I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft... Here's What Happened

Opublikowany 9 lip 2020
Why not combine the fun of Minecraft with the stress that is 2020? I took on the challenge originated by LukeTheNotable and survived 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft, where if you die once- your world is deleted.
Ever Zombie, Skeleton, and Enderman is far more dangerous, and Pillagers can't wait to take you down. My goal is to not only survive, but to thrive! Here's my adventure in a single life in Minecraft's most difficult (official) mode!
WORLD SEED: 8719148436081670376 (Just, please, don't post spoilers for me!)
You can go check: Legundo/status/1307149875272966144
Y'all, I forgot which world I was in, ran a command, it failed, it's all good! Breathe :D
Check out Luke TheNotable's original video:
Check out Forge Lab's VR Take on this challenge:
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  • R.I.P Shelby

  • The birch door annoys me so much

  • Poor Shelby

  • Dont forget to like guys!!!!

  • You try too hard to be like LTN

  • You sound so dead inside

  • "A power 5 bow" ... It's only power 4

  • dude you copied everything from luke the notable even the way you speak... fucking copycat!

  • lmao why does the beginning make me think of steven universe

  • Everyday i saw him chat😳😳

  • DAMN....!Whyy was day 100 so emotional!😂

  • You still didn’t enchant your diamond sword.

  • Me: Struggles to make a 1 floor house This guy: Makes his own f*king village

  • i thought it said "too days"

  • nice job !!!!

  • “If you die there’s no real penalty” Me dying in lava after finding diamonds:👁👄👁

  • 32:38, in the right hand corner in the water by the iron, I saw cobblestone, I think you missed a spawner....

  • am i the only one who noticed at 30:16 he failed a /locate command

  • I hate silverfish.


  • This was awsome

  • That. Was crazy

  • Me: Struggles to make a 1 floor house This guy: Makes his own f*king village

  • the anxiety when he jumped off the clip the second time

  • well done


  • ok 30:17

  • comment your best day now also sub like share comment in him fast

  • you are the second best builder i have ever seen!great job! and please give a shoutout to me in your next episode

  • "while holding cooked raw chicken" HmmMmmMmmmmmmMMMMmmMm

  • I sow all fo the vids you sead

  • This dude makes me wanna play Minecraft


  • Video's like these inspire me to go play my minecraft worlds all over again.

  • This man: starts a hardcore world and builds a hobbit hole in week and then goes and faces the mobs outside Me watching: you are simultaneously the best Minecraft player and the stupidest Minecraft player

  • R.I.P. Shelby.

  • i want the seed from your thumbnail............

  • Lol

  • you no that i saw you put in the chat each day like on day 2 you put day three

  • Why do all these “hardcore” lets plays have horrible builds

  • hi

  • very well made video I many enjoy thanks for day made

  • I once got 38 diamonds 💎 IN A ROWWWW LIKE IF YOU THINK THATS CRAZY 👍 👇🏽

  • can someone actually tell me when he got both notch apples please?

  • Awesome video

  • Dude you think this is hard? HA! Play Terraria on Master Mode man!

  • I spelled hoglans wrong but idc

  • Put on golden boots and the hoglans won’t attack you

  • -Shelby- Rest in Peace She was good horse.

  • This guy survive hardcore in 100 days Me die again and again in normal

  • Do minecraft hardcore a minecraft year long.

  • Ingat.... Ada allah....

  • This is how you earn a subscriber man. Terrific untill the en.

  • Is it just me or did he just get quiet on day 50 26:56

  • you are like less careful then i am when playing on easy in creative mode. i think you might actually die before 300 days

  • What if he died on day 99 in the afternoon? 😱😱😱

  • Yeah, don’t tell iskall about the diorite... and don’t tell Grian either... or Scar... or, lots of people, really

  • 5 years later: Minecraft over 9000

  • shelby why:(

  • You deserve a subscribe, man. I love this.

  • Been playing Minecraft for years off and on and learned a ton watching tonight! Thx bro!

  • “If you die there’s no real penalty” Me dying in lava after finding diamonds:👁👄👁

  • "Day 1" Me: actually its day 0

  • 30:46 alright Trump You do know your not president anymore, Right

  • my parents explaining how they walked to school:

  • Piglings not hoglings

  • Me thinking I'm good by just building a house Legundo:Hold my Shellby

  • wow fast paced minecraft let’s plays are my new favorite content

  • Will it work with tlauncher Minecraft

  • #roadto3Msubs

  • "while holding cooked raw chicken" HmmMmmMmmmmmmMMMMmmMm


  • Me: Struggles to make a 1 floor house This guy: Makes his own f*king village

    • you stole this from someone. bruh. have some respect

  • Me: Struggles to make a 1 floor house This guy: Makes his own f*king village

  • If you put the banners they find you stop placing them unless u want to keep getting raided

  • he didnt say nice at day 69

  • Ok

  • Ok

  • want to make a video like this but the amount of videos you need to keep track of makes me feel very sick

  • Me: Struggles to make a 1 floor house This guy: Makes his own f*king village

  • This man is cheating I saw in the left side and I saw day

  • Is it just me of in the cave when he was lost he sounded like a poet

  • “I’m not just using these people for learning, I’m using them for eating”

  • You should've visited shelbys grave 1 last time

  • how did 56 minutes of this pass and I didnt even notice I thought it was like 20 minutes w h a t

  • not you finding a silverfish just to realize in pt.2 how close your og base was to the strong hold

  • I watched it till the end and now I'm sleepy

  • how did i end up watching this nearly one hour video without noticing

  • At 45:31 we can see the 'SAVES' folder, so if he die, he can just restore the save and he isn't playing hardcore!


  • Legundo: Hardcore is the most difficult difficulty in Minecraft Fundy: Am i joke to you?

  • "I'm not just killing them for learning, I'm using them for food so it's ok" reasonable

    • got a heart on a stolen comment

  • Hey, I'm Arab. 🇸🇦

  • You made me cry

  • andisite amigos, diorite dudes or granite gang?

  • K??


  • Year 2069: I survived 6969 days in Minecraft Hardcore...Here's what happened

  • 15:17 there is one Imposter among us.

  • lol "no penalty for dying in minecraft" said by a man that never hit a gravel shelf above a lava lake in the nether while in full diamond

  • I've died 12 times on my hardcore worlds trying to mlg water into reaaaaally deep reviens