Opublikowany 18 kwi 2021
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  • One commentator the audio is way louder than the other

  • 4:36:26 Class act and pinnacle of sportsmanship, something totally missing in F1.

  • Thank you so much for streaming and uploading, I enjoy this series more than F1 Best regards from 🇨🇦

  • Quick question: can you incorporate manufacturer’s logo somewhere on the overlay next to numbers?

  • ELMS is the best racing series in the world at the moment, in my opinion.

  • Sorry for this maybe stupid question but where are the LM(D)hs?

    • @Mani 1610 I´m not sure, they planned to build a LMH but I thought they decided to use a LMDh just a few months ago

    • @Sebe r35 Yeah it's a feeder series of the WEC but they won't use the top class. Peugeot will build an LMH and not an LMDh.

    • @Mani 1610 Thanks, I was a little bit confused becaus of the name European "Le Mans" Series but I thought we´ll have Peugeot comming in 2022 with a LMDh

    • They are only racing in WEC and the LMDhs will have their first season in 2023 I think, until then there will only be the Le Mans Hypercars

  • F1, ELMS and GT World Challenge on all at the same time.. You guys are killing me. :)

  • show me more Michael Fassbender plz


  • What the f************?!?! Michael Fassbender is in this series?! How?! I didn't even know he had anything to do with racing, let alone driving a damn car! Wtf?!

    • Porsche official channel here on yt has a whole series about him getting into endurance racing, 2 seasons actually and it is one of my favourite racing documentaries ever. U should defenetly check it out, its a masterpiece.

  • Kubica#1 💪🇵🇱

  • 3:42:04: I wondered why the #83 which was third for part of the first hour and fourth when it pitted for the first time, had fallen to 7th place at the two hour mark. Rahal Frey in a later social media post said the drive through penalty, "the stupid mistake" Gatting talks about, was due to exceeding track limits a number of times. This penalty was never shown on the screen or mentioned during the broadcast. Michelle was rather evasive in her interview. I wonder if the "drivers struggling out there" had to due with problems with getting temperature in the tires.

  • How was that for a racing weekend. So much thanks to the-race.com for streaming ELMS and more this season, such a treat. I only have one 'criticism' if that's what you could call it, and that's, the framerate needs to be bumped up to 1080p 50/60fps. All racing on youtube would be sooo much better at 60 fps. These drool worthy machines deserve the very best representation. Pester the sponsors to upgrade our experience :).

  • appreciate this being streamed live and uploaded. cheers!

  • Thank you so much for the free upload! This is easily the best way for me to keep up with your sport

  • Forza Kubica WRT

  • adverts literally every 3 or 4 minutes....too much

  • It was a smooooth roberatiooooon.

  • 1:36:00

  • Cebulaki co robiły wiochę na live chacie - nie pozdrawiam :-)

    • no ja osobiscie sie wstydze za nich mimo ze kibicuje bardzo robertowi od wielu lat xd

    • sam jesteś cebulak Polski patrioto

  • Dobra robota Orleniacy :)

  • Qui peut me dire combien est classée Cool racing au général ?

  • 3:37:20 Robert Kubica :-)

  • Race starts at 24:15