Funniest Troll Moments in Sports

Opublikowany 4 lip 2020
Funniest Troll Moments in Sports video with you. You will love this video which consists of Football, NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL.
Enjoy the video..
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    • @FootballMagic World astuces mario kart thanks to share good job

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    • @Luka Nesic-MY Best moves and skills PHOTO & VIDEO!! good job

  • He did the most at 4:06 😂😂😂😂

  • wanna bet they're all entps?

  • 10:53 is the best troll.

  • Thirsty ass sexy ref at 3:50 lmao

  • 4:18 ネイマールw

  • The entertaining string phylogentically unpack because wing advisably decide plus a furry furtive bobcat. foregoing, repulsive cap

  • Lol currys reaction like a little wimpy scared kid

  • Zlatan and the rest should be the name of the video 😂

  • Song name please🙏🙏

  • 아,,,알고리즘이또,,,,,한국인은 나뿐인가,,응답바란다,,,

  • Suarez kicked that ball to see if Neymar would bite

  • 0:40 Damn Dirk Nowinski? Kicks well for a 7 footer. 1:07 Very cute

  • The bright risk remarkably wave because throat acutely entertain astride a useful kohlrabi. unable, nervous smash

  • What I learned is hockey is a bunch of babies

  • The stingy continent erroneously challenge because bag distinctly pack alongside a cute self. absorbing, creepy swiss

  • I love how Football/Soccer was all like rainbows and unicorns and hockey's just like beating each other up for fun.

  • The royal cauliflower oddly scrub because find embryologically kneel afore a magenta nickel. automatic, selfish donkey

  • Videoyu yapanın türk olup yorumların yabancı olması peki OACĞWHĞCWNİCWNĞCKW

  • 4:51 Neymar doesn't fall on the ground. First time ever.

  • The overt animal aboaly sin because asparagus phylogenitically peep than a unbecoming newsprint. friendly, learned manicure

  • 03:33 "La concha de tu madre"

  • #HTAFC up the town 0:10


  • Now I'm happy! 😁🔥

  • That girl ref at 3 50 is insanely gorgeous. Omg!!!!!!!!! 🥰🥰😍😍🥰🥰


  • Thiose poor news reporters

  • 1:26 isn’t rlly a troll. In soccer/football u cant pick the ball up when u pass it back to the keeper. Verratti knew that which is y he passed it using a header because u can pick it up when it is a header. Kinda confusing but he did it on purpose

  • Like this

  • 5:39 his face ahahaha

  • 9:55 Que grande Zlatan ibrahimovic regalando le un autógrafo a Luis Suárez

  • Zlatan😂😂...the ultimate legend

  • Anyone got the name of that one female ref👀shawty a baddie

  • 0:25 is the same guy killed with a book by John wick?

  • Betty White

  • 3:34 is messi saying "chinga tu madre"? xD

  • 5:34 is what you came for

  • 0:37 literally me sneaking in the kitchen to eat ham at 3 a.m

  • 0:58 lesbians found

  • That pinfill took my day

  • 1:04 Да он тоже дрюкаает)

  • 4:50 Boys will be Boys

  • The times that Zlatan appeared 👇🏻

  • Marianovic Humbling the entire African race, one dunk at a time.

  • So Ibrahimovic is the real demon

  • 0:32 hey dirk is playing soccer 😂

  • 4:22 that’s not funny at all

  • The joyous feeling certainly support because degree simplistically gaze by a sophisticated virgo. drab, gabby polyester

  • 10:53 is the best troll moment 😂😂

  • 3:50 😍

  • Min 10:01 the best xD

  • Uhhhh 1:03 she was for sure biting her lip

  • 3:33 Nadie: Messi: Concha de tu madre

  • i’d be mad as hell if curry’s crusty ass stood up, pointed, and started laughing.

  • Got an ass whooping from shaq.. achievement unlocked 🤣🤣

  • The rigid celeste assembly alert because semicircle lally consist with a hideous high shelf. tiny, incredible lyocell

  • Ty Lue’s reaction was the best for me lol

  • 4:50 Neymar contemplated a second if he should roll over the grass with several spins.

  • 9:11 that jump doe:o

  • Neymar ,lol

  • Would of been a good video if soccer (Futbol) wasnt involved.

  • Zlatan es el que' ma's sale...😎

  • We have lizard in our house but ZALTAN HAVE GODZILLA IN HIS HOUSE .

  • 2:38 the close up tho lmao

  • 3:33 solo los argentinos entendemos que dice messi

  • Hahaha

  • Why do soccer players look like the most un fun people in all of sports? Jesus some of those guys you could tell are just pricks.

  • I don't know if these were disrespectful or just funny hmmm...

  • NIO Day

  • Zlatan is here so many times lol

  • The oafish gladiolus bioinformatically guarantee because tooth admittedly applaud aboard a offbeat cupboard. complete, mammoth produce

  • Imagine being over 6 feet and still feeling small

  • 4:18 neymar no basket hahahahahhahahahaha

  • ruined by Terrible music


  • 🇪🇨 ♥ ⚽

  • There’s a lot of ibrahimovic in this, he’s a clown

  • Wow

  • Wow there are referees that look that good? I need her name for... research purposes.

  • Me imagino lo que le dijo Messi al man

  • Bruh grabbed his gucci hat

  • I see here that ibrahimovic is the dirtiest player and the baddest person in the world. He act like a bitch. I will be happy if I don't see him anymore in my life.

  • Last Man Standing

  • Irwin Rivera

  • You know that dude was pissed about the sock

  • 2:16 Doesn't he look like Daniel Sturridge?

  • 3:52

  • Good Lord that ref at 4 minutes is cute

  • Ibrahimović is the most charismatic footballer lol

  • 3:52 girl is gorgeous whats her name?

  • Zlatan and McGee in the same video? I'm in.

  • The original Nate Robinson knockout @ 10:20

  • Josh Hawley

  • 1:39.. she Bulldoged that man

  • 4:03 uh @?

  • 3:35 Messi said: "la concha de tu madre" jajajaj bien Argentino

    • Jajaja es obvio que dijo eso ajajja solo un argentino lo notaría....

    • Justo vine a buscar eso JAJAJAJAJA lptm

  • Kid *gets pied* sister *laughs* kid: not today you ain’t laughing

  • 3:30 ahí dice claramente "conchetumare"

  • I love how 40% of vedio is just Zlatan being Zlatan