Minecraft: 10 Simple Redstone Builds!

Opublikowany 30 gru 2020
Minecraft Redstone Builds. 10 Simple Redstone Builds for your Survival World in Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition. Have Fun!
Building with Redstone in Minecraft is fun. Secret Houses, Flying Machines and many more cool things! In this video I will use Redstone a lot. I love to build these Ideas with my friends or prank my friends on a Minecraft Server. It is always funny and we laugh a lot! Enjoy The Video. :)
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    • Biggest house

    • Would the secret library also work with a jeb door?

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  • is very cool 嗉 銇 鈼昣鈼 嗉姐仱

  • These are like the BEST redstone contraptions EVER in Minecraft

  • what is the first material he used in the first built-? im having trouble lol nvm i got it ^^

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  • These things are very cool, i'll try them on my Minecraft server

  • the only reason anyone would build these in survival is to burn a but ton of Redstone

  • Can someone help me? In Super Shooter i did all corectly but when i lower down the lever its not shooting arrows. :(

  • dance floor xD

  • the part where he literally put lava in the birch floor makes me physically cringe lmao

  • 5:31 *S H O T O N I P H O N E*

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  • me锛欼 got it my brain锛歯o you didn't

  • The trash dispenser doesn't work

  • the rainebow light i remembered the the uncanny counter in netflix

  • The canon is so OP that it almost crash my server Lol

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  • #4 is the best build in the whole minecraft world. its simple but the result is epic

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  • Who else just watches this for joy? I do! Im kinda lazy to do this...but its really entertaining!

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  • When you make the rocket do you need to use the slime blocks? I kinda need to know

  • How could you you close the hidden stairs

  • I already knew these

  • Legend says the rocket is at the block height limit

  • Imade the rocket but it did not go to space.

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  • If I built the rocket in bedrock because I own an Xbox one S I'm putting an whole interior in it.

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  • I made the rocket on bedrock But it didnt work So i replaced the sticky with notmal pistons

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  • Cool

  • Could you please do tutorials of how to close these whilst inside

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  • I didn鈥檛 get how the book thing

  • I never knew how to use the Redstone 馃ズ

  • why does 1 not work for only me

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  • This setup seems eerily similar to Magma

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  • It's hard to understand when he talks too much Sike

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  • -wait the lava not burning the wood! that illegal

  • Rainbow lights and the rocket didn't work

  • what is version

  • Bruh why do you litterly copy blendigi and and other youtubers.

  • my rocket got crazy 馃槀 , it's up , and then it's down back , and repeat again馃槀 i thought my rocket don't want go to sky馃槀

  • 4:48 dont worry i did!

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