Compensator 3 - The INSANE Zero Compromises Build is Back!

Opublikowany 9 mar 2020
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The compensator series is back, and this time, it's AMD all the way baby!
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  • i will give you one dollar for it

  • rip jack to nice for linus

  • I can finally play Microsoft Flight Simulator at 12 FPS.

  • Imagine two 3090 running 8k

  • Where do I sign up to join LTT and what are the job benefits and incentives

  • Can this run minesweeper?

  • Hi! big fan of your videos keep up the good work I wish I had a good PC I can barely play any game everything is lagging just can't enjoy playing 😞 one of them is CSGO! 20-30FPS...

  • i will create an invisible case which i will sell it for 10000$

  • Its ugly af

  • the average person dont have $1500 to spend on a PC let alone $22k

  • I can't help but feel like the case is a security measure to prevent your PC from being stolen, cause there's no way that a single guy is gonna lug that thing down the street to their car. lol

  • That moment when linus’s pc case costs more than my entire setup

  • Nvidia employees must have watched this with a shit eating grin

  • Welp this didnt age well

  • the screws cost more than my pc

  • V4 is needed with the 30 series

  • No more lag excuse for being suck now

  • Do they make these just to make me feel bad about my pc?

  • What if that case was black?

  • This would look so much better with duel founder edition RTX 3090s

  • Ps5 ready to upstage in 3, 2 , 1

  • seriously, soft water tubes in this rig?

  • 17:23

  • Linus: Uses 64 cores Processor Me laughing at 2 core Processor

  • Can anyone tell me if my pc is good it’s called - Skytech blaze II Ryzen 7 2600 super

  • I like how he leaves all the links for the parts in the description like he expects that we can afford it 😂

  • Will this system be powerful enough to play Legend of Kyrandia?

  • what did he say, with out the subtitle, that sounded different. 3:09.

  • I don’t know where “It’s too angsty for Vader though, more for Kylo Ren” came from but I couldn’t agree more

  • That is cool and all, but I don't think it can run minecraft linus

  • I want to see this upgraded with Zen 3, 2 RTX 3090s running ( I just realised this sound like running in the 90's) in sli and an epic monitor, mouse pad and mouse, keyboard and headset.

  • 16:05 the awkward moment of working with someone taller then you Edit: technically 16:06

  • How much fps for csgo low settings 1280x960?

  • I'm watching this with a windows vista pc and a ps2 next to it.. bruh

  • LMAO he really said its heavier than my wife 💀 someone slept on the couch

  • ayo this was posted on my b-day

  • 7:13 my face: my soul:

  • I came, I saw, I came again

  • Linus: building a pc +20.000$ not even that impressed Me: trying to run gta san andreas on lowest specs on an old imac

  • *Laughs in poor*

  • Lmfao Ampere destroys this

  • And denis is still going to find a way to take it

  • That's not a case, that is art!

  • Wish they also used a massive monitor and rainbow keyboard

  • My pc is called compromisator

  • Can it run Crisis?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • That what my parents think I want to get when asking them to buy me a normal PC for 6 years of waitings, but I'm probably thinking about less than 1000$ one xD

  • You should have used trident z royals. Would have been a perfect fit with the case.

  • The mobo is more expensive than my pc



  • ugly!

  • Yo linus can i have this to replace my 512 vram laptop 🤧🤧🤧

  • Can you send me a custom pc that I could give to my friend for his birthday, he has been such a good friend to me for so long and has been stating for years that he has been wanting a gaming computer.

  • will it run windows 95 i need an upgrade

  • Is it a case or a table base

  • 18:30 what game is this?

  • Oh, what I'd do for a rig that powerful...

  • I can already see Compensator 4 coming in with RTX 3090

  • By the time you can build the best gaming pc infinite money can buy it's already 3 months out of date. Lol

  • It looks like a arcade in that pc.

  • 9:33 me after no nut November is over

  • want

  • They taste like hard drive mounts.. 😆☠️

  • Linus, pls send me a good gaming PC, I'm poor and wish I had a hell of a gaming PC

  • now just shove 2 RTX 3090’s in there

  • I got an ad for Pulseway starring Linus before this vid

  • Me watching with a shitty computer

  • my computer downloads a single steam game 168 kb per sec now im dying inside knowing something can go 100+ gb per sec

  • So when is the giveaway?

  • Yout trying to share?

  • minecraft rtx on, finally

  • i wanna see how much dust can take

  • Im litteraly crying while watching this from a 300,- pc rn

  • Now you can remake this video but with 3090ti

  • the compensator is not compensating any more, need more compensation, compensator 4 perhaps?

  • Whats the song at 19:00 ?

  • one ssd is expensive than my whole pc

  • Please review an 8Pack system. The cases aren't as crazy but the systems are!

  • This has to be the least cool-looking, cool-looking case there is.

  • Imagine the people from 2900 watching this video laughing at how slow this pc is

  • this is the way

  • Here is the most important question: how are you gonna move it

  • can i have it?

  • My lawd, that must be the ugliest case I've ever seen.

    • Eh I feel like the RGB vomit didn't do it justice

  • can't find this case anywhere

  • now try minecraft with is

  • Ugh! This thing is hideous!

  • Dang it, Dale!

  • I can't wait for Compensator 4 when zen 3 becomes available (and probably radeon 6000 too *crossfingers*)

  • Beautiful PC. It would hate my dogs' hair.

  • 6:08 thats a nut

  • What does Linus do with his computers after he builds them

  • But can it run crysis??????

  • i think its time for an update...

  • were do all of the pcs even go ?

  • Because of how bad the case looks if he offered this pc to me for free i wouldn’t take it 😂

    • Boy ur spoiled just buy a new case

  • The size! I fell like Thanos will have this PC as a family computer

  • I can literally build a very capable gaming PC in the price of Only one main components of this build.

  • Linus: It's the fastest pc you can buy if you have the 20k dollars RTX 3090: hey!