Miley Cyrus - Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival)

Opublikowany 6 paź 2020
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  • 😲😍❤

  • Oh Lordy!

  • Hoy mientras me cortaba el cabello, el peluquero me preguntó si ya había escuchado los covers de Miley Cyrus. No los había escuchado, no era fan de su música. Hoy me declaro fan al escuchar esta y otras canciones que son unos clásicos que pocos podrían lograr empatar o mejorar la versión original. Soy fan!

  • God she is a baby, the older she gets the better she looks! She's gonna be the hottest 40 year old on the planet at this rate!!!

  • Wow. Qué voz!

  • those pipes...using them the way she is....heartbreaking.

  • OMG da bomb

  • I know you really don’t care but for my science project I did everything about you but I got a zero out of 10 and I’m really sad because I work so hard on it

  • She's not a favorite of mine tbh but damn... also I wished I had this level of talent/confidence doing literally anything. Like, loading the dishwasher, idc. That must feel so powerful...

  • Who is randomly having a Miley marathon?

  • I must be listening to a different song. All she does is yell. Her “style” doesn’t hold a candle to Debbie Harry’s subtle brilliance.

  • Hot garbage

  • Like it

  • Holy shit this is good

  • most cloths shes worn in a while on stage that is haha and shes wears he dads mullet well

  • TikTok

  • the way she says "pain in the ass" is just how I feel about love uwu


  • Alguien vino por tik tok ?? 😃😃

  • seeing Miley here makes me think I might be bit gay

  • Ok, I just saw a Mashup with her and Stevie Nicks earlier that I loved and I found it because I thought you sounded like Stevie Nicks in another video, I love this, you're bringing in the older rockers like myself, you'll reach your full potential by transcending music genres this way, keep it up❤

  • Alguien de America Latina que ama esta cancion!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • POV: estas en un maratón de canciones/presentaciones de Miley Cyrus

  • 0:55. 1:03

  • le quedo genial, gracias tik tok por la publicidad ♥

  • She´s like Wendy O Williams daughter!

  • I felt chills and I'm not even her fan

  • eu não me canso de ouvir a miley cantando essa música, puta voz maravilhosa


  • Miley looking thick and me likey

  • Ella es demasiado talentosa con esa voz le sale todo lo que quiera cantar♡

  • She cant sing for crap

  • nombe Miley, te amo

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥👑

  • Gross

  • Trash 🗑 leave it to debbie


  • quien diria hanna montana

  • Nada que ver realmente con Blondie... Canta horrible

    • Pues es un cover ¿que esperabas? No trata de copiar la voz de blondie

  • My G*d that blew me away! Would love to see more of the same and I was never a fan....

  • HEART OF GLASS!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  • Her country is 🗑 Her body is 🤮 Her voice is 💀 Why do people like trash, puke & death?

    • What's the point between her body and the way she sings? Same for country?

  • Simplemente ❇PERFECTO❇

  • El comentario en español ¡No cabe duda que le quedo estupendo! 😎

  • Miley, me gusta en este estilo... la escucho varios días y no me canso.

  • again the crazy one ruining more iconic songs

  • Miley, I am from Italy. I follow you since Disney Channel Era. I just dropped here to say: THANKS. You have transform yourself it the rockstar of my dreams. Its damn TRUE. Please keep on rockin' hard this way. You are powerful👊, very talented 💣and sure you'll kick asses💥 on stages!! With 💘💋😈💜💜💜💕💜💜

  • I used to never listen to her songs or music but tiktok definitely changed that

  • Miley com esse cabelo só me lembra as moças do Castelo ratimbum . 'passarinho, que som é esse ?" 🤣DIVA ! ♥️

  • Oi oi, the fckin Business

  • Blondie is epic....Miley is determined. I congratulate her for trying. Heart of glass is no easy song to match up to. Blondie is no easy feat.... i haven't heard of any attempt to their songs that succeed.

  • She made heart glass of heart her own. She has she is a professional musician. She now chooses her summit to climb.

  • i come back to this once in a while, and i love it

  • Whouuu she killed it

  • ✨miley✨

  • Wears that better than cher

  • The original song is better...

  • I am OBSESSED with this cover. This is SO good

  • Damn omg what the powerful voice!!!!!!!!😍😍😍

  • this genre is meant to her voice

  • Que tudo ficou porreta 😍

  • Definitivamente Miley es una Diosa!

  • Nobody gonna talk about the original? And that Miley did a great cover? Nobody will come close to Debbie Harry and I don’t normally like Miley but Christ. This has made me change my mind about Miley being a shit singer

  • Female Freddy ...commanding stage presence

  • Que voz hasta las webas,

  • Young Madonna is just an explosive performance, as if telling us not to relax, 2020 is still ongoing

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Por fin logré dormir bien gracias a este cover xd

  • OMG

  • How is no-one talking about that bodysuit she has omg, the symmetry

  • es la mejor

  • she is amazing live. what a show. go her.

  • What a fucking mess..

  • nada mal PERO NUNCA COMO Debbie Harry la verdad los cantantes de hoy dia DEJAN MUCHO QUE DESEAR

  • Never thought about listening to the original but ever since Miley did this cover. I bump this everyday. Thank you mama Miley

  • Tal y como lo relatan en black mirror


  • Shes so awesome go miley ! Do more covers like this


  • This video is going to be iconic for decades. The vocals, minimal stage effects, her costume, the bands facemasks etc. This will be a video people go back to for years.

  • I'm a big fan of her stuff so keep them coming.

  • Бомба, голос 🔥 это сокровище нации.

  • Vous êtes une star un point c est tout !

  • i a m o b s e s s e d

  • Miley officially owns this song now!

  • Vid de Hane Montane.

  • This song is way better when its sung not screamed.

  • Me siento en otra época con Miley! I love it!

  • niceeeeee

  • De sus canciones solo me gustan dos, pero cuando vi este cover en tiktok dije, tengo que ver el video. Y pues me fascina como lo canta, con tanta pasión y una potente voz, le cae este estilo. no me había gustado tanto esta canción pero su voz me hace querer escucharla una y otra vez ♥

  • She have many obsesions !! Temporal hahah

  • literally came here, prepared to hate it (the misleading millions of supporters' I had to use fish for my omega 3s' and wearing expensive fox fur when b4 she was a huge advocator for animal rights shit ) but even as kind of a hater, you have to admit her singing skills are near unmatched....


  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • So she can karaoke. Ok?

  • Кажись не вывозит. Деби тхе бест!!!!

  • i fell in love

  • If she can write, produce and sang an entire grunge / punk album secretly like what Mariah did with her Chick - Someone's Ugly Daughter album back in 1995 then I'm not impressed with this lolz...

  • Fantastic! 'nuff said!

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