Champion v Champion: Marquez stalks Mir | 2021 #PortugueseGP

Opublikowany 17 kwi 2021
This is the duel we've been waiting months for!!! 🍿
Marc Márquez and Joan Mir gave us an early preview as the mind games unfolded in Q1!👀
#MotoGP #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹
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  • Tetap semangat J.Mir👍

  • Pembalap belum sembuh total dibandingkan sama pembalap yang konsisten=lucuuu

  • Marq vs rossi is more good

  • 93 63...

  • Battle before Battle at Battlefield ❤️

  • 93 tetap smngt...smga sll sukses dan brsinar truss

  • Nice battle

  • Omg Mir.. You are to slow on turn line.. Worry if MM hit your back.. Hahaha Get out from MM line on Mir.

  • Fc mir 36

  • 2021 2022


  • Vamos mirr, gas pool

  • Wah..semua komen pk bhs inggris kabeh pakai bhs suroboyoan..mimin,ndak popo ta..? Ok lanjut...93 vs 36 rame nih..wingi n daha bb i dan diptg bb ll, terus di jarez bb lll ya..? Rame rek..podo arek spanyole...opo ngak lebih baik salaman ae...bolo dewe.. He he

  • Those bikes don't sound good no more

  • Haha คันตามจะหลุดได้ง่ายๆ55

  • Good race 1 🏍️

  • MIRacle steal heart

  • 헐 홍진 하이바 쓰고 달리네요. 홍진헬멧 ㅋ

  • Towingers vs The Champions 2020

  • marquez is just a little kid

  • everyone on the paddock were f@ck

  • FQ 20💖🇨🇵

  • Rossi 👍👍👍👍❤

  • I think Mir gonna win the battle, he seems to be more calm & confidence. Marc is still need time to recover.

  • Stalk mir amazing..

  • Joan mirr👍

  • Semoga yg puasa di ampuni dosa"nya amin 🤲

  • gogogo,suzuki

  • Ayo mir.. Balaskan dendam rossi 2015

  • Ap KH Mac mar kes udh seht

  • Rossi was right, MM93 is a small f**king bastard😂😂😂

  • Joan mir

  • Marc seem not change at all. Hope he learn something and not ended with another crash...

  • sneaky Marquez. fuckin getting slipstream on qualifying.

  • 2:57 at this crucial hard braking first corner it's big mistake by Mir to look back. That would have been a crash if Marc was braking late. Stupid move from Mir.

    • @Maximiliano Ricardo Elias If it was illegal then he should have been given penalty. Fyi most of the riders used to follow Marc in previous years in qualifying. Following a fastest rider is a strategy. And its MotoGP. Aleix espargaro used to do the same with most of the fast riders. Turning back and slowing down when someone is behind you is kind of worst intension that will be too much costly if Marc hitted him behind.

    • No, stupid move from MARC follow the Suzuki tire, is illegal in Moto 3.

  • Numpang komentar top suzuki


  • What Marquez did in the qualifying was brilliant mind games on the 2020 Moto GP champion. He stalked Mir and never let him get away, he was telling Mir and the other top rides I've still got it and he proved that by qualifying sixth. At the start of the race Marquez showed his ability to get away quickly and he actually moved up to be third but like he told the press after he knew he could not sustain that due to his lack of full strength so he dropped back and was content to finish the race in a positive fashion. By doing all this in qualifying and in the race itself he showed that he is back and soon will be dominating Moto GP like before. When his career is over Marquez will be considered the G.O.A.T. in Moto GP. Take that to the bank.

    • the ability of what ?? to provoque an accident ?? last year did the same to FQ20 and crash.

  • 93❤️

  • Two more races and Marc is in position number one

  • Marc's a punk. If someone followed him around he'd shit his pants. Like how he gave Lorenzo shit

  • Fabio: Naaahhh...

  • I love suzuki

  • Not honda

  • Thân tuong 93.

  • Rins is the best !!

  • Fan Marc Marquez

  • markes kaya yang lagi ngetes skillnya joan mir

  • Iam sure if marquez 100% he is in other level than motogp riderss

  • As my parents fan .. I'm happy to see marc is back ❤️

  • margues belum sempurnah jangan memaksakan diri di tikungan s lebih parah bisa di bukti kan nanti

  • Copy - 94👇👇👇👇

  • ΜΜ thrush

  • RAIDER 150 VS Sonic 150, Gsxr 150 vs Cbr150, and smash vs wave

  • I like Suzuki....with Mir and Rinz

  • welcome marquez come back... good luck

  • MM93 still the best....the top riders!! luar biasa!!


  • The babby alien is back 👍🏻

  • If marc on fit,no one can beat him.

  • Mir (Suzuki) Will be Pay Cost for this incident(Portugal Race) in Motogp In Next Race.. Keep Support Mm93 ♥

  • Marquez in top 5 but not the Champion this season Just my opinion

  • bhai aaram se chalaya karo

  • cara bawa motor marc lbh smooth,klo aku liat bs aja marc nyalip mir tp dia nggak mau ambil resiko.

  • Crooked Marquez will never again win a race.His dream of matching most no.of world championships is not gonna happen.

  • Hayo Mark kamu pasti bisa meraih gelar yang tertunda

  • Honestly from my heart.. M Marquez really worrior on track.. Even he injured still perfrm so good.. 2 or 3 more game he will rules back on moto gp..

  • Ha..ha..he is out of Line 😀😀😀

  • Wow joan mir suzuki thats was crazy

  • Two champhions, fantastic

  • Bad rider.markeszzzz

  • Markes semangat ya

  • I honestly can't watch a full MotoGP race, too dangerous for me, my heart can't take it

  • I. Like. SUzuki. In thailand

  • Marc Marquez..👍👍

  • Allora! gia' si sapeva che e' un bimbominkia, ma chiudersi nel box a piangere perche' non ha vinto la gara... dategli il ciuccio!

  • Masih di tahan 93🌷

  • Q1 likes race #93

  • ndk bisa bhasa enggres😭

  • suzuki top

  • 2021 World Championship has began....with the entry of Original World Champion Marc Marquez.....#IAM93

  • Marquez is a beast..

  • Vamossssss Suzuki's king 👑 mir

  • Both Spanish king 👑, Both japanese machine,

  • Marquez: no honor man!

  • thunder lemah

  • The king is back.its only going to get interesting from here.

  • 93 masih sakit aja masih bisa ngelawan ape lgi dia sehat... 😎

  • Suzuki have improved on any sector and have 2 young riders that make in elite up group in moto GP . So , moto GP make more interesting to watch.


  • marq is really crazy, remember that it's his come back after a long time but his performance is soooo good🔥

  • 9 bulan sudah cukup buat pembalap-pembalap medioker mencuri panggung

  • Everyone in this comment section, underestimate suzuki bike and rider so much, dont forget that suzuki beat honda in aragon by rinss and alex marquez, dont ever seeing down suzuki bike for a moment, today suzuki podium third, if alex rins not fall around, he is on second, gsxrr 👊👊👊

  • WHERE'S M1 ??

  • the ALIEN invasion 😂😁

  • Battle the best

  • excited to see marc on bike again

  • Suzuki ❤️

  • Marques.... The best is yet to come

  • ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