Opublikowany 11 kwi 2021
Another home game, another win! ⚒
Two Jesse Lingard strikes before a Jarrod Bowen third gave us all three points despite a late scare.
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  • And he still ain’t getting prizes he should receive

  • All I heard from his commentator was Jesse Lingoat

  • i am a man united fan but would be sick to see you guys in the champions league

  • West ham is my new team, I am done with United and that Super league crap

  • Senior man I respect your effort

  • LinGOAT

  • LiNgArDiNhO

  • Football lots of surprised

  • Well, in terms of scoring for the other team West Ham is top is top of the table. I assure you had West Ham been playing in any others league all its players will be investigated for match fixing.

  • Lingardnihoo

  • I love West Ham shirt👕💯

  • Di maria , depay , lukaku , lingard ...good players in any teams except man utd...coincidence?

  • Lingard come to Madrid

  • Thank you Lingard, you the greatest

  • Giliran tim kek gini ga di VAR, wtf!

  • Lingardinho

  • West Ham > City

  • Lingard the best

  • Good

  • Lingard is​ god

  • West Ham's match highlights now consistently hitting over 500k views.

  • At this rate, even Messi Or Ronaldo might join West Ham to play alongside the legend himself, Lord Lingardinho

  • Lord Linggardinho

  • 你的林皇 无限猖狂!

  • Come on me hamerrrrrssss, we could be seeing noble clattering Neymar at the London stadium with 5 minutes to go

  • "He may only be passing through, but they won't forget him if his goals FIRE!! them into Europe" this parts really hits you a little different 🥲

  • Messi Lingardinho


  • He is not lord, he is dancing boy

  • Mark my words, Leicester City will bottle it and finish out of Top4.

  • Lingard ini bos

  • Jesse needs to stay away from Pogba to get his performance back. Hanging with Pogba only makes him busy with Insta.

  • lingardinho on fire! sdhuasdhuas

  • Lingard should stay at West Ham

  • West Ham were lucky to have won the match. All the statistics favored Leicester.

  • As a chelsea fan i fuckin love dis lingard guy

  • If it was 2016 they'd be winning the league

  • 100% of the comments are about Jesse Lingard

  • Ada orang Indonesia?

  • And now he can dance without being a meme..

  • Lingard GOAT♥️♥️♥️🐐

  • Lingardinho :))))

  • lingardinho becomes the real lingardinho!

  • Manchester United will pay for this LoL

  • Wtf Golazo

  • Spurs fans, pls, hire Branden Rogers or Moyes since you want all managers that give you a spark

  • Well done Jesse

  • Ton cross impact

  • I just want to see him dance

  • Cristiano Lingard

  • "He is here only for loan but they won't forget him" -saddest football commentary ever

  • Maaan, I hate ppl. All fickle. Literally there was not a single person that believed in Lingard other than Jesse himself. He was a fucking meme. Since then he has gone on to prove every hater, and yes, you and I, wrong. Quit acting like you were on the Lingard train before it left 🤣

  • Longardinho is crazy... Bowen was very Good this match, czechies did a great job...just that spelled 3:0

  • Lingardinho 💥💥💥

  • He should have repeatedly the same commitment at United

  • Fun fact, lingard scored more pl goals in this game alone than messi's entire career. Haters will say messi doesn't play in prem.

  • getting so many united fans on here lingard

  • jlingggsss

  • 1. Man City 2. Man United 3.Chelsea 4.West Ham 5.Leicester City 6.Liverpool 7.Everton 8.Tottenham

  • This Lingard kid looks promising

  • Documentary coming soon, Jesse Lingard: How I rescued my career

  • ManU fans aren't sad...we are happy because he's finally doing well

  • As a manchester united fan, Lingard should stay at west ham, where he is appreciated

  • It's crazy how a David Moyes fresh off a great run as Everton manager couldn't even get Manchester United to Europa League, but this David Moyes with countless sackings and embarrasments is about to take West Ham to the Champions League

  • Lord Lingardinho. Long may his reign continue!

  • Lingard is way better than Messi

  • Damn..Lingard doesn't do any wrong

  • Lingaard from hero to zero to hero again

  • Lingard is blowing bubbles

  • lingardinho on fireeeeee

  • I honestly only watched Westham matches when a top team played against me cause I'm a Barca fan I don't support one club and now I think I'm a Hammers fan.

  • sheeeesh west ham looking strong right now

  • Good to see him dance again lingardinho

  • David moyes manager of the season

  • Kayanya bakal tetap dijual m.u Karena harganya sedang naik karena performanya

  • At this rate Lingard will be having the best goals in a season he has ever had

  • Thing about those Jesse Lingard memes and and names such as Lingardinho, Lionel Jesse or Messi Lingard is that they are 60% jokes and 40% the truth.

  • sent rashford to west ham on loan after lingard back to united

  • Lingard

  • 0:10 Watch out.It's "MESSI LINGARD"

  • lingaard goat

  • Souček Coufal and now JLingz best thing that could happen for West Ham. Hope they’ll make it to the Champions League🤩

  • i wonder what ManUtd has done to Lingard before? In ManUtd he became a clown, but here in WestHam he become a beast

  • West ham champions league next year? Would be amazing... Portuguese cheers

  • How can I watch wc Qualifier matches?

  • Linggard ni, BUKAN KALENG2 PATEN !!

  • The lord Lingardinho 😇💯💥🔥

  • lingard for the golden boy awards

  • Senior man “iheanocho”. Keep making us proud🇳🇬

  • Senior man “iheanocho”. Keep making us proud

  • :( Please West ham drop points next game

  • from Messi lingard to Leonel Jessi, it will happen soon if Lingard plays like this

  • United love - Jesse

  • Kelechi come back to Mancity. We are waiting for you

  • List of players that back in form since leaving Man Utd: ~ Lingard ~ Lukaku ~ Alexis ~ Young ~ Smalling Maybe Phil jones has to leave this club if he want to get his form back!

  • Werner would have missed the second one

  • 你的林皇无限猖狂

  • If lingard can make west ham through to Champion league... Ole must be very shame


  • Lingod, Lingoat, Cristiano Leo Lingardinho de lima jr.