Free Fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

Opublikowany 31 gru 2020
Khabib Nurmagomedov returned at UFC 254 in October with his undefeated record on the line to face interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje in an emotional performance.
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  • I dont understand what he passed out from, was it from pressure pulling his neck from the rest of his body or was it his airway being blocked, what does it feel ike to be submitted like gaethje, does it hurt alot because it didnt look to painful for him

  • I just came here to see again what a level of bullshit people are talking about khabib losing the 1st round... man,seriously,more significant strikes,takedown ,control and pressure...khabib definitely won that 10-9.. and as always #theGOAT

  • Bakababa

  • Mar mar marmekah

  • Please be the bigger loser baba Innu ne roll kar k papu baba Innu nu khizz kar k kizdi baba

  • Baba ye q baba zinda baba Baba murgha baba murda baba Jinnu ne k kar k girya baba Ninny ne jinnew fir eya baba

  • Popovers

  • Teesri talaver

  • Go rusain

  • Far e fola

  • Haidohnnahh

  • the respect when justin went down to khabib

  • Khabib looks like some drunk street fighter when he's standing up but of course he's legit he just looks wild

  • Khabib is real champ😎

  • Let’s just be real- Justin’s underperformed on the ground!

  • Khabib👑

  • Seeing Khabib fight like this, be this dominant, and level the biggest names in the sport, and still have people call JBJ GOAT over him... Just sickens me. JBJ has bled. JBJ has lost rounds. JBJ cheats. HES EVEN LOST MATCHES. Thiago and Dominick beat him, and only incorrect judging saved him. It's just crap, anytime anyone ever says that.

  • 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

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  • الحمد لله ..

  • Damn man. What a fucking legend

  • That must be very tiring x_x

  • Дух дагестана

  • Win or lose, I’m a huge fan of Gaethje till the very end. Such a great fighter and an even better human being

  • Muslim sejati tidak akan pernah menyombongkan diri, salam dari indonesia

  • Can’t understand how people believe Justin won round 1?? Looked Khabib clearly won. Controlled the centre. Landed multiple strikes. Took him down and controlled him on the ground.

  • That was a superb submission. One of the best.


  • flash tv oyunculuğu.

  • Fun Fact: the GOAT Khabib never fought the same guy twice!

  • Khabib's wrestling is top class.

  • in fact khabib has won the match 30: 0 .... 29 wins from the other ufc player he won the hearts of all of us ...

  • I liked gaethje before this fight and obv i was rooting for khabib but now honestly love and respect gaethje much much more now, taking a loss and going to hug the guy who beat him in under 30 seconds much respect

  • 👍👍👍👍🇹🇷

  • Nice to see such class from both of these gentlemen

  • Khabib was retiring irrespective of the result of this match. He could have broken Justin’s arm with that submission instead he chose to choke him. It served no purpose to him to hurt his opponent. Such a great gesture on his part. The respect for this man only grows.

  • wtf was this round 1 they were like kids

  • Everyone talking crap on Justin's ground game he told everyone he isn't here to wrestle he's here to knock people out he don't even try to get on top of people when he knocks them dowm

  • its so strange to hear the steps of the fighters xd

  • From around 2:15 you can see justin is thinking I can take this kind of pressure it's not so bad 🤣🤣lil did he no pressure was coming like he had never experienced.

  • Love you kabib ❤️❤️

  • I said it before and I'll say it again this was the biggest flop I've ever seen in my life Justin gaethje took a dive they both have the same managers

  • Justin is a fictional fighter

  • ALLAHU AKBAR ☝🏻♏☪️☝🏻🕋ALLAH 1☝🏻🇦🇿🇹🇷☝🏻♏☪️🕋☝🏻✊

  • so much pressure justin was tired in the first round

  • Странно как-то, как будто сам на треугольник залез

  • DC is mad the Taps werent identified.

  • Why was there never a Khabib VS Nate fight? love them both ..Think Khabib would win but never count out Nate Diaz ..

