I Made One of EVERY BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore

Opublikowany 4 lis 2020
In my previous two videos I made a FULL DIAMOND beacon in minecraft & I made a FULL NETHERITE beacon in minecraft, but in today's video after I make an iron, gold and emerald beacon I can say I Made One of EVERY BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore and I have finished my beacon collection!
My journey of making every beacon in minecraft started 6 months ago when I began making a full netherite beacon legit, check that video out here:
Following that I spent 3 days making a full diamond beacon in minecraft hardcore, which in comparrison was much easier, check out that video here:
And today I made every beacon in minecraft, making an iron and gold beacon out of resources I had already collected in my time playing in this hardcore world, and quickly trading villagers for emeralds to make a full emerald beacon in minecraft really easily!
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  • Oh boy, now we wait for a copper beacon

  • I wanted to see him actually mine the 16 emeralds lol

  • The first comment since 10 minutes.

  • Its sad how there is no benefit to it being netherite.

  • In that iron farm with that full large chest of stacks of iron blocks if you turned all those into ingots you would have 279,936 Iron Ingots.

  • Imagine if the zombies in the nether wasn’t a bug

  • farmers: have you seen ma melons, i want ma melonss

  • Please tell me you sleep. Please.

  • What about lapis beacon??????

  • this man is a legend I have subbed him with mother's phone xd😛 and like for you (legend)

  • “It’ll surprise you how quick you can get an emerald beacon” Wadzee we’ve watched 2000 days Ltn we know how emeralds are op

  • Thumbnail: i Made one of EVERY BEACON in minecraft hardcore Wadzee: emerald iron and gold Me: and redstone?

  • Him:i mined 6 months for netherite Me:But off camera mining exist

  • When it said 6 and half hours later,I can’t tell if that’s a lie or true

  • I wish I can see the tired face he has

  • I want to do this in my world one day but I can’t imagine how much time to DO it

  • Coal: Am I a joke to you?

  • Then his world corrupts

  • What about redstone?

  • Did anyone catch the Kirby music while he was planting melons

  • good man

  • the song reminds me of tommyinnit

  • where is da coal beacon

  • Your just a savage

  • hey you should resummon the ender dragon

  • He should name where he kills the withers *wither county*

  • Do a dirt beacon

  • *copper has joined the chat*

  • There should be a achievements for this

  • able sisters go brrrrrr

  • You can black and glich a wither in 3 blocks of bedrock in the nether and ha still drops the star and you risk less

  • Lappes

  • 15:18 laughs in Lukethenotable

  • Look at his levels😂😂🤭🤭

  • Stole the melon farm from lazerbeam

  • This man literally has the ultimate flex a netherite beacon

  • How about the coal becon

  • Just do wither battle u underground With strength it’s so ez

  • Congrats i would probaly never do that but if i would i would use creative

  • your level??????????

  • you have effiency like me

  • waaaaaaaaw so cool hard working omj what the hell

  • I just realised that jump boost and water breathing are the only potion effects that have a counter effect like haste has miner fatigue, instant health and regeneration have harming and wither effect

  • Lazar beam much

  • 12:45 wait look at last trade

  • Lets have a look......

  • What about obby beacon.

  • Copper beacon

  • U forgot to make a redstone beacon

  • And you know he didn’t cheat because you can’t cheat in hardcore lol

  • Hi

  • Who else comes here to not only see what he does but what the melon music is

  • Bro do the face reveal

  • watching in 2021

  • You got 2 stax of grass block they are so rare more rare then netherite beacon

  • O-o kutsal sayı

  • 1:28 lazarbeam be like

  • Emerald beacon will be sooo op in bedwars lol 😂 😝😝😆😆 am I right LOL

  • To all the people reading this...i hope your family is and stays healthy 😀and you stay healthy as well😁anddddd yeah good morning/noon/night byeee And pls sub

  • Ltn makes emelds for breakfast

  • Your math is awesome

  • 3:09 How the hell did zombies come in the Nether?!

  • None none no zombies allowed in the nether

  • Coal Beacon?¿

  • does any one else think that when he dies he will lose all of this and it will be a sad day

  • The juvenile letter spontaneously radiate because liver fortunately fail like a juicy michelle. foolish, magical crowd

  • Lazarbeam watching this


  • Lapis

  • challenge idea: MINE for an emerald beacon

  • by this point, you're 100 times richer than all of hermitcraft's players combined

  • I made an emerald beacon as the first beacon in my survival world lol but it's not just 1 beacon its 6 I made the mega beacon :)

    • only took me around 5-6 hours

  • When wadzee said melons it rememberd me of lazarbeam and his melon farm

  • Do a face reveal wadzee i want to see ur face

  • jihata i got a netherite beacon in 2 weeks

  • What about red stone beacon

  • Wait what happened to the redstone, lapis, coal, and copper?

  • Wadzee in 1.17 its koper becon

  • Why is their no achievementz about getting all beacons?

    • @Aydrian Tregowyn lol

    • Because Mojang didnt expect anyone to get all beacons cause they expected us to have a life.

  • all a bout coal beacon

  • that was the worst video ever i like the videos where WadZee suffers pain :( hahahahahahaha

  • Why dont u make the withet fight themself

  • Wah wah army zindabaad

  • Now we know what technoblade had to endure but 1000 x worse

  • 3:15 ...man urinates on fellow passenger... If you know you know

  • 4:30 OMG i looked for this song for so long!

  • how did you change the colour of the diamond and netherite beacon. Because i didn't see any glass

  • The melon farm is copied form lazarbems Minecraft series

  • you didnt make lapiz beacon

  • L !LMl

  • nice

  • Why his sword is not breaking pls tell new subscriber

  • 1:14: wot?!?!!

  • Just look at his levels 155 seriously

  • Six months

  • coal BEACON?

  • I bet this guy has ptsd everytime he goes into the nether to find more scraps to help the durability on his tools 😂😂

  • i *DARE* you to make a full cobblestone beacon ;)

  • wHaT aBoUt COAL!!!!!!!!!

  • Weird flex, but okay.