have nil idea as to the reference GOAT...

  • Hard to watch when one knows how the next match went...

    • He won the final, as Novak, its just a formality who gets the title, with 37 years he fight during 5 hours, and the same would have been for Novak if Roger would have kept the title.

  • 0:22 my love video :X.

  • 2:37:40 the guy with the blue hat tried to keep clapping with one hand

    • Lmao i can't believe a verified PLthrowr is act trying to get likes by stealing comments lol.

    • Stolen comment

  • me da no sé qué la cantidad de tics de nadal....

  • Mirka played her game ... she unbuttoned her blouse in the final points, facing Nadal

  • They always surprise us with great skills and mental strengths! Look at the last game! Two champions!

  • 3:01:25 commentator wrongly states Fed held championship points in this service game and the previous return game. Bad error by someone paid thousands to commentate, and no correction or edit..???

  • It's part of the game unfortunately there can only be one winner but always utmost respect for the loser also

  • I'm learning so much with those two strong opponents. They're my favorite players but I love Rafael Nadal more!!😘😘

  • WAE

  • 2:47:10 It’s always amazing to me how Federer can be one of the greatest players ever to grace the tour, and yet simultaneously one of the worst challengers on the tour.

  • One of the most highest levels of tennis level matches ever played it's two warriors breaking out full arrays of the highest arsenal. It's outstanding to take in...🤙🤙

  • ... .. .. k ...