DOMINATING the $10,000 Among Us Tournament with the Best Players! | xQcOW

Opublikowany 7 lis 2020
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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 24 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.
DOMINATING the $10,000 Among Us Tournament with the Best Players! | xQcOW


  • weirdchamp

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  • This guy is so trash... 😂 he was reading chat and still loses.... SMH 🤦‍♂️ Finishes 6th hahahahha

  • Hey! I enjoyed the content so much. The skit at 15:32 is my fav. You should totally collaborate with Bad Friends! Their vids really are like the Vlog Squad mixed with a blend of Mike Majlak! You should definitely check out their YT out and give the vloggers a subscribe! 👉 #ShockingBadFriends

  • Who had $10k to give away in the first place?

  • i wish he would lighten up just a bit playing, hes always a bit too tense i think

  • I heavily dislike Moe in among us

  • 3:06:51 idk why this is so funny to me but it's like he's trying to spam report and he's just clicking nothing lol

  • yo x stop picking yellow, u barley get imp for a reason man

  • I loved the jester gameplay at the end but for the love of god xqc when you trying to bait votes just vote yourself instead of skipping, seeing you tie it 3 times in a row was hilarious but also painful haha

  • Good job using your stream sniping chat to "dominate"

  • this guy reminds me of ninja when ninja gets toxic

  • Chaotic evil gameplay LMAO

  • lol thats tee grizley

  • 38:50

  • 15:39 teegee is vent?

  • These are definitely not some of the best players. Only one i can account for is 5up. Where valkrae,toast,sykunno etc?

  • Say what you want about xQc, but he is funny as hell

  • 7:59 We will all remember, when xQc said: "iohiofhsjlakhfldshdfsufhuidshfdshuihdsfusidhh"

  • XQC the only one with brainsssss.

  • 2:56:46 3:08:17

  • 2:34:00 lmao

  • I have just now tried to watch xqc and seriously how does anyone watch this dude he goes full bitch mode when one thing doesn't go his way. To me that's the definition of a pussy. I feel bad for everyone who has to play with this dude

  • do you realize that its a game you get so mad when you die its funny I simple watch your channel to see you get mad because its so funny and no I'm not subscribed you have horrible sportsmanship your a giant sore loser and you talk to damn fast half the time you say shit I cant understand it and you interrupt everyone not a good fit for a gamer

  • 2:16:30 chat spam

  • this edible aint shit:

  • Did he try to stream snipe tho?

  • 2:25:24. This is past D’Najai giving future D’Najai the time stamp I left off so future me can come back and continue where I left off

  • The real title should be Dominating a $10,000 stuttering tournament

  • Didn’t think I’d see tee grizzly pop up

  • So salty omg

  • aids

  • Why did this show up on Leah ashes channel

  • More like Malding Among Us

  • 7:19

  • Xqc crewmate gets killed early* Xqc: This is good, this is good Xqc impostor gets voted out early" Xqc: This is good, this is good Also xqc: gets 6th place

  • Does this kid always play like this 😅😬

  • I hope this Moe guy has a horrible Christmas

  • American dad raised my friend once. You didn’t ask I know

  • I was there for the whole tourney, shit was too hilarious with x trolling

  • Xqc you were just trolling honestly

  • 27:00 bro he didnt do key... at this point dont get mad that people sus you if you dont do the common task

  • 1:11:12

  • Such a crybaby

  • 55:49

  • Holy fuck this guys too fucking competitive 😂 seems like he would be horrible to play with. Have to slow down his audio to 0.75x to understand him when he’s really mad too 😂

    • He actually isn't horrible to play with Either way that's super fucking Subjective

    • Clicking new comments and seeing xQc haters is actually fucking pain

  • Dean Pepepains X honestly has to stop playing with dean, on top of dean being an anti masker he also is just so incredibly fucking annoying because he just acts like hes 5head the entire time when he will just accuse people with little to no base... Dean just ends up interrupting the flow of the game.

  • Wow they really playing with teegrizz lol, that’s what lit

  • i don’t see toast in there so it ain’t the best players🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Agree and Disagree Toast is definitely Amazing but he ain't the "best player" and also isn't that his choice to not enter in the first place

  • Love how he didn’t even say anything about dying for most of the first round and a bunch of losers were spamming “BabyRage they killed me first”

  • xqc more agro and accusive as impos its so obvious

  • That’s a lot of ads

  • He reminds me of ninja for some odd reason 😅


  • bet youtuber in the world nocapp

  • Tee Grizzley?

