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  • 1:25 -- The baseball one is also CGI.

  • nice iphone

  • “Happiness is a direction, not a place.” - ...

    • “Happiness is a direction, not a place.” - ...

  • so cool

  • Probably has been said, but 2:04 is NOT a Formula One race .... open wheel formula of some type, but make no mistake, not Formula One.

  • a bunch of these are fake. the first one with the pool shot, the guy catching the baseball. they have been debunked.

  • Wow ❤❤❤😍

  • 2:09 That is not Formula 1

  • Hold up. Hold the f*ck up. "Theery" Henry??? "Theery"??? MFer it's pronounced "Tee-air-ee". Jesus f*cking Christ.

  • Making a regular distance 3 pointer is “impossible”? Man, i’m awesome at that game then!

  • “He ran outside of the basketball “yard”” Amazing Stay off my court or i’ll take you to yard for trespassing...

  • انا لن ولم اعمل لدى بتانة

  • giỏi quá

  • اشبال اليوجا تنيت من هذة الحركة ايون

  • No scoring goals in volleyball.

  • Someone who doesn't watch sports made this.

  • 1:28 fake. Already debunked!

  • Okay, so nowhere in this video are there actually any Formula 1 cars

  • Haha, dude u are clearly not into sports lol

  • So many false information in this video I don't even know where to start! It's like this guy never watched sport in his life!

  • Ah yes, the famous Theory Henry

  • Didn't show the title slide in the video.

  • Not a Formula 1 race by the way...

  • I therefore conclude that it is possible now

  • volleyball goal? idiot. such an idiot.

  • I thought it was illegal to hit a volleyball with your foot during a match

  • First one is so fake it wouldn't even be in the worst, lowest budget scifi film. So bad.

  • First one is fake

  • Volleyball goal, basketball yard? I can only imagine what’s coming next, but stop doing sports videos!

  • "formula 1 race"... actually isn't a "formula"

  • Free kick in handball???... 0:50-1:00

  • I like how the bicycle kick was "15 yards away" when he was WAY outside the 18 yard box. Half of these are nonsense.

  • There’s no such thing as a goal in volleyball. It’s just a point.

    • There’s no goal in basketball either. Dude made so many mistakes lol. He even said it was a “basketball yard” instead of court.

  • The first one is fake

  • 1:25 this is FAKE

  • Lots of fun videos but how can you make so many mistakes with regard to sports terms while narrating a sports video, very distracting.

  • Enjoyed the compilation. Wondering why the tiger shot got left off at the end

  • You know a lot of people use their foot in volleyball right

  • The Evan Longoria catch was a Gillette promotion video: not real.

  • What a moronic video featuring a fake! TD

  • You know nothing about sports

  • Bro tell me how these are impossible

  • Danny way did the 900 first with screws in his knee,not Tony hawk.

  • Theory Henry!

  • So not formula 1...

  • The baseball one almost hitting the reporter was proven to be fake

    • I noticed it was when it was slowed down and you can see the ball warp into his hand at the last second

  • What did he call Thierry Henry ha

  • me waiting for wnba 3pt shot plz subscribe, i’m trying to get 100subs by the end of the year

  • Thumbnail shows gymnastics - not in video. And last clip not shown 🤨

  • Basketball yard?!

  • Always same pictures

  • 1.24 is fake. The ball is flying in another direction

  • Damian lilar

  • The girl pool player was awesome

  • 0:02 딱봐도 씨지 구만

  • The first ball of Cuevas could've just been smashed he just messed with Tsitsipas. And the second one is called a ''tweener'' which is a quite common shot for pros.

  • Bro you need to pronounce their names properly at some point

  • Too bad we can't tell if some of these are doctored, like pool shot ones.

  • The corner shot isnt really impossible. Its not that hard. I personally havnt done it in a game but have multiple times in practice, but had a friend do it in game. Im also close to being able to do it during a game since i take every corner

    • At first I thought you are talking about that CGI pool shot, then I realized you are talking about football corner kick at 2:37. It's not impossible, in fact it is fairly easy kick, just right amount of spin and force. For a professional football player that is really easy kick. What was astonishing about that kick was that goalkeeper did not catch it. Again in professional games that kind of kick nearly never scores a goal.

  • so everything is a goal? :) basketball points, walleyball points not goal :) so Tony in skateboart got the goal :)

  • The first one is fake....it's not possible.

  • Clearly someone never played sports...... im not gonna name any names but...........

  • 1st one was fake

  • You said Chinese why trumphumper

  • i subscribed & turned On notificatIONS icon TOO

  • This vid is sooooooo American... I mean get your facts right

  • Too bad that first girl lost.

  • Bro I am active

  • 2:12 it is not formula 1

  • That wasn’t formula 1

  • So are we gonna ignore how this man got 4 million views just because of the cover lol

  • С биллиардными шарами очень уж нелепый монтаж

  • You should be a bit more accurate with your descriptions, for example the race you called "Formula 1" Is actually Formula Renault or Formula Ford. I've seen a couple of your other videos and noticed little things like that. Doesn't take away from the overall quality of the video, but you'll seem more well-informed and leave your audience more well-informed with accurate information. Other than that, great video, fun to watch! Edit: also I think this is the second video I've seen the Evan Longoria clip. It's not real, it was an ad for Gillette razors.

  • I’m sorry impossible doesn’t happen.

  • 3:50 those ninjas are pursuing better paying jobs new

  • 😄 😉 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • The corner kick of Henry is not impossible, i saw many players doing that in my lifetime. We did not see that as extraordinaire skills from the players but more as a blunder from the goalkeeper

  • What a catch bro😱

  • Ibrahimovic fantastic

  • Please stop talking.



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  • I didn’t see it spin on the last one 😭👉👈

  • The first one tho I could never relate

  • dont forget to subcrube

  • That bicycle kick reminded of a character in an anime named Tsuruge from Inazuma Eleven Go

  • The front flip in nfl its fucking dope he nail it

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic bicycle kick was huge. He could ride any bike in the world

  • The intro video of that guy's reaction for full ball clearance in pool game was sooo good

  • wow it was difficult and impossible to do

  • love..your..vids..big..fan

  • Woah tht reaction of the opponent in the first video

  • Hard to believe but the baseball player reflex is unbelievable fast...

  • fake

  • Commentator out of sync

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why you cut last one?

  • You really don't believe the first clip is true do you ?

  • 1:27のキャッチ映像はCGでは?