  • They need to fire DC


  • 3:50 when he misses does the head tilt and then charges might be one of the coolest khabib moments IMO 😂

  • DC is only biased when hes around JOE '' THE WORST COMMENTARY'' ROGAN

  • I forgot how well Justin did in that first round. He landed some really big punches, and a lot of nasty kicks. I actually think Khabib was a little bit worried at some points in the first round. Still, it would take inhuman levels of focus and cardio from Justin to keep that gameplay up for 5 rounds. No shame in the performance though. He had a damn good crack.

  • 22/4/2021😦

  • How badass is Khabib submitting him because he didn’t want to smash him in front of his parents.


  • Commentators stfu u too loud

  • Не знаю почему, я плакал вместе с Хабибом

  • He moved like an anaconda by the second take down It took him 27 seconds from standing to referee stoppage

  • زربةة

  • the champ

  • Very underrated chin in the UFC, and Conor said he was a glass jaw back then, I mean look at that adamantium chin with those majestic mane on his jaw. Dude was 29-0 and never get seriously wounded or bleed once ever. One of the best, if not the best, a very rare fighter to ever walk on the earth.

  • Хабиб супер N1

  • Khabib style in the last second of first round like a bear style of fighting

  • Keep boxing.. they are all think he is only good in grappling but he is prepared for all 😂😂😂

  • Countering calf kick

  • Khabib - I am sorry for your suffering as a result of your father's death. You are a good man who strongly loves his family and I hope you find happiness and peace from your loss,

  • You can see from Justin eye how heavy the preasure Khabib put on Justin, justin know that he must put distance from Khabib. He doesnt had confidence to battle in ground and he knew Khabib Will try anything to grab him and take him down. And the stress coming when Justin see that how many punch he strike it but Khabib is always comeback with poker face like it was uneffected. Only in first round Justin already out of breath control, the stress Khabib left when he grab justin before the bell ring is very effected to Justin.

  • А ведь Гейджи стучал, а рефери остановил только после того как тот уснул

  • Красавчик,брат!

  • Khabib makes opponents tired And when opportunity comes it’s all over

  • Khabib was only man in professional competition to put justin to sleep

  • All this man wanted was to be the best fighter in the world,I like how he humoured his opponents fighting style and still proved he could outclass him

  • I love you khabib

  • This fight is so fake ! Look at Justins movement look how he’s throwing punches it just looks so fake !

    • No it isn't just because you can't fight doesn't mean you know anything

  • Je ressens la douleur de la perte de ton père

  • It's so disturbing how little punching Khabib in the face does

  • Justin fought really well. Khabib pound for pound greatest ever in this sport.

  • Nate diaz would give khabib a fight 100%

  • Amazing fight. Justin and khabib are amazing fighters. This was a fight worth being off my seat

  • Ref did a terrible job

  • This why I don’t pay for fight I just wait patiently for the UFC to upload to YT. 😐

  • Why am I nervous even after watching it again and again.

  • Na p ase gije gak bagus.

  • Sometimes when I see Khabib winning on his feet against his opponents like he did for a little here and a lot against Conor, I just think to myself "go for his legs, take him down for god's sake" and then I remember that it's Khabib and I would also rather take a beating from him on my feet than try to take him down 😂

  • 5:36 what? :)

  • Хорошие ребята.. оба..

  • Omg haha!

  • What a champ!

  • Hes good in choking but a boring af fighter to watch.

  • Allahi Baarek proud of you my brother May Allah Do Mercy to Your Daddy

  • Khabib has god like stamina

  • i take khabib 1vs1 ez

  • Only one ☝️

  • 9:04 i remember my stream lagged and cut to this part and I started screaming cause I thought Justin beat Khabib 💀

  • Only for khabib❤️❤️❤️

  • justiN was already done after rd1. completely spent and demoralized

  • Khabib on foot is not bad, but khabib on the floor is a beast.

  • When khabib took down justin for the first,,,Justin said"please help me coach he took me down now what would I do now I'm dead 🥺😟"😂

    • Lol gaethje just isn't interested in wrestling people in the octagon he was 2 time state wrestling champ and bjj black belt im sure he could have done a lot better if he was really interested in wrestling khabib

  • The undefeated Eagle Khabib 👑