Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 11, 2018 FULL Game: The Greatest MNF Game Ever?

Opublikowany 6 kwi 2020
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00:00 - Start
37:10 - 2nd Quarter
1:20:42 - 3rd Quarter
2:00:20 - 4th Quarter

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  • i have mahomes and goff as my qbs on my fantasy team and i have 500 points.

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  • Beautiful game with a beautiful ending. Former chiefs player intercepting his old team

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  • 43:51 Andy Reid lookalike

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  • As a lifelong Chiefs fan it sucked to lose this game but overall it was one of the best games of all time in the NFL could you imagine the ratings if we would have gotten a rematch in the Superbowl instead of Patriots Vs Rams

  • ........-yeaaah!

  • I'm piss

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  • I had Woods, Hunt, Goff and Hill in fantasy league. The BEST MNF game i ever seen

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  • The greatest game ive ever watched

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  • "Nine and one against nine and one, the first game between two teams each averaging at least 33 points per game deep into the season. Chiefs won the toss, they deferred, the Rams will recieve, as butler kicks away to Pharaoh Cooper as it goes back to the end zone. So Jared Goff is 24, he's playing with the command of an all-pro veteran, Northern California Bay Area native from small Marin Catholic High School, the son of an active firefighter. This state, this city, has been depending on those brave men and women more than ever before."

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  • SO happy they lost!!

  • Patrick mahomes is the best quarterback.

  • I would say Rams deserved to win Super Bowl 53 because they won against the Chiefs, Saints and any other difficult team to go against that’s year

  • That Patrick mahomes guy looks pretty good he might have a good future

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  • Best game of all time. To think we were a Dee Ford pre-snap penalty away from a rematch. Instead we got 13-3.

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  • Is this supposed to be entertaining?

  • 16:26 What a camera angle. No suites, no ribbon LED scoreboard... just fans as far as the eye can see. As nice as SoFi Stadium is, there was really something special about the one-tier seating of the Coliseum.

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  • 4:13 how he caught the snap tho

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  • POV: You fell asleep and woke up halfway into this game.

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  • Two high-powered teams. Very impressive.

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  • Lifelong Rams fan here. Easily the greatest game the Rams have ever played.

    • Man I remember watching this. I want this consistently good rams offense back

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  • Jerk off 18:14 🤣🤣 great in the pocket

  • This game was played in 2019 not 2018. Rams never played the Chiefs in 2018.

  • ohhhhh how this reminds me how much i miss boomers commentary

  • Easily one of the best games ive seen in my life. Just battle of the titans all 60 mins 4qrtrs. How about that 68 yrd punt at the end too!? Wow. Just as good as the 1st time i saw it live..

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  • 2:43:47 best play of the game!

  • all nfl games should have scores like this game then the nfl would be hella dope bro!

  • Joe Tessitore needs to tone it down a bit. Exciting game but damn he is losing his mind. MNF has never been as good as it was before it went to ESPN. Not hating on this particular game as it was a thriller from the beginning until the end.

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  • Didn't know the NFL uploaded college football games

  • Seems weird seeing so many people in a crowd at once

  • This was a true good game

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  • As a Rams fan I loved this game happy we won but it was a SB type of game .

  • 57:32...that's man on men.

  • No, Tyreek Hill had da most catches...

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  • This was a great game but when my cheifs won the super bowl wasy favorite game and they are going back this year here comes the dynasty fellows and ladies lol go kingdom !

  • The only way they were winning in the first quarter was because the flags where giving them yardish

  • I wish Goff play like this in 2020

  • I'm a die hard Chiefs fan, and even though we lost this game, it's still one of the best games I've ever seen. I've watched probably a dozen times since then.

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  • Miss 2018 Goff..... hes a bust now

  • 36:12 he really grabbed him tho

  • When my kids want to learn about football, I'll show them this

  • Back even the world was normal no mask on 😂

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