Best of Minecraft (2020)

Opublikowany 1 gru 2020
Please note: On Gamers React, you will discover highly edited gaming clips from streamers. Clips used in the video are submitted by fans through our email and discord server. I spend over 12 hours per video editing to transform these clips into something that has never been seen before! There is also commentary from me that is included within the video for either added entertainment or to highlight something the audience may have missed out on without said commentary. My edits include creative subtitles, that we edit (it may go bigger or smaller based on the person’s speech or have some other kind of edit). Creative sound effects like cartoon effects when someone either falls from a high place, hits the ground, falls in lava, dies in the game, and much more. We include many memes in the video to make the video more entertaining for the viewer to watch as well as include many green screen effects to make the videos more comical and creative. We also spend time zooming in on peoples faces as well as zooming into certain parts of the video to highlight something the viewer may be missing out on if there were no zoom ins. We also manipulate audio or video in our clips to ensure there is no dead air for our viewers to watch. Over 50 clips are used in every video and we come up with a creative way to alter EVERY SINGLE clip to make it our own and UNIQUE to OUR channel. The majority of the unedited (or original) version of the clips I use can NOT be found anywhere else on PLthrow. If you have any concerns or want a clip of yours removed, please send an email at
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I enjoyed uploading videos so much this year so I decided to make a video of just all the highlights from this year. There is over 250 clips featured in this video and many of the clips have extra editing added on top of them. This video specifically took over 12 hours to create.
All creators in this video have been featured in previous videos. Although, there is just simply too many creators used in this video to link every single one of them since PLthrow only lets you have the description of your videos be 5000 characters long. If you want to find one of these creators, search them up either on or PLthrow. Nametags for every creator is listed on the screen of their clip so make sure to check them out!
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  • Best of Minecraft (2020)

  • i know some from the dream smp so if you know you know

  • Some of these people are stoopid someone thought u make a furnace with 4 cobblestone u need 8!! And someone was dumb enough to sleep in the flippin nether!!😂🤣

  • This video is filled with rage monsters...

  • SO FUN

  • 8:40 This kid probably just started minecraft lol

  • 9:39 the world is 160 days long but you still didnt know that if you sleep on nether the bed explode

  • 9:52 i can't be the only one who wants to throw something at her

  • OH Dream

  • 10:37, so we don't gonna mind about that he have stacked buckets?

  • When he killed the zombie that was with a baby zombie i wanted to kill that persons dog for that

  • *9:38*

  • 8:46 no he is broken 😂

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaa

  • 9:17 this dude turned into a strawberry after he died

  • And this is why I don't play hardcore

  • We GOt thE DiAmOnDs ---> 22:46 wE nO lOnGeR hAvE tHe dIaMoNdS F f f f f f f u u u u u u u...

  • Yessir

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • So much rage

  • I love the way dream yells at the villager😂😂😂😂😂🤣 Even Tommy when he saves himself of death😂

  • Noice


  • Polska gurom

  • Illumina being Bream be like

    • MizKif: gets stuck in a cobweb MizKif: "I'm stuck in a tree!"

  • 04:42 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The entire hermitcraft server says screw you to the guy who got 3 wither skulls in a row

  • The funny part is I said that waaattt😂😂

  • Him( this is how you make one (Me uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • My fav part was 13:16

  • exuse me but your chenal?

  • That russian guy wasnt the first one to cheat on bullseye

  • 2:32😳😳😳😳😳

  • Soy el único que abla español??

  • 28:57 czechloud :D

  • 3:21

  • 0:01 the weakest thing became the strongest

  • Why do people smash their keyboards when they die in normal survival they can just come back to the area it’s not hardcore lmao

  • 9:41 its was bad she was playing 160 Day And LOL She Die Whit This Bed In Hell

  • that was soo funny :D

  • Dinkster?!

  • We still don’t know if Derek is ok

  • Cool

  • 8:08 Pog Polska

  • понятно почему англ челы тупые в майнее...........................

  • Разве майнкрафт такая сложная игра?

  • 5:28 😂😂😂

  • in the first one, you forgot to show the first part, the Avatar intro part,


  • 8:41 ah yes the iconic stone crafting table from dream

  • People now r so funny n dumb

  • I once found diamonds in the first 100

  • nooby

  • When tommyinnit screams his microphone screams too

  • 18:51 idiot 😑 19:28 😂

  • Hahaahahaahahahahah


  • The helpful wool marginally dress because cost cytologically welcome through a steep flat. handsome, watery zinc

  • 6:46

  • 4:12 When Your Friend Loses A Game


  • Also me 6:28

  • Me in the M o r n i n g 6:30

  • 23:51 the swords name is big daddy XD


  • At 7:00 I see this guy so often in so many Minecraft fail videos. It should just be a cliche at this point😂

  • Da para ver ente a máscara hahah


  • Actually I got diamonds in 8.48 seconds because I spawned in a abandon village and found diamonds in the first chest I saw

  • 14 pairs of diamond boots. Confirms that girls like shoes even on a subconscious level.

  • 0:41 He got Soo lucky

  • I CAN"T

  • 9:48 who is she please 😭

  • *got a 100 in test* How I Say It To My Dad: 2:45

  • NICE 2

  • the furnace can craft in crafting table 8 coblestone the final the furnace its craft

  • If Minecraft dies, do video games die? Well, except for Tetris and Mario.

  • 9:47 160 DAYS IN THIS WORLD, HOW DID I DIE THERE Me: 160 days in a world and u dont know that beds explode in the nether?

  • Ooooh no what are the odds 2x minecraft rules: don't dig straight down

  • Two teammates creepers killed guy bc he wants to get diamond.

  • Can I sleep.... Ok yeah that's gg what just happened? Question: she didn't read minecraft

  • 28:18 Polska Górą

  • You suck bro

  • куст всех убьёт и даже дрима

  • 8:45 Ahhh yes, thats how you make a furnace

  • 10:01 how can you play 160 days in a single would and having not even a full diamond wtf...

  • MoDDy? Wtf??? Hahahahahahhahahah

  • Funny how none the best clips from his channel are from his channel

  • I have fund Diamonds in under an hour

  • 7:03 How pillager in real life hit him

  • noice

  • bEhInD yOuUuU

  • Atleast 30% of these have bought 10 sets of headphones, mouses, keyboards, cameras, and desktops oh yeah I forgot to add brain cells

  • Women take it better than men.

  • The dumb girl trying to sleep in the nether didn’t deserve a hardcore world.

    • They were new to the game. You would have made the same mistake.

  • Subscribe to mrbeast


  • 9:40 noob

  • Why. Here. Are. So. Many. People. WHO. Play. MINECRAFT LIKE IDIOTS ;-;

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