Corpse & Dream SIMP for imposter Sykkuno | PROXIMITY CHAT Among Us ft. Toast, Rae, Couragejd, & more

Opublikowany 4 gru 2020
Sykkuno :
Corpse Husband :
Dream :
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00:00 Sykkuno & BrookeAB imposter win
12:54 Corpse & Ludwig imposter win
20:31 Corpse & Dream imposter win


  • sykkuno x corpse x dream, an iconic trio

    • Im simping for both corpse and dream.

    • Their like Harry, Ron and hermione

    • I think I got a ship name Creamkunno (C)orpse D(ream) Sy(kunno)

    • @• The Mom • oh ok sorry, I said Dream team because they were using that but ok

    • @Classical Piano The Dream Team is actually Sapnap, George, and Dream.

  • I love when corpse kills the last person while saying im just happy to be here

  • *sykkuno being imposter* literally always covers his mouth when he's imposter.

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  • Sykkun X Corpse X Dream, an iconic trio

  • It was a "privit affair", dont go in any hedges with him lol

  • 14:53 Awww dammit the subscribe button thingy covered the screen so we couldn't see anything! :(((

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  • Corpse did you mincraft

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  • Is this a channel that is by Sykkuno and Corpse? Cause its called Corpsekkuno

  • 11:50 I would have just been like "Alright Brookie, Dream, lets vote out Rae!"

  • Some story ’bout a teapot, the devil and the king imposter

  • Sykkuno managed to create a 4th impostor. POG

  • "hey i have a-steroids"

    • ok sorry lmao

  • 13:09 a k. T i n g

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  • I know EXACTLY what it feels like to be in Sykunno’s position 😂.

  • Hate how he covers his mouth

  • no its sykkuno and corpse because corpse got jealous of sykkuno and dream thats why corpse killed sykkuno in one of the rounds

  • The way Corpse casually walked in at 6:19

  • im poster

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  • corpse and dream, when sykkuno kills in front of them: yall see smth? :) sykkuno, later, with no hard proof: IT'S CORPSE AND DREAM!!! IT'S CORPSE AND DREAM!!!! CORPSE AND DREAM!!!!

  • Oof

  • I don't sub to people who steal

  • Gotta love it when channels get all of their subscribers from other peoples videos

  • Wow the faceless PLthrowrs lol

  • Rename: To faceless bois simp for a imposter bean

  • im new to this channel is this a ship channel

  • this video is so wholesome and cute 😩🙏

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  • he siad some awww shish

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 🤣🤣😍

  • Sykunno: Literally kills infront of Corpse and Dream Corpse and Dream: Lets pretend we didn't see that

  • Is that a black eye Sykkuno

  • Proximity chat really opened up the possibilities and the potential for this game and I am here for it.

  • 3:10 corpse plays on his guitar guys 🥺

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  • Proximity chat is better than normal among us

  • Me After Getting A Win In A Among Us: “LETS GO BOIZ”

  • I’m starting to realize that Sykkuno has an affect on IQ 9000 people without faces

  • 25:14 sounds like corpse is a main character in a noir style movie

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  • I actually almost peed my pants and im sirious

  • the "lets go boys" gets me everytime im glad sykkuno was enjoying himself

  • does anyone have the link for the full ver of the first clip?

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  • 24:22 sykkuno's fading "courage, he's after me" was so adorable 😭😭

  • awwwhh, such loyal friends

  • I barely noticed that at almost every thumbnail it has Sykkuno in it

  • 18:45 I like hiw everyone was together except for corpse yet no one threw shade at him

  • How do they do this proximity chat? Like how does it work?

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  • 10:39 THAT LAUGH THO

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  • Sykkuno be attractin' the masked bois lol

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  • 3:28 lol brooke counting asteroids to fake it was so funny


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  • Red SYkkuno is a new man

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  • finally corpse is on the vid

  • dream simps just as much for impostor sykkuno as he does for impostor george

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  • throat damaging...: OOHHHH JEE'SUS'

  • I need someone to play with so i can pull off a 4th impostor. me being the 4th impostor

  • 9:37 “let’s go boys” *Sykkuno enjoying his time being imposter while dream and corpse simp for him XD*

  • Poor Corpse 🥺

  • But every time Dream morphs into a teapot I just can’t

  • why cant i see the amount of subscribers

  • Corpse saying “I’m cool in cool in cool I’m cool” 😂😂😂


  • I would N E V E R

  • Dream: whheeeEEEEEEZZZZEEEeeeee

  • This could be a story and the title is *"Sykkuno and his two face less simp"*

  • 1:40 when he said hey lupo my Google home went off next to me lmaoo

  • george be like: 👁 💧👄👁 💔💔💔

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  • is there corpse’s pov?

  • 14:18

  • 10:38 Valky: “dream.” Dream/Clay: *dies of wheezing*

  • 10:38 OMGG WHOS LAUGH WAS THATT?!?! 🤣🤣🤣

  • 14:22 Hahahahahaha 😆

  • Dream has stuff to say being both an impov and cremate but couldn't talk when he simps for Sykkuno loll

  • I actually meant everybody

  • Dream it lucky that BBH is not there

  • I love how everyone acknowledges that sykkuno and Corpse simp for each other

  • May I know which stream this is?

  • Well atleast sykkuno didn’t interrupted her download and that what I called is a 👍🏻 imposter

  • sykk was red .. his worst enemy :0 aka @ValkyRae haha

  • your name is kinda cringe