E-GIRL VS. SOFT GIRL || Cool TIKTOK Trends || Fashion, Makeup And Style

Opublikowany 27 wrz 2020
00:00 Trendy fishnet tights wearing
00:18 Stylish curvy dress
00:54 Makeup for videochat
01:22 E-girl VS. Soft girl makeup
02:30 Girly morning routine
02:40 How to make breast bigger
03:20 E-boy VS. Classic boy
04:47 Shredded pants
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  • or you can just do your makeup after you get your clothes on

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  • 5:04 it's all fun and games until you get a sunburn/tan with a terrible shape

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  • we look much prettyier without make up

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  • When they have no makeup, They are so beautiful,I am Jealousss😭😂

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  • What are my egirl eyes seeing 😭✋🏽

  • At 11:28 do not do this makeup I do makeup for school and the is absolutely terrifying (kids under-aged do not wear this kind of makeup at all!!!)

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  • i would like to say- that is not e-girl ;-; e-girl is emo basically anyone can be it just e-girl or emo is having a whole bunch of crazy looks basically and not trust being "cold hearted" no thats not it they are people who listen to a type of music and show them selves threw it and with there amazing designs e-girl is not where you just dress in all black and dye your hair and act mean thats not e-girl and e-girl is technically goth or alt but alt you can dress in two ways kinda like a really feminine anime girl im not sure and alt is also what i explained for the e-girl stuff and goth- idk how to explain but yea i just wanted to say that bc- sometimes i dress e-girl-ish but not really so yea-

  • I'm soft girl.

  • I got to say, this its not how egirl and soft girl are. They don't even know what type egirl. Egirl has a type not all egirl wear gothic things even soft girl had a diferent type like i said "this is not how egirl and soft girl are"

  • Did I actually click on a 5 min craft video oml

  • It is not hate but this channel is for babies .... sorry for saying it like that but they suck ..... I repeat it is not hate

  • This video's first girl is looks like the curse of sleeping beauty's "Rose"

    • This is not how egirl and soft girl are their many types of egirl and soft girl not all egirl wear gothic things

  • My opinion, I like oversized hoodies more than short hoodies.

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