SPACE TRIP II [ Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix ]

Opublikowany 7 gru 2017
Our trip will never end.
0:00 Xtract - Audiotool Day 2016
3:55 Alison - space echo
7:25 Volt Age - Volt's Theme
13:12 Lucy in Disguise - Southbound
18:05 Lucy in Disguise - Echoes In Time
23:15 HOME - Flood
26:53 De Lorra/Augustus Wright - Let Us
31:09 bl00dwave - Encounters
33:51 Emil Rottmayer - T.I.M.E ( Part 2 )
40:12 oDDling - Early Bird
43:22 hello meteor - at last light
GIF: from the anime Megazone 23

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  • 350, 621, 734, 216, 350, 621, 734, 216, ...

  • Great mix until PLthrow bastardized it with ads Avery five minutes.

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  • Don't scroll through the comments. You'll end up liking everything.

  • The song from 0:00 to 3:55 inspired me to get back to music production 3 years ago Thank you

  • I always think I like a certain genre than I really realize I like certain youtuber's upload/playlists

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  • this has been my jam for the past over a year and a half now. love throwin this on and going for a walk thru the city, or even just staring out my balcony. watching the downtown shimmer in the night. what a vibe.

  • 11:00 got me feeling like flying thru the stars in the 80s


  • I listened to this all the time, up I had to put my beloved dog down in 2019. Life hasn't been the same and I've finally been ok to listen to this again. It brings me really fond memories of my Gunner, 2006 - 2019. Love you forever.


  • are babies sentient beings?


  • and He saw that it was good


  • Fan from.chile!!!! Gooood... Nice goooood


  • Кто с видосов Рины Драгуновой?)))))

  • I hope all of you have a wonderful day! Stay safe everyone!❤️

  • Life is full of so many possibilities, that even after thousands of years, not everything has been discovered. There are so many outcomes in life, and people all make their own. Nobody in the world is like you, and nobody has lived a similar life. You are the only one to walk your path. I am the only one to walk my path. Roads to these paths are like things to make life easier. ...but where I'm going, I won't need roads.


    • It reminds me of a guy I worked with.. He said the possibilities are endless..I have thought of many things to do, or to say whether it matters at all, or to some extent !! Good call, no body is like me, or similar !! :):)

  • For all of those using this to sleep goodnight and you are loved

  • bl00dwave - Encounters rippoff Learning to Fly - Tom Petty

  • cloud dasher?

  • DX-7

  • 22:08 i feel like walking on a moon

  • very good, sounds like sth from future mix with sth kinda from the 80s

  • 7

    • the same time as the first to know if you want to be a great kid be the best kid

  • this comments section is a stream of serotonin spikes. keep it up fellow travellers, thank you

  • nice! here some trippypace shiet:

  • *Just posting a comment to remind me the minute of the song lol (26:53)

  • Im listening to this while doing my assignment and i gotta admit, nothing has made me enjoy my work as much as this.

    • @D&PV Who is this link to ?? Not to be mean, but the music SUX, especially if compared to the PSB's !! Just sayin' !! But, I think, U shared this cuz U like the music and or the video and what it represents ?? !! i.e. The kid getting a ticket, when he should JUST SIMPLY follow the rules and other cool things like the dog, the person touching the guy on the shoulder and the guy taking a pic(s.) plus the whole video ?? :):) If so, I agree the video is cool !! Take her E-Z :):)


    • Sweet !! Good all :):)

    • lol brings pyschology assignment into a whole new level .d

    • Right now I am too.

  • Play this song at night now is my daily routine

  • car in the thumbnail is a lamborghini diablo if you wanted to know

    • I didn't but now I know.

  • learning CSS and HTML5 while on this retro synthwave mix ...... vibes

  • 19:10 26:50 Recordatorio


  • I was working on homework, watching videos at 2X speed, and then switched over to this and it started playing at 2X speed, still pretty good I have to say.

