NCT U 엔시티 유 'Make A Wish (Birthday Song)' MV

Opublikowany 12 paź 2020
NCT's 2nd album "NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt. 1" is out!
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01 Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
02 Misfit
03 Volcano
04 백열등 (Light Bulb)
05 Dancing In The Rain
06 Interlude : Past to Present
07 무대로 (déjà vu; 舞代路)
08 月之迷 (Nectar)
09 Music, Dance
10 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)
11 From Home
12 From Home (Korean Ver.)
13 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)
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NCT U 엔시티 유 'Make A Wish (Birthday Song)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Buat sijeuni tercinta... Kita harus stabilin vi3ws *2 jt dalam sehari* !!! Kalo bisa *minimal 2 jt* dalam 14 hari,kita bisa sentuh *100 jt vi3ws kurang dari 1 bulan* !!! . . Tolong yang pinter bahasa inggris tulisin komen dalam biar interzen ngerti alopyu

  • Someone mad at me cause I continue supporting NCT like worry about yourself baby

  • ATTENTION!!!!! Have you watched "Nct Make a Wish Performance" in TOKOPEDIA .....EVERYTHING IS PERFECT

  • 26th Oct goals -> 74M Keep str34ming till hit 100M, our fellow nctzen :')

  • *cmon czennies lets str34m*

  • يمة شفت الزولية اللي عل الأرض نفس اللي ف الصالة بمووووت

  • *str34am*

  • Yes, we hit 73M. Let’s hit 74M ASAP and 80M sooner. Fighting NCTzens.

  • Yeah 73

  • Essa música e um vício meu Deus

  • Aigo kamchagia ~

  • 100m is coming guys

  • Mau tidur dulu guys..Besok lnjut lagi ..

  • Gimana ya bisa buat nct menang di inkigayo !?

    • Digital hrs tinggi dan hanya knet yg bisa. Inter udah bagus bgt skornya tp kalah sama digital


  • Tolong vote mwave (╥﹏╥) diingetin vote malah kabur kayak dedemit dibacain ayat kursi (╥﹏╥)

  • Tangkupkan tangan make a wish ~


  • Thank you 73M

  • Akhirnya 73M ya moms,semangat luruszen~


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  • I back here as soon as sm rt aespa ndjsns

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  • Revolution in Korean Pop ^^

  • Lets get 75m todayy

  • I want to worship Jaehyun

  • I still can't forget this whistle

  • Guys have you seen AESPA??

  • ROAD TO 75M!

  • NCT: I can do this all dayyyy NCTzens: We can listen to this all dayyyy

  • 3:11 my favourite part 😫

  • Ternyata malah awkward guys nonton brg ortu. Gabisa joged2. Tapi papa aku malah excited bgt pengen beli musiknya. Gatau aja.. albumnya yg kayak kamus..

  • 73M !!!! Congratulations Nctzen for ur hardwork....Let's go to 74M !!! Hwaiting

  • Semangat Nctzen s+ream nya

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  • Who can tell me who's better in digital and physical sales This week NCT or Seveenteen? We need viw1s and digital+physical sales to win more music shows next week cuz we're 2nd in voting in idolchamp and mwave...

    • We kinda have a low chance to win if we lose to them in pre vote..idk if we still have a chance if we depend on live vote. I heard that maw chart better than 17..idk if its true or not. But physical ofc they're high because its their first week sale

    • I honestly don’t know but if we think logically seventeen is a famous group and they came back not a long time ago compared to nct so i’m afraid that nct‘s digital and physical sales aren’t as high as seventeen :(

    • Digitals we're doing better. But we have to stream FH as well!

    • We are LOSİNG at Whosfan Mcountdown and idol champ ;( ;( ;(

  • This MV is so disrespectful disband this group

    • Ur the one whos disrepectful.

    • There's nothing disrespectful here except you... you're the one being racist here Please study well about world cultures, architecture, language first before claiming anything. You are not the only one have culture n live in this world...

    • Thanks for coming here

    • There's no disrespectful thing in this mv The one who's being disrespectful here..... is you

    • and why exactly are they disrespectful

  • Lagi bt batt gara" kalahhh. Mo nangisss. Maap baru str34m,tadi lagi kesel,kek ga mo peduli,tapi gabisaa. Ceritanya mo balikin mood tapi gatau gmn. Kesini lagi gaenak kalo ga str34m,kek ngerasa bersalah:( yok yg mwave ama whosfan kudu menang. Jan lupa liat mv FH yaa

    • @silv siapp kakaa :)

    • ayok kita gas yang di mwave sama whosfan

  • ❤️❤️❤️Ilove

  • 73M

  • "5:52" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1512 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

  • 73.003.569

  • Stan NCT better life. Rite?

  • heres link to vote on mwave, we are currently at 2nd place! u can use multiple social accounts and multiple accounts! its really easy, the gap is getting bigger

  • makasih untuk kalian semua yang masih bertahan. jangan lupa rebahan yang bunda, eneng, abang, semuanya dah. jangan lupa bahagia juga inget ya.

