Minecrafts Luckiest Moments OF ALL TIME #2

Opublikowany 30 wrz 2020
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This is our SECOND video in Minecraft LUCKIEST Moments! This video is NUTS! There's literally someone who got the luckiest seed and found the world luckiest end portal. Many people even prediccted they were about to find diamonds and then actually found them! It is insane how lucky some of these people are. Someone even accidently found netherite.
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
(In order of appearance)
GeorgeNotFound www.twitch.tv/georgenotfound
illumina1337 www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
Philza www.twitch.tv/philza
Funderful_TV www.twitch.tv/funderful_tv
JoeTJM www.twitch.tv/joetjm
Korbanoes www.twitch.tv/korbanoes
mewbly_ www.twitch.tv/mewbly_
styxf www.twitch.tv/styxf
BastiGHG www.twitch.tv/bastighg
DittoBubbles www.twitch.tv/dittobubbles
DuckyTheGamer www.twitch.tv/duckythegamer
YumChips www.twitch.tv/yumchips
Mizkif www.twitch.tv/mizkif
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
NiceTwiceYT www.twitch.tv/nicetwiceyt
pikachow_ www.twitch.tv/pikachow_
Nihachu www.twitch.tv/nihachu
PurplePython01 www.twitch.tv/purplepython01
AdvisedFox55YT www.twitch.tv/advisedfox55yt
enderius1987 www.twitch.tv/enderius1987
realbenex www.twitch.tv/realbenex
xQcOW www.twitch.tv/xqcow
infincible www.twitch.tv/infincible
itsMalum www.twitch.tv/itsmalum
MissMona www.twitch.tv/missmona
KingQuokka15 - www.twitch.tv/kingquokka15
haitian_mystic23 www.twitch.tv/haitian_mystic23
ThomasToSpace www.twitch.tv/thomastospace
Thunder1408 www.twitch.tv/thunder1408
treenotreeno www.twitch.tv/treenotreeno
TurbiiniSpurg www.twitch.tv/turbiinispurg
vankataa22 www.twitch.tv/vankataa22
stealthmode5225 www.twitch.tv/stealthmode5225
BILACK14 www.twitch.tv/bilack14
dudu_frg www.twitch.tv/dudu_frg
noahkup www.twitch.tv/noahkup
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  • I love how they spawn in a fortress and I can’t find the one

  • 4:07 co to za texturpack?

  • i dig staright down to strip min when i mined 2 blocks boooom diamond

  • I love pickles sooooooo

  • If that was a legit full portal, gib seed lol

  • What mod was he playing at 5:14

  • i didnt like or subto get pickles

  • I loves the moment when BastiGHG found the full diamond skeleton i saw this in his stream but later this gasp is insane 😂

  • Jokes on you, I can barely taste anything!

  • You don’t need to force feed me pickles... I can eat them all by myslef :D

  • Only OG's saw that at the 5:57 mark one of the diamonds were upside down.

  • Okay I will try to get diamonds

  • I can't get diamonds

  • My luckiest is I just threw a eye of ender and 30 seconds later found it

  • 3:22 wait wait wait he threw out ancient debris?

  • i like pickes aight im not leaving a like

  • 2:20 he faked it because there can only be 5-12

  • I broke world record for diamonds I got it from a village


  • 1:43 whawhat is that is that the RAREST MOB IN THE GAME

  • Every Yt founds diamonds: OMG WE DONE IT. YESSSSSS. Me when i find diamonds: oh, nice...diamonds

  • 3:22 that guy is so stupid he just dropped ancient debris. That is so hard to get in the nether and you can make netherite armor with it

  • My luckiest moment is when i spawned i found 2 broken nether portals 1 pillager station and then 2 villages

  • My unluckiest moment was spawning in water with no lands around.

  • 1:30 I found them faster (0:27) I fell into a ravine on my first second after getting a pickaxe and saw them

  • hi

  • My luckiest moment was when I found 3 notch apples in a temple and 15 diamonds in 10 mins and then spawned in a bastion remanent next to a fortress

  • I don’t eat pickles

  • 3:38 the same happend to me

  • Ach Bastiiii xdd #GHG

  • awww you sound so upset lmao

  • I once spawned In a village and the village had a crack in the ground and I looked in it and there was the stronghold

  • My luckiest moment foto a baby chiken from a egg ._.

  • My Brother has found 10 Diamonds an 1Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!

  • In 6:37 George might be color blind but he found a stronghold/ w no pearls

  • George: Finds A Stronghold Also George: Thats 1 million iq right there Me: U have more iq than dream

  • He didn’t beat the record2 I was in a village at spawn in like 15 seconds I found diamonds in a chest lol

  • Faster

  • My was milliseconds fastet

  • Too

  • My record was 1:30

  • 1:43 *aggressive heavy breathing intensifies*

  • **Or i will force feed you pickles** are you saying pickles are discusting or no???

  • Video: he broke the world record of finding the quickest diamonds!! Me who spawned in survival next to a ravine with barely any lava and found emerald in 10 seconds: Pathetic...

    • My luckiest moment would be finding a diamond in a blacksmith


  • Broooo! they are pro!

  • My luckiest moment would be finding a diamond in a blacksmith

  • I was searching a village with a Huge Sonething that you can see down and there was a end building without a pirtal

  • Lol i found diamonds on over 1 minute

  • luckyist moment for me was when I got above 3 fps in my world

  • Jokes on you I love pickles


  • 7:38 no


  • You speak like you are gonna die in 5 seconds😂😂😂😂

  • Ha zAwsd. s start

  • I like pickles so I’m waiting

  • Chandler would hate that 0:16

  • I got diamonds in the first 2 secs. I went in a revenue and then bam I promise but I DIDINT get it on cam

  • I was once 10 mins into a Minecraft world and found a stronghold. Literally, it was my first time mining in that world and a few mins in I was standing on the roof of the room with the portal. I was very surprised.

