Jan Blachowicz's Legendary Polish Power

Opublikowany 12 paź 2020
Jan Maciej Błachowicz
Polish Power/Prince of Cieszyn
MMA Record 27-8
Light Heavyweight
Height 6'2
Reach 78'
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  • I don't know man, he's like a stiffer, slower paulo costa, i think he's gonna get rekt. Just my average guy opinion

  • who is there before adesanya destroy him

  • Polish 🔥🔥🤯

  • There was talk on a podcast that had Jan lost his 7th fight and his record went to 2-7 in the UFC, he would of probably been cut by the company.. Crazy considering he ended up winning a title!

  • who said hes on legs like a baby giraffe? brah he was fine haha

  • i would love to see jan use his kicks and elbows and kinda give a jones vibe this saturday. 🇵🇱 Power

  • Great video man!

  • Power-blast radius + over precision tech is still not there. Jan should be favorite vs reward @ the tables

  • 2:20 is what he needs to do to Izzy.

  • That Reyes Nose destruction damn.

  • Adesanya is gonna get hurt, real bad.

  • That's real power folks. He's barely loading up his punches but if it touches you somehow it's powerful enough to make you dance.

  • 4:32 this is izzy vs Jan

  • People talk about polish power but that fucking left body kick is LETHAL

  • Jeeze Jan is a LITERAL bull. I’m so excited to see him vs Izzy.

  • Adesanya not gonna stay in front of this man.

  • His only faith is his hand punching. Wrestling skill ? Grappling, very bad. His kick lack accuracy and power . For his size, he should slam opponents with ease

  • Imagine if poland had him in the 40's

  • Damn. Now I see who's style id like to copy. Boxes orthodox but switches quickly to kick with his left. My right leg just doesn't have the snap like my left.

  • Janek

  • Marcin Różal tak jak mowił Wojna !!!!!!!!


  • Reyes side was disgusting

  • Finally a light heavyweight champion the UFC can be proud of.

    • @Tres Maddox Oh, yeah... him. Maybe I've just seen too much of both of them, even though Cormier is far more admirable.

    • Cries in dc

  • Jakby to Pudziam krzyknął POSKA GUUUROM

  • polish powa xd

  • Jan is going to vacuum seal and pack Izzy in a sardine can and use him for insulation in between his drywall

  • Imagine how good thiago santos

  • It’s pronounced wahovich

  • Manuwa has got a chin

  • Uwielbiam ten gest po walce z rockwold 👍

  • If you thought the boy named Sue was tough, try the boy named Jan.

    • Not that many people will get that reference

  • Adesanya will land more strikes, but it doesn't look like it will make much difference. Izzy might have bitten off more than he can chew. Jan is one tough SOB.

  • Too slow for izzy, I see Izzy taking it by decision

  • He is gonna be humble down in march.....

  • I put 1000$ on Jan when he fought dominick my gut was right .

    • Statistically Jan was a better fighter than Reyes and Izzy is statistically better than Jan so idk

  • A common fighter, nothing so special about him. If Jon Jones comes back will proove that

  • All the best Vs Israel adesanya

  • I would like to see Jon Jones and Jan Blachowicz fight .They both been waiting for this.

  • Brawo Janku 👏 prawdziwy fighter 👍🇵🇱

  • Kto z Polski???

  • 0:45 you mean 253

  • Polish guys do produce some total outright fighters, good luck against IZZY dude.

  • Dobra wszyscy morda. Polska przejmuje ten film!

  • Yans takedowns resemble so much to the lesnars

  • lights out :)

  • He looks like Blaszkowic from Wolfenstein, Hi from Slovakia

  • Polska Gurą!

  • Can't wait to see him pound Izzy into humility! Sit back down!

    • @Steele Duke Izzy is good not doubt, But Jan is his toughest test yet. Let's have a friendly bet no reason for money to get in the way. Should be fun.

    • Want bet a grand on that claim? Izzy is going knock Jan out in the 3rd or 4th round, mark my words.

