Don't Be Rude At Work - Learn English with The Devil Wears Prada

Opublikowany 13 pa藕 2020
Today you will learn English with movies with the popular film The Devil Wears Prada. This is a fantastic movie for learning some professional English, and it stars Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.
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    • 'Wanna' Is that an English word?

    • Please. Would you mind to make a " learn english with Naruto"

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  • Please,a lessons with AviaMAX,annaMarie,ALENWALKer....and James charles with ellen

  • Excelentes clases para mejorar y aprender nuevos vocabularios...

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  • Don鈥檛 like your accent

  • This video helps me improving English alot.

  • I deeply understand Miranda

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  • English learning chennel or learning how to behave??

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  • Great way to learn馃憦

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  • hm, only me noted that the presenter resembles to the skater girl from the Californication?

  • OMG, you are so similar to Anne Hathaway 馃槂

  • Startling lesson, as always, I just feel like I can't stand that Miranda. Hopefully you never deal with a woman like that out there peeps, 'cause sadly they do exist in the real world.

  • Perfect.

  • I simply adore this film. I could watch it on a loop. I love Miranda Priestly.

  • Rudeness is Miranda's special competence.

  • Thank you for the lesson!!! It was great!!!!

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  • One of my favorite movie

  • Everyone can you help me for correcting this sentence I don't understand :( because is my homework 1. Example keep your weight, beauty care, and helping to removing toxins in our body. 2. He is different from other father because he could be a father and best friend for has children. 3. The reason why many people should drinking water every morning. 4. lastly, able to speak english it will be consideration matter for us when we do apply for job in a company

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  • Deeply Helpful...This Channel馃檹Cheers to u Guys鉂わ笍from INDIA 馃嚠馃嚦馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔

  • 馃槝MERYL STREEP鉂わ笍is like PRINCESS DIANA..... MERYL could be the best choice to do as 'DIANA' She is having that Esteem Elegance in her Personality馃憤as DIANA had 馃槝

  • Such usefull format! Thank you so much!!!!

  • When you applying for a job don't emphasize a thing when is not related on that particular question if they don't ask unless she said and know your job that you applied."just saying " im not rude im saying its really happening in reality .

  • I love that film

  • Native speaker here. I've never thought of "Who's that?" as rude. "Who's that?" or "Who's she?" could both be rude, but it depends on tone. Although she uses a rude tone here, the words themselves aren't rude. Is this a difference between American and British English?

  • Woahhhh I just watched this movie a while ago!

  • I like this movie and had memorized some of its lines and usually use them beside my Arabic language and the line ( that's all)

  • thank you teacher, we all love your chanel to improve our english who learn english in second language

  • If you understood the instructions you don鈥檛 need course.

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  • Excuse, where is Ethan?

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  • Which accent are you using madam? Is it british or not?

  • Hello,anyone who can tell me what's this movies name ?thank u very much.

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  • This woman is terrible but I like her so much.

  • We need such a butiful movie at least each Hollowern.馃馃馃

  • Thank you very much for your explanation! This is what I have been looking for!

  • Hi guys what's up?

  • What kind of accent is it? British?

  • uuuuhhhh when i was studying english there were no youtube videos like this 馃槀 i had to watch movies without all that explanation and google some phrases myself lol

  • Why did the owner of fashion company ask her prospective employee 'who are you'?instead of 'could I have your name'?But the just graduated woman who 's been interviewing should find out more information regarding to her new job in fashion job or career instead of saying she 's never heard about the company.But one thing it's a Greek to me why the first interviewer woman threw away the interviewee's bag to the floor before letting her to see the owner of fashion company?

  • This made me want to watch the film again! 馃榿 Meryl Streep is brilliant!

    • This makes me want to speak like Miranda

  • please , I want pdf for this lesson .

  • Wow, love your way of teaching English. Deeply thanks you! :)) :P

  • My favorite movie and

  • Wow absuletly perfect

  • Love the explanations of the formal, yet rude speech of Miranda.

  • my best language is english,,i want to be fluent,i am from Algeria,thanks for rhis video,my greetings.

  • can you do something like learn English with stand-up comedy? I just don't understand why people laugh.

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    • Dear try for Google word coach... thats good to enhance your vocabulary... first thing to learn is, grammar

    • I'm pre- 谋ntermed谋ate

  • Well, it's a very insightful and informative episode for me as it concerns a field I'm interested in. The vocabulary is worth an attention as it expands your abilities to express your intentions and claim something. Btw, I've noticed a hidden philosophy of the episode: an interview is not only about your qualifications, but also about your art of negotiating and pretending to be the best one. It becomes clear when we've seen how Miranda showed zero interest in Andi's background even though she might be a proficient worker: Andi cannot convince Miranda enough so that she gives up her rudeness and listens carefully. It means this channel may help us a bit to do better not to repeat Andi's mistakes (it won't make us gurus speaking, of course).

  • I looove this film

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  • My favourite movie. Thanks you so much to share this lesson with us. On the other hand i would have liked to see more new vocabulary/slangs/collocations in the lession

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  • Wao beautiful Girls

  • It was very interesting for me. Thank you for you content!

  • I love this background music.

    • @Roberto Abrego Thank you very much,I found it. 馃

    • The movie music score was composed by Theodore Shapiro. You can find it on PLthrow or Spotify!

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  • "I think that depends on what you're..." Could anybody tell me what words Andy would have said if she hadn't been interrupted by Miranda?

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