NFL "Bad Sportsmanship" Moments

Opublikowany 23 lut 2019
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  • Oh come on! Gronk clearly tripped and fell on that guy.

  • Big Ben: u can’t guard me Raiders guy: get the fuck out my face Big Ben (again) *dies*

  • 4:27 right in the balls

  • +3:46 ewwwwwwwwwww

  • @2:45 bruhhhhhhhh

  • 4th clip wut its not a td elbow was down at 2 yd line

  • first clip is just stupid

  • You kinda just added some stray videos at the end.

  • 8:03 looks like a suspension and a lawsuit

  • and most of these are in-division games . tells you how much rivalry is really in the NFL

  • Can we round up all the refs and push them into a pit?

  • Did the asshole who stomped the guys head atleast get an assault charge too???

  • Hey! Let's. Not. Wear. Jewelry. During. Sports . Games. Tgats like rule # 1

  • 92 for the Titans has absolutely NO place in this league.

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  • You know, if more of these players were charged with assault for their actions, and fined, and removed from the current and future games they would do it much less.

  • Chuck Norris

  • 8:06 how is this unsportsmanlike conduct

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  • I remember the public reaction to the first one was so ridiculously harsh. He's running so far in bounds, he probably would have run into someone anyway!

  • Justin Thomas

  • The coach that tripped him had a run in later with P Diddy Sean Combs who is the father of one of his college players. But in 2015, Alosi and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs got into an altercation at the team’s facility, which again made national headlines in the sports and entertainment world. Combs was arrested after allegedly hitting Alosi with a weight-room kettlebell at the university although assault charges were dropped. Combs alleged that his son, who played on the UCLA football team, was mistreated, according to media reports.

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  • No Tomlin?

  • In da hooood

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  • Dr. Dre

  • Why was the dolphin player on the side line

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  • Steroids and kneeling has ruined football.

  • IRS

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  • Man people like to bully Green Bay linemen

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  • The Kelce thing was so funny, if refs ain’t gonna throw the flag he will.

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  • These dirty plays remind me of this.

  • Some incredible acting skills. Not at all easy to flop that aggressively and to still sell it’ll the refs. Those cheerleaders seemed to like the bad boys in that bunch. Temper tantrum’s not withstanding. That dude said I like your smile, maybe this ball, will improve it. Got flagged for excessive celebration.

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  • 3:20 I now understand why they got that see through protective plate on there helmet 😂😂😂

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  • That was so mean of the coach to trip him

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  • 2:50 Bad acting lmao

  • The nut shot 😬

  • At 2:40 I feel bad for him.

  • At 1:43 he looks like Steve Harvey. Am I the only one that sees this?

  • So xonfused on 2nd play

  • 7:42 that was a total accident

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  • Haynes worth should have been suspended for a year

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  • I wish Garrett Myles of the browns infamous helmet smacking of that Steelers QB made this video lol

  • 4:55 who grabbed who first, the Lion or the Packer? Being a Packers fan myself, to me it looks like the Lion grabbed him first and upper him to the ground

  • you spiked the dude in the head atleast give a sign your sorry

  • That first dude was a straight hater

  • Bunch of scumbags anyway

  • Put him in the ring with me and i gaurentee he wont do it again.

  • Turns out the entire NFL are commie scum.

  • Roth was being dramatic on that one clip

  • Timberwolves

  • I'd call Gronk a shitbag, but you can use a bag of manure to fertilize a field

  • Albert Haynesworth= big fat overpaid piece of 🗑️

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  • how about the announcer saying "someone shoved gronk from behind" how's that for talking out of your ass? just an example of how announcers will say stuff when htey have no clue what happened.

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  • 2:44 got me weak😭😂

  • Romo

  • Dont bother watching unless you like commercials. Way too many. PLthrow is going to shit

  • 7:27 wow I never would have imagined Kelce doing something like that

  • You spit today that's man slaughter

  • Haynesworth, cheap shot, chicken move.

  • Ben Roethlesburger: gets coal in his stocking Whole town of pittsburgh: *finds, tackles and beats up santa.*

  • Faking injuries to get plays is a 500IQ move. There's a reason as to why (not U.S.)footballer's take dives. Win at all costs.

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  • Andrew luck would get robbed and be like, “Dang, you caught me off guard! Good job!”

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  • Talk about drama queens! Can't even work out what all the protective padding and helmets are for? Heard of Rucking? It's a play in rugby union where when a player has gone to ground and is unable to release the ball the other players rake him with the spikes of their boots to release the ball. Rugby players wear shorts and t-shirts. That's it.

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  • Ahhh...and why don't we see Tomlin? Do you need better research or are you a fanboy?

  • My late grandfather is related to Coach Fewell and we all graduated from same high school. ❤

  • Shamefull act must be punished 🤨

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  • It’s not the fact you disrespect passively, but you disrespect Andrew Luck like why?

  • There is no point in this stuff you know its just a game