  • mass str3aming :D spread the word, we need to increase our daily views and our competitor is way ahead us, but we can do it! More wins for NCT! FIGHTIIING~

  • Not this mfs appropriating muslin culture

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  • Guys, for inkigayo , which stage performance do we need to stream. There's two vid I'm confused someone please help

  • nct apologize ‼️

    • What? Lol

    • @SrifeCmlı bcs theyre islamophobic and racist .

    • Why? Because they're better than your idol?

  • Happy 73M guys

  • Apa cuma aku disini yang belum nemu botol ganteng YAMPON SEBEL BGT

    • @silv siap hyung /nangis/

    • sabar ya hyung cari lagi sampe dapet kalo jodoh pasti gakemana xixi

  • wow

  • lee taeyong, tankyou for today. really have fun

  • Harta Tahta Huang xuxi

  • Jaemin is so slay. OMG.

  • 999,

  • untuk temen-temen tetep jaga kesehatan jangan lupa istirahat ya

  • NCT U singing: i can do this all dayyy Me: i can listen to this all dayyy

  • dikit lagi 73m yuuuuuu semanagt gais, jangan lupa udah banyak haters. mereka gabut. yuk semangat

  • I became fans Xiaojun because of make a wish

  • IDK WHY. STAN NCT Getting better.

  • Luruszen

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  • nct islamophobe, nct homophobe, nct racist, nct sexist, nct colorist, nct problematic nct cancelled nct disband

    • So funny lol

    • @Cheezenni II no,Im Muslim, nothing wrong with the background. My local Mall and cafes have the same design. But, no one complain because knowit just architecture design. Just don't listen to her.

    • @Cheezenni II they have done so many ca this comeback. but no single apologize. they never learn their lessons theyre all grown men and not a kid they need to educate themselves

    • @lcve chan i don't find anything wrong. You have serious eyes problem. But i don't think you have eyes problem. You obviously have heart problem. Your heart is full of hates sweetie.

    • @lcve chan as far as i know idols are not the one who makes their own background and props, so how is it 'their' fault? that's why we are emailing sbs and sm about this.


  • nct is the best

  • Almost 73M damn

  • guyss sebelah kencengg bangett daily vi3wsnya :( ayokk semangattt

  • Almost 73M guys, I'm not going to sleep till this mv hit 73M ^^

  • Taeyong~~

  • for me this is not a birthday song its a sex(ual) song for me


  • 75m before 2 weeks

  • Ini nonstop str3am dari siang aman aja kan? Atau salah?

    • @silv iyap,udah semua TT ini campur backstage lama lama juga

    • @Ten Lee iyap diselingin kok 3-4 video lain,tapi aman aja kan ya walaupun nonstop?

    • selingi backstage jga bisa tuh

    • Jangan lupa selingin video lain hyung (bukan video dari SMTown yaa, cari vid lain. Mau mukbang, mau kompilasi)

  • Man this comeback has caused so many problems I hope that don't stop me from seeing Taeyong and Xiaojun together again

    • Are you muslim?

    • You supporting this xenophobic group 🤮

  • Jangan lupa vot3 di mwave sama whosfan ya

  • Guys plzz str3am kick it too We can bring both to 100M . Fighting

  • Lurus ~ Mantul ~

  • Vamos por esos 80 claro que sí podemos

  • Guys here's the link to vote on mwave, you can use multiple account, we currently number 2, end 26 october at 9AM kst, so vote now!!

  • Czennies please we need you all help.. Please v0te NCT on Mwave

  • guys i need u to answer this question because we're 2nd in mwave and idolchamp i think and seveenteen 1st but the gap isn't very big.... Can we win if we str3m better than them??

    • @Difa Wafani OFC i voted with my 4 acc but do you think we can win in Mcountdown next week even we're the 2nd in voting?

    • @Hamza Mahfoudhi M! Countdown 45% digital sales 15% physical sales 10% broadcast score 15% vote (Whosfan, Mwave website) 10% live vote (SMS, Korean only) 15% vi3ws Don't forget to vote

    • @Difa Wafani what about Mcountdown?

    • 100 YESSSSS

    • Show Champion (as far as I know) 50% digital sales + physical sales 20% broadcast score 10% SNS + MV vi3ws 20% vote on idolchamp So, maybe we should str3m at least 73M vws before 9.00 KST


  • Semangat guys

  • Vote on Mwave & whosfan

  • Johnny

  • Mark

  • Kajja 75M for tomorrow

  • Jungwoo

  • Guys vote on mwave and whosfan please! Don't let our boys lose please! Fighting Sijeuni! We can do it, give our boys more win please! LET'S GET IT!!!

  • 10M✓ 20M✓ 30M✓ 40M✓ 50M✓ 60M✓ 70M✓ 80M→ 90M→ 100M→

  • Jeno

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  • 72.976

  • Jaehyun

  • we lose at Idolchamp, if u haven't voted then vote now on MWAVE & WHOSFAN, login with ur social media, vote NCT and done!

    • @lou winnie I have already us all my accounts and the from my mom too

    • @lou winnie okay

    • @Jassi K moreover u can create multiple google accounts or use someone else's i used my friend's and sister's

    • @Jassi K you can download line, kakao, make a new account and vote! like i did, its nothing hard

    • I don't can login with my Instagram accounts :(

  • Hendery