Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts

Opublikowany 22 kwi 2021
Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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  • なにこれ?

  • Why am I watching this?

  • West coast we call them sand crabs or if you're body surfing shore break you call it surfing with the crabs.

  • As a kid I was standing in the water and one of those ended up on my foot and it scared me for life

  • I was randomly sticking my hand in the sand while zoning out at the beach one day and pulled one of these out and freaked tf out

  • What are those!!!

  • Turtle

  • Sand fleas eww lol

  • Those aren’t sand fleas, they’re mole crabs. Sand fleas aren’t much bigger than regular fleas

  • orang kebumen sebut itu yutuk.. biasa dibikin peyek.. 🤣

  • Sometimes I wonder why I don’t put on a skin suit before I get in the ocean.

  • Good for fishing 👍🏼

  • めちゃくちゃくそ可愛そう

  • Ive never heard of you eat em or what???

  • 臺灣名稱為浪花蟹

  • What are this

  • What name of that stuff?

  • Kalomang squad in the skuy

  • Sundanese called "buyutuk"

  • Those are sand dabs. Beach fleas look like actual fleas just a little bigger

  • Ok now im not going to the beach

  • Those are sand crabs

  • Bait 🎣

  • Wow

  • It feels like im being pulled to the deepest depths of the ocean

  • Why would you want to catch sand fleas..

  • I'm Peruvian we call the mui muys 🤣🤣

  • after watching this, I WILL NEVER LET MY FRIENDS BURY MY BODY UNDER THE SAND! NEVER AGAIN! **shivering**

  • Wait they carry a deadly virus-

  • 揚げたら美味いかもな。

  • If u cook that small shrimp the taste are good

  • so cute and big amounts

  • I thought they were called sand crabs..

  • Wtf is a sand flea??? Anyone?

  • Cute 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  • But what do you do with them

  • Where is this? I have never heard the term sand fleas for these tiny crabs 😂


  • Fleas??? Looks like dinner to me

  • You wouldn't go alone to touch bottom

  • I'd stop them.

  • はまがめ

  • Disgusting....yuk

  • Never seen someone so happy ab getting flees

  • Are they edible? How do they taste? How do you cook them?

  • I'm sorry, sand flea??

  • So you're saying the fleas are... Fleeing?

  • That’s it. Never going to the beach again. HARD PASS.

  • Omfg! I always heard of them. Had no idea how big they were!

  • Those are crabs not sand fleas

  • But can u eat them tho

  • can you use then as bait for fishing

  • There crabs f idiots

  • They have job to do : to bring back Captain Jack Sparrow

  • My thoughts:i would want to crush it if it isn't a biting or stinging thing *everything else agrees*

  • I kinda wanna eat it

  • 全部スベスベマンジュウガニじゃね?

  • Those are sea lice not sand flees

  • なんだろうフナムシかな...貝類だと思って見てたから「うわ!きも!」って声出た

  • What on Earth gave you the desire to have a sand flea catcher and what about doing this gives you happiness?? I thinks it’s wild bro

  • Homie those look like mole crabs...

  • do people eat them? is that the idea of the rake?

  • I’ve always called them sand crabs, since that’s what they’re called

  • Sand fleas eat plankton which help deliver our planets oxygen. Wish there was a way to get rid of these types of crustations

  • I’ll just stay in the center of the us

  • People eat these?

  • Are they edible ?

  • Another reason why I don't get into water I can't see through.

  • "Won't drive through the hood with your doors unlocked though..."

  • Aren’t those sand crabs?

  • Now what

  • Why is it that only white dudes go around doing that stuff

  • What’s the point of catching them they’re to small to eat I don’t know how you’d keep them as a pet is it catching just to catch

  • Lol I think there’s a Pokémon based on those, and the bugs on Bogano is fallen order look like they’re based on it too

  • 日本人「アサリかな?!ハマグリかな?!」 外国人「ニッコリ」

  • We eat those....i like it whent it stir fry...taste like shimp♥️

  • This is like the Sand Flea Rapture

  • wtf

  • なにこれキモっ

  • アサリじゃないんだね

  • 1st Person : why are you scared of going to the beach? 2nd Person : Sharks 1st Person : hbu? Me : Sea cockroaches.

  • Is that a Smurf?

  • Nasty

  • when Borat visited Australia: "hi mite, throw a crustacean on the barbie"

  • なにあれ??

  • I thought these were crabs

  • Why catch sand fleas?

  • Wtf😬😳😱this is 1 of the million reasons i hate the ocean!!!! Now im never going in the ocean water ever again

  • カメ食うの?

  • Do they bite

  • I thought they where roaches made me feel like something was crawling on me.

  • 貝かと思ったら、謎の生物だった。

  • Never going to the beach again . Nope no one can convince me :|

  • Yup , never going to the ocean again

  • きめぇw

  • Those are mole crabs...

  • Ew

  • I remember stepping in the water and the sand fleas put tiny holes in my legs all over and they were bleeding

  • I'd fry them

  • You can't even hardly see a sand flea. Those are crabs dude