Creative and Highest IQ Plays in Sports

Opublikowany 7 lip 2020
Creative and Highest IQ Plays in Sports! Tennis, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Cricket etc. SUBSCRIBE for more ..
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Dele Alli, Roger Federer, Mesut Özil, Lebron James, Alexander-Arnold, Lionel Messi etc.
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  • Baya iyi♥

  • 2:44

  • Оторвите руки тому что монтаж такой сделал, у меня кровь из глаз

  • Videonun sonunda çalan müziğin ismi nedir

  • Я из России

  • 4:33 bro, my eyes hurt now

  • Football player and IQ in thé same sentence = bug

  • Из-за дебильных и неуместных эффектов, половина моментов непонятны

  • Neymar against villareal...

  • 1:08


  • Worst edit i´ve seen in a long time

  • 4:34 was the edit necessary 😒😒

  • stupid editing and zooming makes this video difficult to view

  • Satanic footballers accompanied with satanic music.

  • en algunas jugadas hay inteligencia...en otras "solo" habilidad ...MAL TITULO

  • My God .... lose the garbage and just play the clips!

  • Highest IQ and sports are as impossible a combination as a hard one on my granddad.

  • Name of music

  • Cant believe you included the last clip of a goalie simulation injury. That is the worst part of soccer.


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  • Solo le agregaría en el deporte norteamericano

  • Would love it, without the Lebron nuts.

  • Way to ruin 75% of the video.

  • When did Micheal Bay start making these videos?😏

  • Editor: How many visual effects do you want? Retarded boss: YES

  • @PLthrow your advertisement kills the video.

  • Repetitive motor skills have nothing to do with IQ.

  • 5:20 гол не считается если забит с углового!, если б не вратарь :-(

  • Waiting for the high IQ parts.

  • Garbage music for looters?

  • Where is Ronaldinho R10 giving a goal assistance with his back??? A lot of normal football skills being shown here and that genial moment forgotten :(

  • First time I dislike a video. Dude, what's with the blurry effect?

  • Thanks

  • what is that Surf song?

  • Esses efeitos são ridículos.. nenhum lance precisa dessa edição tosca. Fica uma merda pra assistir. Vídeo lixo!

  • This edits are crap and hard to watch!

  • The sport videos are distracting me from all the effects and music that I wanted to listen to.

  • Es cociente... No coeficiente

  • That 360* tho @ 1:00 🙆🏽🙆🏻🙆🏽🙆🙆🏿🤦🏾🤷🏾🤷🏽‍♂️

  • John Barnes' rapping has improved!

  • Actually the name of the video and the edit reveals the low IQ of the owner. Isn’t it ironic?

  • Very nice video I loved it

  • Very cool when you put some weird, flashy edit in just when the cool thing is happening. Nobody is here to see your editing skills. People are here to see the cool sports moments. Keep it simple.

  • The Kucherov!

  • No Totti. No Party!

  • Nome da segunda música ?

  • Horrible Music

  • The edits dont bother me. The music does.

  • Unnecessary effect killed main part of some skills

  • I'd agree with most of the comments but I forgive you for including caley thistles goal.

  • The edits are awful. Why.

  • 250+ IQ. !!!!

  • if you wanna vomit watch this video again and again...and where the heck do you pick up such bad music...i mean it's a pitty cause you have selected a very good samples of beautifull actions but the music, the effects just ruins it.

  • what the hell with the special effect??

  • Messi ❤️

  • Messi Seventh Pichichi Award

  • La NBA en exclusivité...

  • Lütfen efekt kullanma izlenmiyor

  • Préciser QI supérieur à la moyenne du monde du foot

  • You mean to say footballers have better IQ than any other sports? I agree!

  • Itu arsenal vs apa, gua lupa dlu waktu pas itu saya nntn, mantep bener

  • Some good video totally F'd up by your immense boredom. Just play the clips and quit deluding your Scorsese wanna be self.

  • Why you show Özil in this Video...i thought it should you IQ games... Özil is just a stupid guy

  • Irritated by the effects

  • 보라는건지 말라는건지 편집 어지럽네

  • 50% of moments unable to see 'cause crap camera shaking 75% of moments are just skill and teamplay, nothing about smart moves 100% of moments making my ears bleeding out

    • Total is 225% good maths 😁😅😃

    • Don't watch

  • This 'music' annoying...

  • What skill has to do with an IQ?

  • The edits are CRAP... makes it VERY difficult to watch... Less is more.

  • great video... but the music sucks!....i recommend you other kind of music otherwise looks exactly like the rest of the sports videos

  • Horrible effects. Impossible to watch till the end. Sorry. Never more.

  • 2:52 lucky goal 0 IQ 0 skill

  • eso se llama tener coeficiente? el más alto? se nota que muchos no están en la mente de la gente que si tiene este CI

  • Change the music bro

  • Crap song !

  • 2:30😎 boss mode from James

    • 8:35 troll mode against James :)

  • Min 7:10 asensio se tira a la piscina, el rival le ayuda a levantar y el madrid marca un gol, aprovechandose, esos son los valors de los merengues jajajajaaja que no vendan la moto,equipo señorio.....

  • First song,please...

  • Первый трек плиз)))

  • frustrating to watch. worse to listen to

  • You couldn’t add more special effects? I was hoping to not be able to see any of the video, but there were a few seconds that weren’t edited.....

  • 06:56 : Me playing FIFA

  • Superb😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Stupid music kills the mood to keep watching the video

  • Lose the music.

  • Ehre

  • Song name's plz.......

  • Sorry, but too many scenes are ruined by the edits/effects. It´s difficult to see the magic when you´re editing it out or switch the sides on that moment. Let the magic speak for itself next time and don´t edit it out. Some of the reactionsensitives sports are just in the review spotable. sorry not sorry.

  • this soundtrack is just awful

  • Stupid video editing

  • Just play the clip and reduce freaking edit and weird ass songs

    • @Ur moda I think it makes it 10x worst

    • The songs make the whole video 10 times better bruh

    • @Ali Sherri oh I'm sorry, it's my choice not yours

    • Dont watch

  • 8:34 mbape old😂😂

  • IQ and soccer... « Fatal error has occurred ».

  • 진짜 지랄맞게도 편집했다...

  • Sports Video ✔️ Soccer ✔️ Mute Button ✔️

  • я ору, у тебя есть моменты где вот месси обычный штрафной забивает и это не 10000000000000тайкью, посмотритри что в волейболе вот это 1000000000 айкью

  • 1:57 , whaaaat a Beautiful goooooal ohhhhh my godness, it's a wonderful goal, 400IQ

  • Stupid editing