  • Too bad I love pickles :)

  • Jokes on you, I like pickles.

  • “100IQ” **realizing what he said** “200IQ”

  • WHEN HE SAYS “enjoy the video” His voice

  • 6:27 🇧🇬💪

  • I actually broke the diamond finding record but i just never made a vid i found like 30 second s or below

  • He just had luck hes not the best 1:33

  • 6:52 lol just that I find mansion at spawn in front me 2 times

  • I hate this channel they know nothing about the games they make videos on

  • I spawned in a world next to a village under the village was a strobghold I saw broken nether portal a few blocks next to the village is a broken nether portal with oy 1 obsidian missing in the nether I dug a bit after 2 mins I found netherite and the I found the stronghold under the village with a mine and that mine had diamonds if that's nots a world record for luckiest RANDOM seed show me more xD

  • Pelo menos um brasileiro nesse vídeo

  • This happened in the same exact world to me once... 1.I spawned right next to a stronghold with a village nearby 2. i made a nether portal and i was right next to a blaze spawner

  • Found 6 diamonds and 6 obsidain in a village chest thats my lucky moment

  • The dude that lived from lava be like cip that cip that

  • Xd

  • Yo basti findet full dia und sttonghold

  • I love pickles please feed them to me


  • Ending song?

  • 1:46 1 in a 1 Billionth chance of getting Zombies & Skeletons wearing Full Diamond Armor.

  • it says a natural fully filled portal in the stronghold is one in a trillion% chance i googled it and thats what the wiki said and bionic tried to do it *AND IT NEVER HAPPEND* of course it wont happen

  • Try the seed 90210

  • My luck moment is i found a broken portal and i opened the chest the portal needed 3 obsidian and when i opened the chest bam 3 obsidian! Then23 diamond!!!!!!!!!

  • NO

  • My luckiest/unluckiest moment was when I spawned on an island with one tree and a pillager outpost, surrounded in an iceberg biome and when I built a nether portal on the island, I spawned in a fortress.

  • Downloarin mo to nether update l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffile%2F267of762kqgyghr%2Fminecraft-pe-1-16-20.apk%2Ffile&h=AT25kbBvl2Q-zl10HjNmzBgzY57i3vvUQyxbtBmaYuMLhBgJrpuYxlq5Z85swlPQ-oBzvEXZb8tG6UT_TnCRy4dVZw6vnRmpHP4trl7M_pJQUW4yLzCfLvop7M513c0qrnpkl3xLPA

  • you sound like Daily Dose of Internet

  • 0:00 One blind shot 0:21 When the portal lights itself 0:33 Double Enchanted Apple Temple 0:41 Enderpearl finds the fortress 0:49 Spoke at the right moment 0:57 Exposed Stronghold found 1:13 Nether Gold leads to Ancient Debris 1:26 Waterfall save + quickest diamonds record 1:42 Rare sighting of a Skeleton with Diamond Armor 1:49 Taking back a stolen Wither Skull + claiming another one 2:13 9 Diamond combo 2:22 Sharpness 5 & Feather Falling 4 in one Desert Temple chest 2:35 The perfect spot for a Nether Portal 2:42 Enderpearl’s Lucky landing 2:51 Lava’s Diamond treasure 3:05 Pre-lit Portal in the open desert 3:18 When a Piglin gives you a full Enderpearl stack 3:25 Half-Heart Nether save 3:41 A close call with a hole 3:47 Diamond mining but a Stronghold is found instead 3:55 Super fast Portal construction 4:05 Luckiest Village chest 4:20 Piglin nearly causes fatal disaster 4:25 The chest for Nether Portal builders 4:34 Half-Heart Nether landing 4:50 Speaking at the right time. Part 2 5:01 Temple with Double the Enchanted Apple 5:09 The correct block to mine 5:13 Reshiram spawn in Minecraft Pokémon 5:21 Nether spawn predicted correctly 5:30 Feather Falling saves the day! 5:37 Return of the Double Enchanted Apple Temple 5:51 Part 3 of speaking at the right moment 6:01 First try Pearls 6:09 Village in the first few seconds + a chest with lots of obsidian 6:22 A close call with Lava 6:30 Strip mining for a stronghold 6:45 Nether Spawn: Inside the fortress 6:50 Woodland Mansion in less that a minute 7:02 Mine 3 cobblestone for diamonds 7:10 Another close call with lava 7:16 Launched in the right spot 7:22 You got a Golden Ticket! 7:29 Spectating to find the one in a trillion End Portal.

  • Nah my cousin found diamonds as soon as he spawned so

  • 0:10 Rip in pepperoni ears

  • Like in the vídeo=good lucky forever in your speedruns

  • I found 2 diamonds in a village chest once

  • Einfach Basti

  • The end

  • My luckiest moment: spawned in a village and then i found ice spikes next to it then a shipwreck full of iron next to it was a desert temple that had 2 diamonds in it

  • My LUCKYS Moment Was When I Found A Revine With 8 Diamonds And Also With A Full Bone Head Full Bone Rib And A Full Bone Tail And Holy I Couldn't Stop Crying Of Joy

  • Jokes on you I love pickles

  • The chances for a natural end portal to be activated is 1 in a trillion world. That is luck

  • I hate pickles q.q

  • I'm not subbing. I'd love to be fed free pickles.

  • So in my world I spawned right next time a unfinished nether portal found 2 sunken ships and treasure from a treasure chest