Itzhak Perlman - Beethoven: Violin Concerto (with Daniel Barenboim, Berliner Philharmoniker)

Opublikowany 26 cze 2020
Legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman performs the Beethoven Violin Concerto with the Berliner Philharmoniker and conductor Daniel Barenboim, recorded live in 1992.
Album available here:
01:10 Allegro ma non troppo
25:42 Larghetto -
34:36 Rondo (Allegro)
Itzhak Perlman (Violin)
Daniel Barenboim (Conductor)
Berliner Philharmoniker (Ensemble)
Recorded Live: February 1992, Konzerthaus Berlin.

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  • Maravilloso !!! Escuchar a Izhak Perlman interpretando a Beethoven , es olvidar todas las penas y problemas del día y dar paz al corazón.

  • I always know if I’m hearing Itzak Perlman playing....his sound has such a sweetness to it, even when he’s playing _fff_ there’s a sweet sonic halo surrounding every note....I just love that sound! Jacqueline du Pré had the same quality in her sound.

  • you can feel the passion from music like this.... nothing tops creations of love. The way that man plays his violin.... PURE LOVE

  • This is my pill of choice!!!

  • Thank you I saw live concert in SF years ago you are inspiration

  • That violin is insane! And the other musicians!

  • Itzhak Perlman + Daniel Barenboim + BPO = perfection.

  • No sabes lo hermoso que es poder escuchar este concierto gracias Polo

  • This is the Best Beethoven violin concerto i have listen to, Perlman is absolutely a class apart and Barenboim has conducted it in such a beautiful way, i love the way he communicates with the Orchestra and gets the best out of them

  • Music from heaven !

  • A real true great musician.

  • in 45 minutes of concert, maybe he looks once or twice to the score?? awesome.

  • The mind was lost somewhere else

  • El genio de Beethoven y el virtuoso de itzack, hacen dé esta obra un hermoso canto para el alma.

  • Amazing how he remembers all the notes, no written music to assist as with the rest of the orchestra.

  • Magnifique!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • 2021年1月13日 水曜日  詩篇143篇8節 朝にあなたの恵みを聞かせてください。私はあなたに信頼していますから。行くべき道を知らせてください。私のたましいはあなたを仰いでいますから。

  • Simply perfect. Sublime. The greats: Pearlman and Barremboin. Bravo bravo!!

  • So beautiful! My spirits are soaring. Thank you all of you amazing musicians

  • Eztoy encatada. Lifya orlandoni

  • This piece helps with my depression and anxiety. Whenever I am baraged with non-stop negative thoughts, this is the only piece that stops those voices. I don't know why but thank you Beethoven.

  • Fantastic technique and timbre of violin.

  • 13:58 - 15:05

  • Saw him about this time. Nothing like it! Best violinist ever!!!

  • Great artistry by a true master!!!

  • Amazing and so beautifull!!! Thank you very much!!!!

  • Woahh im watching this for my music subject at first i was like this is gotta be boring but then after i hear it i saw myself finishing the whole video totally drown in the music of the instruments and amazed by that violin performance of that man, I was like " am I in heaven " the whole time HAHAHAHA

  • Is this not the greatest violin concerto ever written? And to see 2 masters of their craft at work (and with Mr Perlman obviously enjoying every minute of his wonderful interpretation is so inspiring). This is the concerto I play to show violin music doubters just what they have been missing.

  • was ist zeit

  • Perlman's solo starting at 20:30 is absolutely stunning! 22:30: sounds like his is playing 2 violins...

  • Beethoven's music comes alive when Perlman is playing it so magnificently. And Perlman's performance comes alive when seeing him play it with such passion, skill, and an ease that comes from years of playing this instrument.

  • Another hearing. Unfortunately over drinks. The appreciation is a bit dulled (for me). BUT, still transports one to a better, lovelier world. Beethoven, Perlman, conductor, orchestra? All of them. But we bow to Perlman 🙏

  • M . A . G . N . I . F . I . Q . U . E . !!!!!!!!

  • パールマンはこの音が好きでした 心遣いなりました

  • Какая музыка! Нет слов!!! В ней столько души композитора и музыкантов

  • Not sure, but Perlman sound oddly synthetic and thin....

  • Kosmus MUSIK

  • Erfolgsmodell Berliner Philharmoniker ????

  • Berliner Philharmoniker das ist so ein Kapitel für sich

  • folllowing the Violine

  • hier führt aber nicht bahrenbolm

  • was war der Jung?!

  • BEETHOVEN ITZHAK BARENBOIM. Mi avete fatto sognare..... Grazie per aver inserito questa magnifica sonata.....

  • ❤❤😁🥂

  • Gracias por el regalo

  • We are very lucky to have access to the music seated in our couch

  • Wow nearly fell asleep to this (in a good way)

  • For as long as we can gather for this then there is still hope.

