Minecraft, But It's The World Record...

Opublikowany 24 mar 2020
Minecraft, But It's The World Record... My old record was beaten by IlluminaHD, so I had to come back and attempt to take the record back!
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This is a Minecraft World Record for Minecraft RANDOM SEED, glitches, on versions 1.9+.
Previous WR was 27:26 by IlluminaHD
Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc/full_game
Version: 1.14.4
Seed: -5343875517453442142
Difficulty: Normal


  • IlluminaHD broke my record only 6 days after I posted my last video.. this is my response... Probably my last speed run. This was fun though, and I got extremely lucky, so not sure I could ever beat it again if it's beaten! Inventory explanation: Thought I would explain this because a lot of people are mentioning my pickaxe and inventory. At around 5:10, the witch scares me and I drop a block of sand. I also switch to my pickaxe at the exact same time, so it disappears as a Minecraft glitch. It is still there in my 3 slot, it just appears to be gone. Then at around 5:46 I shift click my crafting bench into my hotbar. The first open slot is ACTUALLY my 8 slot. Although, it goes into my 3 slot because that appears to be the first open slot. Really, my pickaxe is in my 3 slot and my crafting bench is in my 8 slot. Then I shift gravel into my hotbar and it visually goes into my 8 slot, but actually stays in my inventory because my crafting bench is there. Then when I place the gravel it updates my inventory, the crafting bench is where it should be (so it places), and my pickaxe is back in my 3 slot. Confusing, but I'm fairly certain that is what happened. Just a weird Minecraft visual bug.

    • But you are the *speedrun master*! You can't stop!

    • Dream pls don't quit speedrunning =(

    • I am a huge fan dream!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I died reading that

    • @Kurwa falae br

  • My fastest time that I beat Minecraft is 56:28

  • Hi

  • is this before nether update

  • Every PLthrowr : i will kill ender dragon with netherite armour Le Dream : i am good with gold pants and iron shoes

  • Обычный русский комент который нечего не значит

  • 5:56 I did hear gravel when dream placed the crafting table

  • Lol what if you could speed run this in under 5 seconds

  • for somw reason my screen keeps on saying 2 minutes so when i saw the video i thought it take him 2 minutes to speed run Minecraft qnd i was like impossible

  • Dwem and SlapNeck beating the box game while 4:00 am is beating them

  • I love how instead of sweating dream just talks with the boys when he’s speedrunning

  • Mom were leaving in 30 min Dream let me just beat MINECRAFT

  • Mom: You have 30 more minutes and then come down for dinner Dream playing Minecraft: Watch me

  • yall remember that this is sponsored by........ SAPNAP *giggles*

  • bruh did anyone else relised he place gravel and it turned into a crafting bench

  • You crazy dude


  • when you get Diamonds! before Stone Age

  • 5:08 XD dream accidentaly dropped his pickaxe and forgot about it 5:51 what the heck he just gets it back if u see he doesnt have it at first then when he gose to the game again he does he prob went all the way back to get it and edited

  • Your the best dream

  • He doesn't have a lot of confidence, does he?

  • When the first monster you kill is a blaze 👌

  • Is it weird I’m watching this at 4:30am too?😭😂😴

  • Про тебя в тик токе русскоязычные каналы снимают видео

  • i just like how in the old versions with the right seed you could beat minecraft with 2 minutes

  • Dreem wasnt 2 exited

  • Did the one igloo at like 11:19 have the zombie villager dungeon

    • @Jacob Fields not every one, sometimes its just carpet a red bed furnace and torch

    • there's a zombie villager under every igloo

  • I play in 6 render distance

  • He left so much books what if looting

  • 14:12

  • Everybody gangsta until you make armor and it says you have none

  • I get less diamonds in hours than dream does in 4 minutes

  • We too got scared

  • 5:54 he haved gravel in the hand.. and the game placed a crafting table

  • @dream I think you meant to say "Glitchless" in your description

  • 24:01 Did somebody noticed that when enderman hit dream, the armor suddenly shows in the bar

  • I was just about to fall asleep then he screamed yes at the end and it woke me up

  • 5:10 Sapnap dude, that made me jump so hard


  • nah nah nah u can beat him

  • Dream literally says in every speed run is his last 🤣🤣🤣

  • when sapnap scared dream with his gasp i jumped too lol

  • asdsdasdsa

  • meh irl: im not happy i just i watched alice in borderland its has GORE! and i hate THAT And it has BLOOD? woahhhhhhh

  • dream what is your real face

  • 2:41

  • *D* *R* *E* *A* *M*

  • When really good people get lucky

  • "I remember playing minecraft on the xbox 360, when it just came out, I played for hours" one word,S A M E

  • "dream speedrunning minecraft while sapnap tries distract him with small talk"

  • I made a video meme of these speedruns since they are saying they are rigged ... if you watch it don't take it seriously

  • Let’s not forget this speedrun was sponsored by SapNap

  • 5:5 he's not lying!!!!!!

  • Did you notice dream got diamond staff before stone age that,s a real pro player.

  • So no one is actually talking about the fact that when he placed the crafting table it made the gravel sound? I just thought that was weird.

  • when he went to the neather he don't have pants when he take first damage pants back is that lagging????

  • When dream said he heard gravel placing when he placed his crafting bench in the inventory he was holding gravel but it was a crafting bench in dreams hand


  • 7:30

  • bro that freakin witch scared me😭

  • when youre at peace, a random big green guy came and blew up your houses ....

  • 5:07 my body took a screenshot

  • Me and Sapnap did the same thing we played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 for hours

  • Sap nap 1:58 haha sike u got the wrong number

  • Sapnap watching dream speedrun: Thats so much wood, oh my God Sapnap trying to stop dream from speedrunning: "Its so big"

  • You are the luckyest man ever been

  • Dream starts to hate 3 and 8...

  • bad sucks

  • you are the best at mincraft

  • Your such a pro player that I belive that if you start a survival or hardcore world series you will gain more subscribers GOOD LUCK DREAM

  • Dream play pubg confirm

  • Did he really just drop his diamond pic Edit: nvm

  • God I’m so bored I’m watching this nine months later

  • The spider actually jump scared me

  • DREAM plz try to speedrun with controller

  • Me after 10 minutes: "Good, I've finally got some wood to build my first tools." Dream after 10 minutes: "So now that I have all the Blaze Rods I need, I can head to the Stronghold with all my diamond stuff."

  • Dream :- beats minecraft in 30 mins Me in 30 mins :- finally finds a village to survive firt night

  • tell me this seed please

  • this is the cicada 3031 song


  • "Chances are this recording isnt going to go anywhere" Me: *You fool*

  • Plop


  • 5:11 scared me aswell I jumped so hard LOL

  • Dream:never take risk Also Dream:ATTACKS PIGMAN

  • who's here after AntVenom completely destroyed Dream with mathematics???

    • This is not that video,It was streamed on twitch.His other runs of 1.14 & 1.15 are verified.

  • I literally have that exact same world

  • Yes dot quit speed runign

  • How was 26 minutes the record

  • U drop diamond pickaxe

  • Sapnap:makes a joke Dream: DO I LOOK AMUSED

  • He made the nether portal in 15 seconds WOW

  • Is it possible to have a god apple and a golden apple in the same chest?

    • yes.......

  • Congrats Dream!

  • That building a Nether Portal has me shookt.

  • Imagine if Dream actually disconnected from the seed.

  • and realise he would've left that world

  • dreams speedruns are actually impressive because he wastes a lot of time and somehow succeeds

  • Thank you dream for giving a shoutout to my dog

  • When he set down the gravel and it turned into a crafting table I was like 😯