Craziest Car Crash Compilation - Terrible driving fails of 2020

Opublikowany 27 maj 2020
Terrible Drivers Of 2020
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Clips in the video


  • Engine flew out the car in the first video woot!?! 🤯

  • 1:13 fakest shit ive ever seen

  • Ok wow we're starting this video off strong.

  • Who else watches these just for fun then gets like righteously angry about how idiotic some people are?

  • “Put it in reverse Terry!” 😭😭

  • I was getting really frustrated trying to figure out why the cops weren't shooting that guy to stop him and potentially save people's lives and then they said LAPD and I realized it's in commiefornia where you're not allowed to defend anybody but the criminal 🙄

  • #28 at 15:00 that dude is listening to/watching a video by "Star Wars Comics" youtube channel! One of my fav channels so I picked his voice up easy.

  • This is what half of these people are thinking, "should I hit the break pedal and avoid an accident or jam the gas pedal and total my car?" And like 90% of the time they jam the accelerator instead of the break pedal 😂

  • 24:50 He's driving a mustang

  • What is CHAM and why do you want to stop it???

  • 6:31 thats why supras get more and more expensive

  • I swear most of these drivers were drunk, high, or stoned. Wouldn't be surprised if it turned out many of these vehicles were stolen.

  • Some peoples driving skills are just amazing 🤦🏻‍♀️ I bet some even got their license from a cereal box🤡

  • Damn! That female is crazy! She tried to literally crush and kill him. He got so so lucky there! OMG! 😲

  • Terri just did that!

  • No 10 👌 😂

  • omg the supra crash had me like wowed....

  • Some people should just be brought behind the building and be put to sleep! Seriously. Better them than me

  • So the biker can be a dumb ass but the guy in the jeep isn’t allowed

  • im convinced no one in russia knows how to drive

  • 17:30 🚳 dumb fuk: you notice there is no lane for you?

  • I'll never understand people in trucks with 4 wheel drive running from the cops and staying on the road where the cop cars are faster than them, why not use that trucks greatest advantage it has over the cops normal cars and go off road?

  • Who TF tries to drift a Chrysler 200?

  • 6:35 that's gotta hurt the supra fan boys

  • 2:09... If only that bar had come down sooner this all could've been avoided

  • I hate when people cut you off then stop ... keep going instead of staring as if you weren’t wrong

  • Drivers that get into accidents because they ignore "right-of-way" make my blood boil.

  • #21 should have stayed with the messed up truck 😂

  • 1506 lmao clone wars

  • 1:15 - Attempted murder???????????

  • Do these people look out of the windshield?

  • They fucked that Volkswagen up

  • The parking garage😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • That poor supra.

  • Doesn't matter how much cyclists are in the right or how much the driver is charged or if he goes to jail. The cyclist is still crippled for life or dead.

  • 3:33 Damn bruh that was like Vontaze Burfict going at Antonio Brown.

  • I’m guessing most of them was woman drivers

  • 24:49 must be in Texas or some southern state or Alberta Canada. LOL.

  • 1:10 You thought, YOU had a bad day? Him: Hold my bear

  • 1:13 Terry is one crazy chick!

  • 15:08 this is a man of culture...

  • 1:32 is me in every driving game

  • 9:04 damn they get worked up

  • the first cars whole damn engine came out

  • I just wanna say the camer on clip 20 got a good music taste

  • My respect for the biker at 3:19 📈📈📈📈📈

  • 12:08 view discretion is advised how?

  • 1:15 lucky not so lucky

  • Eckhartsladder 15:00

  • The car crashes prior to 2020 were worse. seemingly.

  • 10:00 - That Buick(?) which is an Opel/Vauxhall Insignia in Europe, which is doing burnouts in the parking lot, how is it RWD? The same car in Europe is FWD wtf?

