Most Satisfying Factory Machines and Ingenious Tools

Opublikowany 5 lis 2018
Suhm Spring Works
Haas Automation
Tex-inter Brading Machine
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WIRE Bending AIM
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Bodor Laser
TRUMPF Laser Cut
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TWI Friction Welding
Tesker MFG
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TRUMPF Power Tool
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Mega Obriabarki
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Kimla Waterjet


  • This just blows me away how we came this far with respect to technology!

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  • Great video. Unfortunately PLthrow has tried its best to destroy the beauty of this by placing too many ads!

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  • Touch the multen coil

  • Just curious...when did "satisfying" become the new cool word to use for whatever you like. I thought everything good was "amazing".

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  • I see a miracle. Soon we will see a learning AI. AI thar learns from trial and error!! How crazy is that?

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  • WTF was that giant spring for. King Kong’s pogo stick?

  • Someone pls tell me the name of each activity . I'll be really thankful

    • Don't know about the others, but 3:51 is making T-post wire clips used to connect fencing to metal posts for livestock fences in the US - don't know what other countries use, but I've used about a million of them.

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  • Reminds me of my days in college learning to code CNC lathes and mills. I was always amazed when the part turned out the way it was intended to, even when the simulator said the code was good.

    • I do that too, always surprised it looks like the drawing!

  • Shout out ! To all Technology Lovers Here!! Be Blessed abundantly

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  • I wanna install all above machines ,so can u mention prize range

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  • What on earth is the friction welding used for?

    • for truck trailer axles for example (don't know other examples, but it doesn't seem to be all that rare)