Legendary FIFA World Cup Goals

Opublikowany 9 lis 2020
Watch some of the most beautiful and most iconic goals in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Edited by Score 90.
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  • Again, thank you so much for helping me reach 1 million subscribers 🙏🏼❤️


    • Np

    • Shit video wheres Grossos goal against Germany in 06?

    • I love your vids anyway🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Your video should be named "world cup goals I've seen", since you didn't include the most iconic goals in world history. You didn't include Maradonas goal and you didn't include Norways goals against Brasil.

  • Can I have a shoutout I never had one

  • siempre le meten golazos a Mexico en los mundiales jajaja

  • "maradona" 2 goals in one world cup in one match do it by one person first goal: the most legendary goal, controversial, phenomenal second goal: best goal of century Really legendary goal...really legendary football player 25 Nov 2020 RIP maradona

  • 4:23 Gaucho ❤️

  • Disliked due to the misleading title

  • L

  • Sksporlxoporqeie me enamoes

  • Ronaldinho break the laws of physics 😱

  • a tune started at 4:08. name of the song?

  • Robben from Thailand

  • 6:44-powerful people make places powerful...

  • Missing so many

  • 4:04 Zidane telling his teammates to get the fuck off him lmfao

  • fookin rat Di Maria

  • anyone notice 6:24 goal is a strong shot????

  • every goals in this video are legendary goals. For me, best goals are .....0:45, 0:59,1:48,1:59,2:11,3:10,3:31,3:42,4:33,4:47,4:55,5:28,5:58, what a shot in 6:23,6:41,6:52,7:26 and 7:51.

  • 75% of these weren’t legendary lol. And were there no world cups before 2002!?

  • intro song-hush

  • That Pavard goal. just drip..

  • Gotze

  • What's the title of your intro song

  • steals video also add intro of your channel

  • 4:41 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • 황보관골이없네 미사일처럼꽃였는데

  • 5 goles de este top fueron encontra de mexico Xd

  • എന്നും മഞ്ഞപ്പടയോടൊപ്പം😍🔥🤙💛💛💛

  • It's crazy how hard the players celebrate. Imagine the euphoria to represent your country in a world cup and then to score in one. Everyone dreams of it but few actually make the dream come true and you can see that moment of realization when they score and how crazy they get. Wow

  • Best goals are from south america 👍

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  • hahay

  • 4:46 park is legend of MU

  • Siiiiiiiiiii

  • no Italians?

  • the world cup just brings goals that you wouldn’t see in a normal match

  • awesome video! Is it possible to do one for the 70/80/90s as well?

  • Bro where is Mario Götze?

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  • Ødegard

  • I guess Italian goals don't belong in this list

  • Nice vid 👍

  • ITALY???????

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  • @Score90 But where's the famous goal of Bergkamp vs. Argentina in 98??

  • I cry every time I see an Argentine score on Mexico

  • Van Persie's best looking goal ever

  • Who else is waiting for FIFA 22

  • Just amazing

  • 2:22 everybody who plays Fifa knows the pain

    • @apo twix the only annoying celebration i hate is when for example: i scored 7-0 and when the losing team scores to make it 7-1, they celebrate as if they won the game.

    • @DW Jang Cause thats one of the dances in fifa that annoys the fifa players

    • Why?

  • Am I the only one who didn't want this video to end?

  • Legendary goals post 2002.

  • 1337 dislikes :D lets leave it at that xd

  • Hagi 1994?

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  • bravo lionel andrés messi

  • ARSHAVIN’s goal?????!!!!!!?!??!?!?

  • hugo lloris

  • his face when make a goal not fake, i love the expression and atmosphere

    • Good job on your English. It’s not an easy language.

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  • Marchisio Italy vs Ingland 2014

  • i cant wait for next World cup

  • No USA goals? Cmon man!

  • I really enjoyed Rivaldo's chest and shot goal, Quaresma's trivela, Gervinho's solo goal and Coutinho's wonderful curler. But nothing before 2002....

  • hahahha i like the african dance

  • good

  • I'm not sure you know what legendary means. These goals were at best good in most cases. Legendary, just a few. Very few. And most if not all of them from only the last 15 years. Si yeah, totally misleading there.

  • Im sorry but how is that Toni Kroos goal in any way legendary?

  • Great video, I would add chicharito vs France WC 2010

  • Where’s Vardy’s goal 2018? 😢

  • no one can beat the van persie goal

  • Where is David Beckham’s goal??

  • 4:47 국뽕에 차오른다 ..

  • List the match info in the vid

  • anybody got this on their recomended ? i dont mind at all this stuff is epic as heck

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  • Some great goals. I think you are missing Fabio Grosso's great goal for Italy in the 2006 semis against Germany

  • Me: replayed Pavard's goal 10 times Edit: Quaresmatic knuckles

  • what is the name of the song in the intro

  • You don't see this level of skill in women's soccer

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  • Pls can someone tell me the name of the music in the end

  • 🇿🇦

  • Oh please that's ridicolous. Like a 70% of the players on this video played In Italy but there isn't italy. There is MUNTARI many times like Italy. This video sucks

  • 0:11 xx

  • Can u please tell me what is name of the starting song (music) please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • Hmm. A few decent goals, but why isn't Denmark 98 team represented? The innovation of the quick freekick against Brazil in the quarter final or the Laudrup brilliant chip to Ebbe Sand against Nigeria in the 1/8 final.

  • 4:47

  • 'Messi! Give it to him and pray! Oh, he's done it!!'....Lol......Gave you goosebumps watching it live.

  • I was hoping that Lamb goal was gonna be on it. I remember watching that one live, and I thought that was one of the greatest shots I've ever seen at the time

  • Huge miss: Dario Rodriguez monster volley in Corea-Japan 2002

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  • this reminds me of golf pussies slapping around a ball...... and crying when hit....

  • The goal that Bergkamp scored in 98 against Argentina is missing, to me still one of the best goals i have ever seen!

  • The Ending with Gerrard was so enjoyable!

  • looks like you got them all- not. FFS.

  • 지성팍

  • Maradonas goal?

  • Nice to see Australia in it

  • Only cowards think football isn't a sport.