Finland vs Russia BRONZE MEDAL FULL GAME | 2021 World Junior Championship

Opublikowany 6 sty 2021
2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Junior Championship
WJC Bronze Medal Game: Finland vs Russia
January 5, 2021 at Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Original Broadcast: Go to TSN
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  • Hi

  • 1:43:19 cyka blyat ???

  • Bruh look at the amount of ads

  • For Finland it is a routine to come home with a medal, gold silver or bronze

  • Corona "almost handshakings" were very funny

    • Lmao exactly why I came here for... So damn awkward

  • SPOILER ALERT!!! Wow ... The desire of Podkolzin! What a heart-breaking accidental penalty to practically end the game.

  • Askarov the best?!?!?! Absurd!!!

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  • Are you going to upload the gold medal game as well?