Komodo - (I Just) Died In Your Arms

Opublikowany 6 cze 2018
New club version of the worldwide hit by Polish producer team KOMODO! Feat. Michael Shynes
Listen to "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" on: Komodo.lnk.to/IJDIYA
Written by: Nicholas Eede
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Pole Dance: kasiabielecka_
Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight
It must have been something you said
I just died in your arms tonight


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  • Who is that girl? Great mix btw =)

  • No idea why but I watch this at least 10 times a day....kudos to the Nebbia company tho.

  • What's the girl name?

  • Очень красивая

  • This clip more cringe than my teenage years

  • Que mulher linda perfeita ❤, gosto muito dessa música.

  • '66 Mustang?

  • One plus for the chick


  • Отличная работа! 👍

  • This is real art... Your dance represents everything I love about pole dancing: the grace, the effortless power & the magic I love how graceful your moves are, and how you help to destroy people's misconception of pole dancing by showing it can be something artistic and beautiful and not something sexualized Thank you for that x

  • Bon sang.... si son mec ne la veut plus je l’accueil les bras ouverts 😋

  • 😑😒🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • cool

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  • А когда она переодевалась, он тоже подглядывал?

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  • Love it

  • 3:31 fucking pervert.

  • (Kaaze) ( plthrow.info/my/wideo/uIZynpunndJnmHk.html )

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/uIZynpunndJnmHk.html

  • Bravo!

  • What for a f...ng gooooooooddddtime . Thanks for let me remember this again when i play this version . Thanks from Istanb👌💯👌

  • Оригинал лучше,бесспорно.

  • Pole dancers here👋💁‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  • КЛАСС!!! В фигурном катании-6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Красавица

  • 😍😍😍

  • И он её выгнал из машины??? Дурак!!!

  • Просто супер творит

  • One love!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • To all those singalongs...Kudos! ;)

  • He dumped a pole dancer? Male fail. She was amazing, dedicated, fluid, and fit. Unless she was a psycho, why dump? Humans are perplexing.

  • ok now I want to see what the other girl looks like

  • who is this girl??? please someone

  • Que linda moça dança muito

  • Dating a stripper is hard!

  • Соз жок.Браво

  • peerless !

  • Aside from the great song... Honestly...this should be the most failed and f@cked up , break up attempt by that dude. I mean ....really dude! wtf!!!! what the hell is wrong with you man! If i had a girlfriend like her, i could wash her hair, her hands, her feet, the laundry, the dishes, worked my @ss out 10 hours a day, learn about healthy food and living and protein diets, just for the chance to spend the weekend with her. Dude...you disappoint me...

  • No words to say 👌👌💕💕👌👌👍👍

  • Original song is better

  • What a lovely beast.

  • Super! 👍

  • What's her name ...she is 100% drop dead amazing

  • It's so cool how she moves on and does what she loves. The music the video everything works so well, it's one of those videos that you want to watch on repeat.

  • well i think it acrobatic not pole dancing That 90 kg pig did not move that way when i went to pole dancing

  • That’s was rather mesmerizing she looked like she was floating on that pole

  • Mala, muy mala, malisimaaaaaaaaa

  • Хорошая фигура!Не рожала?

  • Восторгу нет придела!!!!!!

  • She’s absolutely hot

  • CZEŚĆ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Девушка просто мододечик

  • Love this version like the original, love it tooooo much. ❤️ Greetings from austria. 🇦🇹

  • damZ she bangiN best ever !!!

  • O

  • 노래 진짜 좋아요 ♡♡♡

  • I just died in 01:27

  • Как же она прекрасна. Женственная и в то же время такая сила!!! Молодец. И музыка супер!!!!!!!

    • Такие в постели ураган

  • This ones for u Wayne rip my friend

  • Puikiai mano

  • 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Pole dancer was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks to me like Persian Beauty

  • Dislikes.. for what???

  • Damn, she's sexy as fuck!!

  • We don't lose ourselves in the dance. In it we find ourselves.

  • that's cool!

  • Kdo 2021?????

  • 2021?

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/23mAqWWo3qycZnU.html

  • Красивые движения, хорошо сложена, замечательная девушка... Спасибо за видео:)...

  • That was very nice, extremely nice, fantastic. She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever had the pleasure to see.


  • There's nothing better than rage poling after a breakup - LOL :D

  • Owsom song...with good music.and story 🎊🎉🎉

  • Beautiful I like it cause she not vulgar just perfection

  • Slowly speed video for 0.25....3:53 😉🍑

  • Само совершенство

  • Wow

  • Поднимает настроение однозначно.

  • Симпотная грузиночка.

  • who is the girl? so cute 😉

  • Que chulada de mujer

  • норм делайте веши люббббем такое молодцомммм

  • what a baeeeeee

  • Poland pro Music eeeelllllooooo.

  • What guy would dump a chick like that. He must be gay.

    • @questingQuentin indeed. he must be hangin out with 'the fellas'. ladies aint gonna get much better than This one.

    • @repatriate monk no he said "It's not your fault. I'm not ready for a lasting relationship."

    • Maybe she 'did something'...

  • woman well athleticit's a ałto I have similarałto I have similar

  • 2021

  • Kasia z Team X

  • Супер

  • 2pac dj worldwide best this video

  • MTV is nice but what about the cover?

  • Her five star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 💋

  • Funny how the Intro is pure "girl talk" 😄

  • Kasia !!!! Kto z PL ?! ❤️❤️

  • She's absolutely talented