Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova - Complete Live Concert - HD

Opublikowany 2 wrz 2013
Also watch Rachmaninoff's 'Piano Concerto no.3' with Anna Fedorova: plthrow.info/my/wideo/lol6pny93b16i6s.html.
The musical program:
Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto no.2, op.18
The musicians:
Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie led by Martin Panteleev
Anna Fedorova, piano
Recorded: Het Zondagochtend Concert, 1 september 2013 in het Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
Rachmaninovs Tweede pianoconcert is zijn populairste: het is te horen in vele films en is een mijlpaal in de carrière van alle grote pianisten.
Het Zondagochtend Concert is a concert serie by the Dutch public radio broadcaster NPO Radio 4.


  • Watch Anna Fedorova perform Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a theme by Paginini here: plthrow.info/my/wideo/1aV6ZaeuuLJ7dXk.html

  • Esta mujer le hace el amor al piano.

  • 22:19 i can listen to this forever.

  • 35:35 This part on the piano always fills me with awe. I can't describe how good it sounds.

  • Favorite classical music, so beautifully done by all.

  • Bravo..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • You can just right click and click "Loop", you're welcome!

  • A lovely concert from start to finish and also so powerful. I wonder why at Europe concerts there is so few young people in the audience...

  • Who the fuck is coughing there?

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  • 0:18 i can't stop watching this... Her mevoments..... So emotional

  • Stop the performance, remove the few hundred who cant shut up, and get on with the amazing performance.

  • absolutely ridiculous how many people are coughing and sneezing as loudly as possible

  • The theme of the third movement at 34:28 rarely gets praised. Look at the power of the glorious melody... and the horns!! especially at 34:38.

  • Tlqkf 팔뚝봐 미친...

  • Moments that blew my mind slightly when I first listened to this 0:30 2:21 6:08 6:56

  • 1:24 keys seem so sooftt, I want to touch them🤤

  • 日本人いますか?

  • Captain Nemo🥰

  • Bravo!!!!! Anna Fedorova is amazing. I can't wait to hear her play live. What a pianist! One of the best interpretations of the Rachmaninoff 2.

  • Brava


  • Simply amazing - what an experience!

  • Clarinet touched my very soul. :’)

  • Восхитительно !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Concerto di una bellezza struggente e due mani che sfiorano il pianocon una leggerezza quasi sensuale Ottima interpretazione Bravi!!!!!

  • My Fav.

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  • this deserves more than my humble like

  • Is it just me, or does Anna make a mistake at 4:46? Sounds like she played an additional minor second on top of the chord. The playing otherwise is remarkable, of course.

  • Art is what separates human beings from animals - very few animals think about art Breaks your heart to think most of those playing above are now finding it hard to make ends meet

  • Zorragarria!

  • Simplemente, maravilloso

  • bravisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ein sehr schönes Klavierspiel. Behutsamer, beinahe tupfender Anschlag in den leiseren Passagen, dann beherzt und quirlig. Dank u well! :-)

  • Oh Anna Fedorova!

  • If this man was alive and heard Anna play his work- He would have a stroke at how a girl can approach perfection. I can't watch this video. my eyes snap shut so that I can hear and dream.

  • She approaches perfection How could I know, I am nothing. With in a minute, I close my eyes an d drean.

  • Just wonderful!

  • 22:20 It's like spiritual orgasm...from that moment, I just feel like I can't help but to burst everything out of my heart, my soul and my body with highest energy. Keep bursting out until everything goes die out.

  • Merci je me régale , quelle pianiste incroyable.Quelle mémoire musicale et quel jeu !

  • 30:20 my favourite

  • who dislikes this??

  • #1 Rach2 #2 Tchaikovsky #3 Grieg

  • this sound change me

  • Très belle interprétation d’une œuvre majestueuse, écrite en 1901 par un Rachmaninov guéri d’une grave dépression. D’abord souffrance, puis lente guérison, puis confiance et renaissance. Magique.

  • "Rach 3" is magnificent, but do others sense more emotion in "Rach 2"?

    • Rach 2 is definitely more emotional with whimsical elements, while Rach 3 has much more of a robust and dominant personality!

  • 30,000,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Anna!!!

  • Anna Fedorovna's performance has an engagingly dynamic yet nuanced quality; it literally glistens and sparkles, along with very talented and able leadership of the orchestra by the maestro. All in all, just a joy to listen to and appreciate.

