Opublikowany 19 sie 2020
1:Conor mcgregor steals jose Aldos belt in this pre match press conference
2:This next fighter dislocates his shoulder celebrating this win by doing the worm dance
3:Manny pacquiao can’t stop laughing in this staredown
4:This next referee accidentally gets a full power kick to his ribs
5:This next mma fighter moves like a street fighter character
6:This next fighter gets a dose of instant karma when he showboats mid fight
7:Tyson fury in this fight accidentally punches himself in the face
8:These two fighters knock each other out at the exact same time
9:This boxer drops his phone in the middle of this fight and the ref picks it up
10:This fake conor mcgregor wannabe gets knocked out in this fight
11:Fighter billy joe saunders son hits the other fighter in the balls before hes taken away by security
12: this next referee steals the show in every fight he referees, his facial expressions and behaviour is hilarious
13: While celebrating this boxer goes to jump on the ropes but falls out of the ring
14: This next mma fighter celebrate his win by celebrating like a dinosaur
15: this next boxer puts in a bit too much energy and falls out the ring
16: Deontay wilder makes this corona girl jump after shouting
17: This boxer who dances onto the canvas gets way too cocky until hes knocked out
18: The fighter who is clearly winning this match taps out to save his opponent from further injury
19: the winner of this mma fight backflips off the octagon but lands on the camera man
20: this 2.6 mma fighter makes his opponent look like a child and treat him like one
21: this fighter was once accused of sexual harassment so this fighter refuses to go near this ring girl
22: this next ring girl can’t keep her eyes off this fighter preparing for his weigh in
23 this boxers mother steps in the ring and stops the other fighter from hitting her son
24: this policeman can’t stop looking away from this female mma fighter despite bis best efforts
25: this mma fighter accidentally punches this ring girl behind him


  • 2:39 the ref just threw his arms up in confusion at least I think I don't watch much MMA

  • 9:29 when your wife is watching on you 😂

  • shorturl.ca/girlsexyxhot0c7q ⬆️𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀 𝙎𝙀𝙓🔥 si due appena incontrato ore mezza prima che si ha visto la sua di fronte a lui più quando si 💕 師を説明し、なぜあなたが選択したアクセス大学の後に私のドイツ語の法案 きり週二エリートで、私はなります持って手術を後で上、私はしますされている

  • The girl files for sexual harrasment and now it's ok when the guy has won and didn't want to stand ...... Women make up your mind.

  • Watch the True Full Story why the thumbnail boy bow down and cross over his hand beacuse before the fight girl didnt want to get close to the boy and boy got that hard so after winning the match he also dont want to get close with that same girl...

  • 8:56 girl name pls

  • 2:04 is the best

  • plthrow.info/my/wideo/sZ1hpnS3triKl4k.html 😙

  • he didnt go near the ring girl because he did before and was accused of sexual assault the way he grabbed her

  • 2:35 is my fave 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry.

  • 8:59 is he gay?? Why hes afraid to bang that ring girl

  • 8:35 幼少期から格闘技に打ち込んでいた彼はまだ童貞でした

  • 0:58 our favorite boxer hahahaha

  • 1:27 when you play too much Dark souls

  • MIKE Pentangco tapping out coz opponent cant fight back ❤️

  • 4:30 The referee is a black version of Mister Bean 😂, love him

  • 8:56 *maybe his wife is watching infront of him* lol.

    • U should search park dae sung case. I feel bad for him.

  • 8:21 *help*

  • 8:21 *Help*

  • 2:34 lmao.

  • 2:34 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH double kill

  • 1:37 so we just not gonna talk bout the name?

  • 2:21 epic punch

  • 6:44 that's pakistan for ya

  • fb.watch/1QyXf8Hs6v/

  • 2:05 que chute satisfatório! Amostrado bom é amostrado nocauteado!

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  • I always love seeing that clip of the dude who was shown boating getting kicked in the face followed by the pummel shots lol. The ref let him get 3 or 4 good ones in too. He could have stopped it s bit sooner. He knew the dude deserved those fists lol.