  • 1:51:32 if anyone can understand anything anyone in the background is saying right here I would be very amused to know what that may be

    • Either way the chaos is what makes it fucking entertaining

    • Everyone else didn't talk and You can't understand Adept since her mic was fucked



    • 5up: Hey M0XY when you said to votw I thought you were gonna tie it their that's why i was forced to speak up cause I heard 3 people talking and we needed to vote x there

  • cringe

  • Watching xqc and everyone who plays with him is cancer, so bad and so toxic

    • Nah it's genuinely entertaining One of the best things I've ever seen If you think theirs bad blood their you need to grow up dude

  • 39:40 “ I’m not even near the body” .. they never said where the body was.. is this a tournament ?

  • xqc:DOMINATING THE $10,000 Among Us Tournament with the "Best Players" AmericanDad over here: hUAh

  • this is basically a comp of x talking to a wall

  • Xqc was really really fucking irritating.

  • Meanwhile - "I'm just going to cheat one more round"

  • xqc still clicking the temp task instead of holding PepeLaugh

  • xQc's chat is a bunch of retards ong, when Moe was pointing out that xQc was gonna rag him the entire game because Moe, shat on him last game, xQc's chat, starts saying "Moe's mad" when in reality its literally true, I love xQc's chat but man is they're dumb asf sometimes. Same goes for xQc, he literally throws the game or baby rages so much, its actually annoying.

  • Unpopular opinion. Xqc is the least fake least 2 faced out of alllll of these among us groups. Atleast he is himself consistantly

  • Moe with the 2 for one: the 0 head and the ego

  • 3:00:00 is rhe best troll game ever

  • AmericanD literally 0 kills. X had to tank that game weirdchamp. So bad.

  • That’s why you don’t try to argue with X bro. Soon as Moe opened his bitch ass mouth he got CLAPPED!

  • these definitely aren’t the best players in among us

    • Extesy literally i mean everyone has their own opinion on who the best player is like😐 it’s not that serious

    • @McKenzie being the best player is based on opinion? Not at all. Why do you think there are tournaments in stuff like sports? You see who the best player is and throw the opinions away. Nobody cares about your opinion. We care about the facts

    • Extesy I think at least 5up and rae should’ve been in this. Saying people are the “best players” is based on opinion anyways so idk why ur coming at me lmao

    • Extesy i’m talking about everyone, Train is a good player but everyone else? idk ab that.

    • Train has gotten 1st place in 2/4 tournaments and 2nd in another. You probably watch corpse or toast and think they’re good

  • is this the actual tee grizzly

  • I don't watch xqc I've only just started watching him a few days ago, but is he really toxic and rude orrrrrrrrr am I just weird

    • Ur good. Just dont cry about it

  • pro party game player Omegalul

  • 3:09:33 Fake they're Roommates obviously

  • someone said "play among us" at around 2:52:00 and I fucking laughed my ass off

  • Come on man, it was soo cancerous to watch. Why can't people play cool...just hard stacking...malding and shit. I turned the video down halfway through.

  • This was a shitshow....hard stacking, xqc malding...soo bad

  • This is dominated???

  • Ngl this has to one of the best among us vods to ever exist that ending was the funniest thing ever

  • Did i just see that Tee Grizzley is in this 😂🤔

  • XqC calling 5up "unskilled" and "brain dead" is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. 5up is one of the best players at this game, XqC is straight up trash. XqC is toxic at the best of times but by CHRIST he goes off the toxicity scale when there's money on the line.

    • 5up stan Pepepains

    • @Swift Aura Then why is he so concerned about winning the tournament? Why is he hell bent on sabotaging the other players? Your comment would have been taken more seriously had you used a realistic number.

    • Wdym hes already a quadrillionaire why would he worry about the money

    • It is money

  • Thnx now I can finally have a goods night sleep

  • 1:09:19 imposter, Amercian Dad n X - 1:28:26, Bonnie n Clyde - 1:38:52, X n Classify

    • He played a pretty funny crew mate though should watch the whole video

  • This tournament was making people mad 😂 but I mean 10k is 10k

  • This video kinda cheesed me. Was hoping to see 3+ hours of actual among us games, not Felix third impostering non stop, boring games where he does nothing. 🙃


  • Moe was malding

  • "dominating".... sure...

  • Title: Dominating against the best players! Bren: So yeah I played this map like 5 times before.

  • he is better crewmate then imposter he is really not that good imposter

  • Why is xQc so damn toxic like jesus

  • 1:33 BlessRNG 3Head

  • xQc’s “trolling” was a legit strat, y’all just upset he placed top 10

  • 1;16,40 actually deserved

  • So how is Toast not in the topic of being best players. He is a lot better than half this lobby


  • 2:13:52 badobadobudalu

  • This is what happens when you try to turn a casual mobile game, meant to be played with friends or randoms, into a competitive tournament on pc, with the "best players".