  • Eggs.

  • I need a buy .... 👍 lol. 👍

  • Power

  • Performance bonus. Rags

  • Somebody call a doctor .....

  • Hmmm ... Easy snacks for Adesanya

  • I think jan is going to kick izzy he will block it and it will break his arm

    • @Steele Duke it reminds me of when israel fought kevin g..... but better and more powerful

    • @Steele Duke bro realistically not gonna lie it is a close one i want to go bet rn at the sport table just seeing comments cuz any punch can be it even that first kick.....

    • Want bet a grand on that claim? Izzy is going knock Jan out in the 3rd or 4th round, mark my words.

  • Nothing spectacular. Izzy will expose him

  • Janek przyniesie ogromny wstyd z Izraelem adesanja. Szczerze zero szans jest za wolny nawet nie da rady uderzyć lub komp ac adesanje. Obiektywnie oceniam biarac pod uwagę style walk prędkość itp. Zamęczy się sam polując na adesanje

  • Poland

  • funny shit. Reyes' legs 9:30


  • You don't read Błachowicz as Blackovich. It had to be Blakowicz. Try Bwahovich inatead :)

    • @Tres Maddox Emm... polish "ł" sounds like english "w" :) so Błachowicz = Bwahovich

    • More like bla ho vich

  • Blachowicz vs Pokarajac looks like Two Polski Wujeks throwing down at the Zabawa.

  • Gratulacje Jan⭐

  • Błachowicz kozak

  • I remember seeing that Rockhold KO and going OHHHHH....THATS JAN BLACHOVIC HUH? (I thought of him as a good grappler) ever since then I knew he was a problem

  • I just love how he fights. Fucking brutal.

  • Błachowicz poszedł jak czołg, przezajebiste walki.

  • America knows best how to build champ. TY

  • AMAIZING SPORTSMAN HE NEED TO GET ORDER 4 President Duda as like ASIA.J. Best rebuilder!!!! of hundrest years of humiliation of germans politics

  • Jan looks like a honey badger, and he fights like one! Tough as hell!

  • He needs to throw those kicks to the body when he go against Izzy

  • Izzy's getting it next

  • Rakic and Prochazka are coming to you

  • martial liam? names liam and i'm a martial, subbed

  • Jan will break adsanya apart for sure mark my word..

  • The redness in that guy's ribs reminds of Wand vs Crocop 1.


  • polska gurom

  • Polska Górą Ale Mu Pysk Rozjebał

  • NGALANI vs Jan

  • Polska gurom

  • the sidechest of the last fighter looks real bad wow 9:15

  • Jan is actually VERY good at just enough head movement to avoid head strikes...look vs Manuwa. Slip, hit back, hit back, over & over... Still, Izzy is the huge favourite for a reason..

  • Mistrz......

  • Pięknie Polska góra !

  • Mój ulubiony film. Szkoda że nie można pobrać. Janek dawaj czadu! Polish Power 💪👍

  • Dude's like a Doom Slayer - William Joseph "B.J" Blazkowicz.

  • Im not sure about fight with Adesanya, Jan has knockout power but he is kinda slow and opened for shot very often, i think if Jan wins it will be by some random punch, or Adesanya will gas him out by shots and win on decision or tko

  • There is one thing for sure Jan can knockout Adesaya but Adesaya will not knockout Jan, if Adesaya win he win with points

  • An absolute beast, but he does look a bit stiff

  • "it's a long way to the top" if you play UFC. Great fighter

  • What an absolute beast. I'm sure adesanya is very skilled and might get the W but hes going to have to be very careful. This guy isn't a bum.

  • Don Kasjo Król ,czy Krycha Sid Mefedroniarz są lepsi od tego Błachowicza

    • Spierdalaj do przedszkola z tymi pisdami

  • Поляк очень крепкий,

  • Jan is a Facebender.

  • booooooom in 8min 25sec XDXDXDX


  • To jest kurwa polska siła

  • Polska najlepsza