If I Hadn't Caught It On Camera You Wouldn't Have Believed Me

Opublikowany 26 mar 2021
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Another awesome day in North Alabama today friends. After really rough day yesterday, with tornadoes running all through the state, we are out catching a huge honeybee swarm from a cedar tree.
I can't believe it myself that this is the second swarm I've caught so far and both queens were captured before I ever shook the branch. This is really making swarm catching fun.
I hope you all are enjoying my 2021 Bee season kickoff with these swarm shakes. I sure am. I believe it puts me ahead of my buddy's Jpthebeeman, 628DirtRooster and Jeff Horchoff. Although I know they will catch up quick, it's nice to lead the race at some point.
Enjoy everyone and I hope you enjoyed a little fun from Yappybeeman.
I get calls like this all the time, something flying in a small hole and it looks like bees or yellow jacket wasps. sometimes even for a squirrel or a raccoon. I enjoy every new experience when it comes to removing bees from structures. Construction obstacles always seem to challenge me with every job. As a bee remover, I find the good and bad in construction design. Some things look great but make it easy for bees to set up shop and call it home also. Other times, bees move in due to a lack of home maintainace. But no matter the reason, Yappy Beeman is ready to come rescue the honey bees.
Check out my friends video channels also. Jpthebeeman , 628Dirtroosterbees and Jeff Horchoff for some more great honey bee videos.
Yappy Beeman is a professional bee remover performing live honey bee removals in Alabama as "Alabama Bee Rescue" and relocates them to apiaries away from residential areas so they can rebuild and thrive as a honey bee colony producing honey. Yappy is an Alabama Beekeepers association member that has performed over 500 live bee removals. Yappy with the help of his great friend and mentor; JpTheBeeman, a professional beekeeper , has learned many skills to remove bee swarms and honey bee colonies safely for the bees and homeowners alike.


  • In India, honey is gathered by a specific human community called “Bavri”. Bees can't bite them.

  • The wasp took a bee at the end!! I didnt know wasps that size ate bees? Now I need to google that lol. Amazing video! I love how you love being surrounded by bees lol XD

  • Prolly mentioned already.. but, Did anyone else see the wasp make off with a bee right after he said "they ain't gonna put up with your crap".. Wasp was like.. yea???.. watch this.. LOL

  • Just 1 bug can have me teleporting out of the room like Saiki

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  • That was an awesome thing to witness😁. Thank you 😊.

  • He can’t see with out his Glasses

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  • you must be very knowledgeable about bees to be this comfortable with them to this extent, did you take the honey from the old hive?

  • I don't care what job you have, if you can be that happy doing it, you win.

  • What has to happen to you in your life where you realize you want to do this joyfully for a living?

  • We Do that sort of thang in South Carolina. ....hun.

    • Thank you for the video. 803 278 3618 Linwood is with Dorothy Spaulding Today. Patriots. !

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  • Stueben


  • How come they are not attacking you

  • There was a better way to do it. Put the queen in the hive, cut the brunch and shake the awarm straight into the hive.

    • 10+ million views later, I think I did just fine. But yes, that's another good way to do it.

  • Bet there's more than 1 queen

  • Man, this really is so AMAZING!!!!! Im as far Southwest GA as you can possibly get, a place called Lake Seminole. See these on the creek often. I've always been terrified of them, it's amazing how you didn't really get stung much at all! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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  • This is awesome to watch and I never saw a man with a hand full of bees before.

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  • Don’t you mean, if it wasn’t caught on camera we wouldn’t have bee-lieved you?

  • Love yr video. Nice catch dude. Totally understand yr passion for bee, i so find them beautiful and so damn cool man.

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  • He can do that because they are gorged with honey for the swarming.

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  • So amazed! Have a long history with bees, but have great love and respect for these creatures. Wish I knew how to get involved in bee keeping. Civilization owes it all to bees!

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  • Over here in western Oregon I haven't seen a single bee all spring. Not even a bumble bee. All the blooming flowers are unattended. It's weird and worrying.

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  • Thanks for saving these little creatures. With the populations on the decline, we all need people like you to give them a little hand on occasion.

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