  • min. 0:10 ha de ver estado bien cocaino, mariguano el de la minivan, drogo, borracho, a saber que

  • 1:38 this is why foreigners, old asses and people who somehow pass the eye test shouldnt even br allowed to be one the road. period

  • 18:00 had me cringing so hard

  • The supra 😭

  • I do not wish harm to anyone. It's hard however to have sympathy for bicyclists on the road, man just dont

  • 22:30 well that’s one way out of traffic

  • Terry needs anger management and a jail cell.

  • Solid Starwars lore on #28

  • 19:57 anyone know the name of the music?

  • #4 is the reason why women shouldn't drive... like fore real

  • Terry just did that guys

  • I resent that. That happened to my friend and I as we were saying hello to a friend of ours who were driving past us. We were at almost too bicycle speed when our peddles entangled. You will be at ease to hear there was No blood just laughing on ground.

    • Oh and broken bottle of rum that were in my bike bag

  • 2:44 karma went “hello”

  • The Geiger counter going off in the first video lets us all know that stuff is about to get real.

  • Idk what it is about us Americans, but most of of us can't control our road rage lol

  • 01:03 old evidence 01:12 take a new evidence 😂😂😂

  • Why is the girl in 9:04 so scared she’s not even in the accident and shes petrified

  • Unless its a bike lane, bikers in the road are irritating...

  • Number 2 should be a truck commercial

  • 4:48 🖕🚴‍♂️💥🚴‍♂️😂 Karma

  • Thank you for speeding up the pursuits! I hate videos were it goes on for 20 min.


  • if you’re going to post a car CRASH compilation, don’t make 60% of them close calls. seriously how is no one commenting on this

  • 18:15 "What happened?"

  • 3:36 Definitely fatal

  • Lmao the 3rd clip made me jump i did noy expect her to try n ram him

  • woah rocket league with no ball

  • 21:50 hell yeah some metal fans listening to Metallica - The unforgiven

  • How disappointing hearing All of the "F- - - - - - -g' foul mouthed exclamations here, I won't be Listening to it Any More, really, I Shall Not Listen at All, just Watch... What did I learn? Too Fast is the main fault, and crossing in front of opposing traffic, two big No, No's,,!! I Love the Rain by the way,,, quite pleasant. The verse for the day would Have to be "Be anxious for Nothing, but in All things Give Thanks" Phil.4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the Peace of God, which surpasses All Understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Phil.:6 God Bless Everyone !

  • the daughter of that mom was freaking out!! i mean i would be too :(

  • So funny when the idiot cyclists crash , this video deserves 10 stars pmsl ....

  • Automatic thumbs down for Russia clips on a supposedly USA, Canada, UK video.

  • Did the dumb dude at 7 get his plate?

  • #15 good observation to get out of the way there.

  • I think the third clip was an attempt to commit morder ... Holly shit

  • 24:47 クソワロタ

  • is that a supra ?

  • 4:09 the man was lucky to be alive!!

  • that dude on the bike cant say shit he didn’t have the right away what so ever

  • Definitely, I will never understand why cops need to be 8 or 10 on ONE GUY, ok the guy is a fckin idiot but, imagine this guy wear a bomb on him? Hum? That will make more death than whatever

  • First guy managed to both T-bone and get T-boned

  • i vote to have all news casters on fast forward, all the time. For EVERYTHING

  • The driver of the vehicle in #10 reminds me of the idiot who made this video

  • I remember we just got back from a family dinner late at night, and there was this car in front of us swerving like crazy on the highway, everyone avoiding him and it was crazy. We were stuck with the police switching channels and stuff over and over again for more than an hour. In the end we just hung up and left. Since they were doing nothing about it. Honestly, I don't understand why an innocent life needs to be lost just to be able to report these hazardous people

  • Friend was riding his bike with his dog in a trailer & some tard threw a bottle & knocked him out.

  • 6:34 Not the Supra 😢

  • 4:55🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 17:04 you cant have both the road and the pedestrian crossing can you???

  • Ah nice to see a good clip compilation of Tucson, AZ (#49)