    • Bro it isn't that deep lol

    • Silvita linda Música 4 miFB se borro y quis arreglarlo pero no pude

  • Sangat bagus, musik yang sulit dilakukan tanpa ada bakat dan latihan rutin tidak mungkin bisa menghayati musik. Terima kasih untuk kiriman tayangannya yang jarang ada. Sudah cukup lama saya tidak mendengar .Bravo musik Beethoven dan lainnya.

  • 3rd movement - 🎵 It's nearly over, it's nearly over🎵 (Sorry)

  • if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.


  • What did I just watch? 😲😲😲😲 For me, it took till 2021 to find this masterpiece. Anyone else here watching with me in 2021?


  • Standard and nothing special.

  • Almost thirty years ago...marvelous, an excellent performance by all.

  • I love u girl

  • Lieber Itzhak Perlman ich danke Dir für Dein einzigartiges, empathisches berührendes und unglaubliches Geigenspiel und möchte Dir für deine Gesundheit Gesundheit und Gottes Segen senden. DANKE


  • 1000 personas que no les gusta esta música? No vean el canal......nadie los obliga...... Sublime el dúo de violín y orquesta......😙😄😚☺

  • Fantastico!

  • The man is a genius.Music is so relaxing It is lowering my blood pressure

  • Violinista solista dalla capacità espressiva sublime. Direzione precisa e tecnicamente perfetta. Concerto godibile di rara piacevolezza, capace di produrre profonde emozioni !

  • best pp farm map

  • So Beautyful Germany ☝🏽🌍💜👌🏿 Peace happines and Mercy Art be upon you all🙏🏻🤍🙏🏻

  • Que pasion mas profunda . Esto es magnifico.

  • Divine...divine...divine...with the gentle and brave Itzhak ✨ ❤ and Bethoven ...both "disabled "....can you imagine...what Beauty and Strength 💪 😍 ✨ of Spirit! Completely undefeated 👏

  • Can you upload the Brahms in the same Album?

  • Superb!

  • Ilber Ortaylı - Bir Ömür Nasıl Yaşanır 😄

  • Il y a plus d'une raison pour aimer et admirer Monsieur Perlman.

  • Maravilloso !!

  • C"est impossible de ne pas aimer

  • Il Est impossible de ne pas aimer Merveille

  • Beautiful. I remember in school the nuns refused to let me play the violin I was heart broken I love the violin

  • Play any sting instrument and you have my attention

  • اروع من آرائع ✨✨✨✨✨👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💐💐💐💐💐💐🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Solo la música y los intérpretes nos pueden llevar a un mundo tan sublime donde las notas musicales nos habren el corazón y nos conectan con lo más excelso y sutil . Gracias Gracias Gracias

  • 17:11

  • Most beautiful Music of our world and Itzhak Perlman is the Music. Absolute perfection! Thank you U Tube for keeping this beautiful music accessible to everyone. And thanks to thes wonderful dedicated musicians for such wonderful performances.

  • Me too Maryjane I’m nearly eighty and happy of having access to all the greatest music of today’s musical world. Happy New Year of 2021!

  • It's inspiring that in Beethoven's music, after difficulties and struggles, there are always hope in the end. Hope 2021 will be a brighter year.

  • Amazing! But the most amazing thing is the fact that both Beethoven and Perlman shared a handicap that proves how the human spirit is even stronger than anything! Listening to this brings both joy and tears to one’s heart! Just beautiful....

  • Mostly listen to Indian Classical Music. But this is heavenly. As others have said, pure genius and beauty. Perlman is something else🙏

  • Iuhgf

  • Viva la música !!!! Beethoven es maravilloso y el violinista es un intérprete sublime. Estos momentos le congracian a uno con el mundo. La música siempre emociona, es el motor del espíritu.

  • When one listens to the violin concertos that preceded Beethoven, they are lovely pieces of music, seemingly light and airy. Along comes Beethoven, and creates this tour de force, which transformed and raised the standard of this art form. Perlman excels where Beethoven excels, bringing passion and power to his performance. And don't underestimate the orchestra which provides a rock-solid foundation. Bravo. Thank you for posting.

  • I am very happy with Itzshak Perlman. Congratulations 🌟☀️🌟

  • Einfach überwältigend. Wunderbar, vielen herzlichen Dank .

  • 😰😰😰 Абсолютний Геній.

  • Sublime Arcángel ..Maestro Perlman...uff !!!!!!! Y Maestro Barenboim..y nuestro Amado LUDWIG..por siempre !!! Graxieee..

  • Werbung zwischen Teilen ist grotesk...

  • 👏

  • Grandes artistas, ¿ qué sería el mundo sin ellos?

  • Van jongs af aan al mijn lievelings stuk van Beethoven. Zo geweldig goed!

  • Soothing to body and soul

  • Beautiful of course. Crazy that there were no women in the Berliner Philharmoniker in 1992..!

  • io sono sempre disponibile caro Niki

  • Ragionare con parole verre Lo desidero come tua vera sorella.

  • Sta a te prima mossa comento e .dialogo.