    • Well said. Pure joy to be part of this performance

  • 5.9k sad people (at the time of posting)

  • i listen this piece in other version in clasical guitar by super genius of guitar safic aisha fantastic thanks for this video

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  • What a truly great pianist she is. Anna plays with such passion. Just look how wrapped up she is with emotion at 23:25 and for the next ten seconds or so. Rachmaninoff would have melted.

  • omg!

  • Браво!🙏🏻👏👏👏❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • This Gentleman's name always came up when Jazz greats and I also can remember some members of the awesome music band that was part of Motown most dynamic era, so curiosity brought me to listen to his music, Musicians were right about this Genius. Master.

  • Wow i love to hear d music.

  • Doctor Nikolai Dahl was the hypnotist and amateur cellist who put Rachmaninoff in a trance and told him he would write a great piece of music. When the revolution came Rachmaninoff escaped to the USA and Dahl to Lebanon, where he played cello in the American University Orchestra. And whenever that orchestra played this great concerto they would tell the audience it was dedicated to their cellist, Dr Nikolai Dahl. As film director Billy Wilder once said, you are as good as the best thing you ever did.

  • 눈 소복히 쌓인날 들으니 좋네요 멋져요 !!!

  • Where are the young people in the audience? Must we grow older to appreciate sublime music like this? Then again, perhaps that's part of growing up: realizing that pop, rock, etc. can only take one so far, but with classical, there are always new dimensions to discover. Love the second movement of this piece the most!

    • Tickets for this very same concert hall are quite expensive and depending on where you live, the location can be harder to get to without having to drive for like 3 hours. This is the best concert hall in the Netherlands, so I guess that also plays a role in the price

    • @Publio Virgilio I think it depends on the country you live in. In my country, tickets can be affordable for small concerts (I already went myself to a Chopin concert and a Vivaldi concert), but for concerts in huge places like this it's much more expensive :/

    • @Alex these kind of concerts cost like 5 euros if you dont mind being a little far from stage. The only thing is that if you don't have concert halls near your home you have to spend also in transport. Next week i will go with my friends to hear tchaikovsky's concerto for piano and some miscelanoeus pieces and only for 6 euros in a very big and beutiful concert hall. I am 22.

    • I'm young (19) and if I could afford a concert like this I would definitely go! Unfortunately, concerts are really expensive and I think many other young people are in the same boat. We can't really afford this type of concert, but we're definitely here among these 30M views don't worry!

    • @Jeff Smith Right; then again, maybe only older people could afford the tickets :)!

  • Браво!!!

  • 功力 還差一點



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  • Rahmanyinov egy 20. századi orosz romantikus. A zongorista hölgy is orosz. Rokonlelkek.

  • The overacting by this pianist is hilarious....

  • You did it well -- You and Orchestra

  • This is a wonderful performance of Rachmaninoff 2! We are a new channel and would appreciate if you could listen to a short rendition of our fun take on Rach 2 theme! Our mission is to bring melodies from different genres to a wide audience! 🎶✨ plthrow.info/my/wideo/yKlkpmPNzJ6wmoU.html

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  • Utterly subline. Pity the audience are so dead!

  • Beautifully performed.


  • ¡Bravo Anna!

  • Wonderful!

  • Takes your breath away

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  • Wonderful

  • Brought tears to my eyes and stirred my soul, wonderful.

  • Quando ascoltai la prima volta questo concerto , mi trovavo a Kuthaya una cittadina sull'altopiano Anatolico. La trasmissione veniva via radio da Sophia, Bulgaria. Questa musica si legava alla solitudine sterminata del paesaggio serale. Per me fu' un dono del cielo per cancellare le nefaste nenie turke. Ho amato la musica di Rachmaninof e ...poi andai a visitare la sua tomba nel cimitero del Walhalla a Withe Plains, New York. Ave Sergei !

  • 12:05 I'm learning to appreciate the transcendent.

  • superb.

  • When they clapped you see the pain in her eyes

  • I am sorry your unique audience is so uptight

  • Commovente sempre questa musica...Tocca il cuore ,porta nei ricordi cosi lontani di un bellissimo film russo...Anna Fedorova e una fenomenale pianista

  • Bravíssimo! 👏👏👏

  • EVERY time the piece reaches an emotional climax, off goes the camera to show us some old people falling asleep...

  • This piece brings me to Heaven!

  • The pressure is on. In 16 minutes, I'm at bat. This music calms me down. Thank you.

  • Bravo pour votre interprétation j exulte au-delà par bonheur monsieur et dames encore bravo.....

  • Imagine having loud sneeze in such concert

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  • Bravio Il faut croire à Doeu pour comprendre cette musique eternelle