Biggest Flops in NFL History

Opublikowany 27 lut 2019
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  • What a bunch of punks.

  • 4:04 the best

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  • i think they forget that have cameras watching their every moment

  • So josh Allen been flopping smh bum

  • They need to add the Kentucky flop to this as a “Not NFL but funny” extra haha

  • 4:52 ballboy was ready to throw down🤣🤣

  • 6:07

  • NFL just penalize players for flopping like in the NBA and FIFA

  • Did Allen play basketball in a past life? He can flop with the best of em.

  • 4:38 i like how the black ref was like "nah thats a flop" and then another ref comes in and falls for the flop.

  • Allen's been flopping for awhile. I thought it was just 2020

  • sorry acting. but effective.

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  • 😂🤣Fuckin a....Back in the day they'd pull your card for TRYING to get a call.😂

  • 4:36. To be honest, Rex Ryan should have been flagged for that.

  • Excellent video. NFL becoming flaming sissy Soccer actor/players. Just another reason to NOT watch them.

  • Two things, one if the kicker kicks the ball, do you think he would have balance on other foot, no he is going to fall anyways, how the refs don't see that and two they should be refuing the play if it was a flop or not, that officials being stupid and not thinking

  • Can we get a video of when flops work?

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  • reminds me of football but in another part of the world

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  • 7:21 Dude On the left looks like the guy from NELK

  • Of course Scam on the flop.

  • Flopping should be penalized with both a game misconduct, & a fine, for the flopper.

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  • 😂😂😂 at :016 lineman was like “ if u don’t get yo dumb ass...!!” Lmao

  • Nobody going to talk about how man fell down and stay there at 0:12

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  • They took hardens master class,..

  • The one inch punch is real,..

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  • "Aw he looks hurt, better take him out of the game." *instantly fixes flops

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  • I'll he honest I'm not so sure the last one is a fake. It might just be the angle and the footage quality but im not so sure he wasn't actually hit. If he was hit in the leg he would have spun atleast some.

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  • Do they not have embellishment in the NFL?

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  • none of those punters flopped

  • And the Oscar goes to...

  • The maker of this video needs to watch some soccer flopping to see what flopping is ...

  • Never gets old

  • Somewhere LeBron James is cheering for his fellow floppers.

  • 0:29 LOL at 89 flying backwards upon hit like a Power Ranger or something. It's hard to be mad at that.

  • The Detroit lions vs packers one wasn't a flop. I mean the guy jumps on Stafford and hes probably 250 pounds

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  • What I have learned is the NFL is a bunch of b******

  • nice bro

  • Ik that they do flop but we can all agree when we run and we get pushed a little it’s hard to stay balanced

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  • The ones on the kickers were a bit harsh, it's easy to lose your balance.

  • New title: when soccer player play football

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  • 0:31 love how the rev throws a flag even though he didn't see what happened

  • Aaron Rodgers bumps into Robert Alford, who takes a dive Entire Green Bay offense jumps Alford

  • 9:43 where the hell'd that rule go

  • 9:43 GOAT REF WE NEED HIM FOR 2020

  • "For trying to draw a penalty. Yeah!" 😂😂.

  • NEW VIDEO IN A FEW HOURS! Can you guess what it is?

  • 1:48 I wouldn’t call this really a flop, more like avoiding the hit in my opinion

  • Its really how Pathetic how the Refs handed the game to the Titans

  • With the Refs the NFL has, you could just "Flop" every play and you'll get a Flag. Its really Pathetic

  • 0:26~ The Ref didn't even see what happen but was just like "Shit, I think he's on the ground cuz he got hit late, I'm gonna throw a flag" lol

  • 1:10 WHAT THE FUC-

  • 0:25 number 71 has a Wedgy lol 😂 I’m dying

  • Brawls between players

  • 5:50 Phillips got pushed pretty hard though

  • 9:43 GOAT REF WE NEED HIM FOR 2020

  • 8:19 No he was actually asking for his money back

  • 0:11 focus his right arm. He forgot to put is down after flopping .😂😂

  • Lmao. The 2007 to 2015 giants. Biggest injury fakers.

  • LMAO 9:59 Ref- "That's a personal foul on the kicker for trying to draw a penalty" Kicker-"ME?" Ref- "Yeah you"

  • 0:28 i didnt know refs had a third eyeball

  • C'mon guys. Keep this crap in Europe.

  • It's like watching the premier League.

  • Its really funny how these 200-300 pound dudes that work out just about every day, and lift like 500 pounds just get flicked and they go flying 10 feet. I'm dead.

  • still cannot believe how the steelers got absolutely robbed by that dive....the fear of god in the refs eyes when bill cowher was heading for him

  • Does anyone else hear him say “are you in dedicating that was an NBA flop” on 5:39 🤣lmao

  • You should add the new 12 yard bills’s the new worst NFL punt

  • I love how this is the longest video I’ve watched on ur channel and u watch almost every vid.

  • 6:31 “now ya got flags all over DA JOINT

  • lol im never on the floppers side but if some1 gets pushed they allowed to go flying its not their job yo stand strong after getting shoved

  • 2:32 times I hit square early

  • Hahaha that last one was classic ref wasn't having it

  • 1.12 kid WHAT THE FUCK

  • ill be honest its hard to keep respect when people do that

  • At 2:32 😂

  • 8:15 Time Warner Cowher: I didn't pay you to make calls AGAINST me! The world cannot know I'm an overrated blowhard and a fraud!! That's it! I'm tellin' the Rooneys on you!

  • "That's a personal foul on the kicker for trying to draw a penalty!" Well, technically, he DID draw a penalty... but not in the way he wanted.