BMW M5 1,000hp vs Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE

Opublikowany 24 paź 2020
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The king is BACK... And no, we're not talking about Mat or Yianni!
Our drag race supremo, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, is back once again to defend its crown. It's previously smashed the quarter-mile in just 10.1 seconds, making it the definitive carwow drag race king. However, the latest contender may give it a run for its money...
Evolve's tuned BMW M5 Competition has joined us for previous drag races, taking down a Ferrari 488 Pista and 1600hp Nissan GT-R, to name just a few. However, whereas before it had been tuned to deliver 800hp, it's now been turned up a notch to deliver an incredible 1,000hp!!
We know the 911 Turbo S can deliver, but when it only produces 650hp, will that be enough to retain its crown?! You're going to have to keep watching to find out!
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  • The M5 is a rocket! I drive 630 HP BMW M6 Competition, it is fast compared to my 500 HP Porsche lol

  • Lord Alim has the chiron... Come on mate... Lend it to Yanni

  • It's like getting a steroid filled bodybuilder compete against a natural drug free bodybuilder. Get a stock m5 v stock 911 turbo s.

  • BS to have a tuned car as king. Impressive car, tho.

  • shouldnt take the crown. Its not a stock car so its a bit unfair

  • I wonder how a stage 2 turbo s would do against this M5

  • I wanna tune a BMW X5 45e and turn it into an X5 M50e.

  • Drag race the M5 against a dodge demon

  • A veyron vs the bmw. Only different 1 horsepower. But I'm still curious about the 765lt. I wonder if it would do a 10 second quarter mile also.

  • Mat, can you do a drag race versus Mercedes with the same level of change? for example an E63S Gab or Brabus ... it was very interesting to see the result on the various engines and the difference mainly between BMW and Mercedes and now it included the Audi. This way we had the top three brands in competition equipped with tuning changes.

  • Evolve: Can you pay for our tires? Mat: What have i done? Evolve: We suspect that you did some donuts Mat: Emmmm...

  • How about that bmw vs klasen motors 1012hp rs6

  • This M5 is such an average-looking car that makes its horsepower useless


  • That should be a BMW M5 Cs that 1000hp m5

  • Gettin beaten by a limo....

  • to many adverts your not good enough to carry on watching

  • man that bmw is a beauty......what a freaking beast!!!!

  • You should make a drag race with a BMW M4 manual vs a BMW M3 manual.

  • Well, I donut is not a donut unless it's a donut.

  • The German king has been dethroned *By a German king*

  • BMW 1/4mi time 10.0 seconds. Porsche 1/4mi time 10.3 SECONDS

  • Watch "DSC off" channel, there is the fastest M5 in Russia. Its madly fast!

  • This is not real

  • Yiani is heavy thats why he is loosing

  • That face @5:41 ! ^^

  • The 911 is such an amazing car. Standard production beauty...

  • Dont worry the m8 is faster lol

  • It aint fair u dont got the coupe

  • Porsche still hold the record for NON Tuned cars

  • You should switch cars! It would be good to see each other’s reactions

  • Porsche Will do it all Day , BMW .... not sure.

  • That porsche is just effin brutal, best "bang for buck" supercar in that segment. but yeah.. a 1000hp m5 f90... well... we all know how fast that is going to be LOL

  • You have to have it back with the drag tyre's

  • Why are you calling it m5 competition when it’s a m5

  • I still believe that 911 can destroy any any car if it could remapped. 911 💪🏻

  • im sorry but the bmw m5 sound like a Honda VTEC 2.0

  • I wonder how Matt would look like if he would lose 50 videos in a row just for the sake. He seem really bad at losing lol Poor childhood I'd say haha

  • I'd like to see this M5 go against the SRT Demon.

  • Yianni’s doughnut was so South African 😂 man really looked like his from the Cape Flats

    • all he needed to do was jump out the car mid doughnut xD

  • We are waiting for Porsche on steroids this time 💪

  • Annie drifted better

  • Not Fair race.. Stock vs modified.. 😵.. UD thrown the wrong King

  • Yanni's reaction to the first defeat is absolutely price, the jaw dropping though ... 🤣🤣

  • I reckon hybrid turbos and a remap on that porsche, would make it king of the dragstrip again!

  • Please do the evolve m5 vs DMO E63s

  • Yanni is the biggest donut. Loving the banter

  • Bugatii vison gt pls

  • A modded turbo s would f that things sht

  • Do race 1000 HP M5 VS TAYCAN TURBO S

  • But your skin is really bad have you ever done drugs in your life

  • Why don’t you bring in Hellcat , ZL1 , Z06 viper , ford GT and GT500?

  • Very impressive but which one would you rather go to Blackpool in ?

  • Matt you really want something to race Imrans M5 get DMOs E63s

  • Nice one Yiannimize

  • What if that porshe had a 1000hp + loud exhaust 😵 bro can't imagine

    • @reno and with out soft limiter 😱😱😱

    • What if it didn't have fake exhaust tips :o

  • That beemer, all levels of Pascal Savagé.

  • I want I want I want I want

  • It’s got a meth injection in it 😂

  • I liked Yanni's face when he was defeated 🤣🤣🤣

  • What about a Mercedes C63 tuned by GAD motors against that tuned BMW M5? 🧐 #GAD

  • A normal BMW is a nightmare, an 1000 hp BMW what can possibly goes wrong?

  • This race shouldn’t count, the M5 is heavily modded. Porsche is stock.

  • Mat 99 percent choose the car which is faster to humiliate the opponent.

  • 💖💖💖💖🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪💖💖

  • It takes 1000HP to barely beat a 650HP Turbo S.......nuff said

  • Evolve getting around, well done. Reputation going strong

  • Yan all the way hahahahaha

  • That was a double figure 8 donut!

  • BMw 💩 s

  • That BMW M5 is mad

  • bring 1100 hp modified 991 Turbo S against that BMW, let's see what happen. 🙄😁

  • I want to see you do a q50s

  • Wait so the Porsche was stock and almost won?

  • I love how friendly Yianni is in the beginning, but throughout the video, he slightly gets more aggressive with Mat.

  • Race this 1000hp m5 against a 720s. both cars wont launch great cause of traction issues.

  • Porsche still faster around a track. But a Renault is the 🤴

  • U need a mk4 supra

  • Burda tek türk benmiyim

  • Give the Porsche 1kbhp and see what happens Porsche won the donut 🍩

  • Always a treat to watch both race each other.

  • 😎👍

  • that bmw was just incredible

  • A bmw c/ 350 cv A mais fica fácil

  • +1 who loves his rections when he gets destroy?

  • Porsche ❤ savage

  • mat did the best donut

  • Do a road race with Toyota Supra mk4 1000hp vs BMW M5 1,000hp.It will be a legendary fight!!!

  • The way that bm pulls on the porche, as matt and yanni said the porche is a drag king UNREAL

  • 650hp Porsche vs 1000hp beamer and the Porsche in the real world wins every time

  • Bugatti Chiron 9.99 sec at 242.5 km/h (150.7 mph) 1/4 mile time so that bmw is fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M5 ftw

  • one of the slowist to now one of the fastist

  • WOW amazing BMW👍

  • Does that M5 engine hold? I blew my M5 F90 engine a few months ago with 800+ hp. We did not know for sure what happened, but I had hybrid turbo’s. Bad tuning. Now with a new engine mounted it produces 780hp. Scared to go all the way again with it 😔

  • The bmw only has 200hph

  • A regera 😥😥

  • 6:20 Starts here.

  • Please do a comparison of a tuned supra vs a hyper car

  • That porche was right there though