  • it would be cool if all 6.2K of us in the comments became friends and went out to nyc and just vibed with this

  • Man it's starting so good😍☺️

  • Thanks Joseph 😁❤️

  • This is the way

  • This music is nice my sister likes it ^_^

  • Why this video has more than 2k dislikes? e.e

  • 15:36

  • Stranger Things mood ✨🪐

  • i swear the comments under these video's are so wholesome. Everybody is just here to enjoy some nice music and chill with the rest of us. Makes me so happy

  • Not trying to start shit, but that bl00dwave cut is straight up lifted from 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Kim Carnes and I'm wondering whether that was some outré creative decision on their part or they just figured nobody over the age of 25 ever heard of Soundcloud.

  • My fav rendition of Betty Davis Eyes in this (without the hideous vocals lol)

  • this music really makes me feel ephemeral

  • Synthwave equivalent of Bette Davis eyes @ 31:10...

  • Smooth good relaxing and sooooooooooooooooooooo nostalgic

  • Ты где?

  • I miss those nights staring out your window by candle light smoking cigarettes

  • I really enjoyed this, thank you.

  • Well sometimes I just want to take a Delorean and just ride into the big empty near sunset and play this

  • É daqui que o Meteoro Brasil tira as músicas deles!

  • Aguante la PowerArmy 😎👌🏼

  • 우리 엄마는 나를 사랑해

  • nice chill 80s' vibes >:)

  • this music is really nice I like it

  • Like this video it's cool!!!!

  • I want this loop as my background!!!

  • if i had a time machine i would go back to the 1980s and then go to the future so i would be on what the future was like in the 80s

  • 350, 621, 734, 216

  • people then: i can't wait for the future! people now: tAKE ME BACK TO THE PAST-

    • @El Patron me too!

    • i just wish i can be at least a whole day in the 80s, I bet it would be a very interesting experience

  • Happy 2021, Asthenic. Luv your jams. I'm getting a groovebox after 20 years of every other instrument.

  • If the Nashville bomber had this in his RV, he would not have pushed the button

  • Ooohhh, this is good stuff.

  • I need more weed

  • I wish i could get high with all of you guys. Happy 2021.

  • Love it.

  • I only saw a bright light. Then the darkness. Eternal darkness.

  • Good lord, this genre is bland.

  • Social Justice ensures that we never reach space.

  • N1

  • One of my biggest wishes is to go to space, look at our world, and contemplate the vast unending presence of our universe.

  • 31:00

  • My favorite synthwave album

  • Good background music.

  • Wow 43:25 - I was not expecting that, sounds like Vangelis

  • ahead of its time. now everyone making synth pop

  • Let's hope 2021 is the year we yearn for a dazzling decade of positiveness.

  • Aaaaaand finding this just now tells me that 2021 is gonna be all right. At least it's off to a great start. Peace all!


  • Happy New Year. I just hope it will be happy

  • This got me through 2020.

  • I'm a Watcher and a Traveler. I approve.

  • Love this mix -- thanks for uploading :))


  • EWWWWWWWWWWW mtiktokers are here song ruined

  • To you all guys reading this comment happy new year to you all and wish you guys the best

    • @Johnny Grill С Новым годом тоже, товарищ, я знаю, что уже поздно (just translated it)

    • @BlazeRunner its 110 now

    • You too!! Thank you boss

    • I'll come back to like this comment when I can, but for now, it's on 69.

    • Спасибо, брат. С новым Годом!!!

  • Glad I found this. I needed it.

  • tiene coply?

  • came here from Meteoro Br

  • This collection. This feeling. This video. Is absolutely perfect.

  • It reminds me of gta vice city, good old times!

  • 3 years later this still 💯% perfect

  • Music like this should be illegal its just too amazing, and if you disliked it, you should be illegal too.

  • No puedo dejar en pesar en ella. I can't stop to thinking about her :(

  • Uhhhhhmmmm wwelllllll Gaaahhh Huhhhh who took wuhhh. ...whe where they’d ...... ghaaaaaaa....