  • Uzzy 😭😭😭😭😭 stop boxe go dance

  • Click bait

  • 1:31 bro streetfighter ? He is streight up DS Fatrolling

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  • that skinny guy is like a bullshit

  • Worst video ever u miss half the stuff you are talking about due to cutting videos to soon and short and the very last clip is covered by your next video in the screen view good content but poor quality of actual video

  • At 9:45 Men will be Men

  • 9.38 His Brain is like Don't look. Don't look, don't look. His Eyes rolling dang it just a peek.

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  • 🤭😁😁😊😊☹️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1:36 wtf is that move!! Is it Tekken's Bob??

  • 1:40 who is this guy ??

  • @8:01 ? 2.46 M, 269 kg? so... 8 feet tall, 600 pounds? I call BS.

  • Wt thats corona in the girls shirt

  • 8:58 Who's that ring girl?

  • 8:40 mma fighter accused of sexual harassment isn't funny at all. Dudes life was almost destroyed and he had the forethought to GTFO

  • Haha I can't stop laughing

  • 3:56 That's why education matters.

  • 1:27 he's currently doing the wrong move within bad timing. The actual way to get the combo is by quickly tapping Left-jump, left-jump and Right-down which perfectly nails the Moonsault

  • shorturl.ca/girlchatlslkhub persone , abbiamo ottenere avrà avere Danny , televisione , dove le montagne e di video 😍 「申し訳ありません、ああ、それは光茶色へと心が設定ライトブラウンと夜壊れ屋にによると、ミラーしばしば推測することを彼らがいたために見にするとき、そ


  • 8:28 when #metoo era has gone too far

  • That kid was dragged up definitely not bought up properly. Edit ... NO RESPECT.

  • 8:49 Jeez such a shy guy is he ? Being too serious it's just a picture mate you're over thinking x'D

  • Wowwww

  • Little kid needs to be slapped in the teeth!!!

  • Best 9:48

  • 3:57 balls of steel

  • 6:48 wtf man

  • 2:07 - Fool!

  • 8:50 is Bob from tekken lmao

  • There’s a meme of many pac man can’t help but to laugh🤣 that meme was epic pinoy can relate🤣

  • 6:50 i think he has a better career at dancing

  • fuck me that guy is a real giant

  • that knob uzzi is in every blooper video 🤣

  • 2:06 yea sit down

  • 8:32 thumnail

  • Am i the only one that noticed that say GrownAssNigger? 1:39

  • 2:11 Boxer punching himself in the face 😅

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  • Park tae sung part is not even funny bro

  • 8:35 이은혜 round girl 👍

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  • 8:23 bruh

  • 1:33 So the top right corner.🤔

  • Uhhh is no one going to say anything on 1:33?? Top right corner

  • 8:56. Wkwkwkkw 😂🤣

  • 8:28 thank me later 🤣🤣🤣

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  • 3:57 that kid knows how to hit a older guy🤣

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  • 1:27 top right hand corner

  • 9:34 man of culture as well 🤣🤣🤣

  • Seems like the guy was having a B0N3R while beside the ring girl. 😂

  • 4:30 The referee is a black version of Mister Bean 😂, love him

  • Damn 😁😁😁

  • 4:30 The referee is a black version of Mister Bean 😂, love him

  • I lost count of the number of times I replayed number #6. What a dumbass! Man, did he have that one coming and it was great. Not just great, but fucking 'Poetic Justice' awesome! What the fuck was he thinking? He was mocking his opponent and the sport and paid dearly for it. No, not jut the knockout, but documenting the stupidity for all your kids, grand kids, and so on to see.Oh, and the look on his face was priceless!

  • Those two fighters that fell down same time reminds of a scene from the movie SGT. BILKO 😅

  • Clickbet

  • 8:11 , call cops for child abuse

  • plthrow.info/clone/QYSEmx4SMJwLr5uZ-h1AOA.html (subcriber guys)

  • Manny😂😂😂😂

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Ngakak kali njir

  • 2:23 Vengeance Spell 😃😂

  • Don't make it seem like the fighter in the thumbnail is doing something weird, that's a photo shop of a fighter that has had some misfortunes