15 Most Protected People in the World!

Opublikowany 9 cze 2020
While most of us feel adequately protected behind locked doors, and perhaps with a baseball bat or even a gun hidden in an easy to reach place, there are some people who require a whole different level of security. Thanks to their fame, wealth, or notoriety, there are many who feel that their lives are at risk from obsessive fans or enemies, and have to go to extreme lengths to keep themselves safe. Get ready to enter a world of private security details, armored vehicles, and constant surveillance that can cost many millions of dollars per year to sustain as we take a look at the 15 most protected people in the world!...
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  • Hey, what about Narendra modi PM of india .

  • Why arent there a lot of likes and stuff on this video?

  • donald j. trump

  • I think that Trump needs security more then those other Starbucks CEOs. There are plenty people who want to murder him. 😬

  • Where is Indian pm

  • You know the so not "illigal" system but I'm here for it🙅🏿‍♂️

  • then it is better. to be poor. than rich and fragile, traumatized, insecure, imprisoned. humans and their inventions to feels special.

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  • Anyone else see Hilary in the background!?!?!

  • Why did people dislike the video?

  • Facebook CEO, Microsoft CEO and all the stupid artists don’t have top security like no president in the world

  • I get so sick and tired when people call the Catholic church the Christian church. It is not! The Catholic church reveres Mary, the Christian church reveres Jesus Christ. There is a difference. I'm surprised that Ted Turner or George Soros wasn't put in this video! Or even the bushes or the clintons.

  • I was expecting the king of Saudi Arabia to be the no#1..... What happened, did he go bankrupt??

  • I love how most of the virtue signaling celebrities and politicians calling for gun control for citizens have themselves an armed private army for their own security needs... total hypocrites.

  • Nothing is cool about that challenge at all!

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  • Trump is a trader

  • I don't give a damn who they are and damn sure don't care if they live or die. There not putting food in my table giving me what too wear or a roof on top of my head so fuck that. At the end of the day it's everyone for themselves and I will just worry about my family and myself. 🤷‍♂️

  • Pope Francis is the 'leader' of catholic church not Christian church...

  • Nice channel, but what's with all the ad's

  • The queen looks like they need to protect her from the wind. One good guest and she’s crashing down.

    • You'd be surprised Zack! When the Queen (and her husband, Prince Philip), both had their respective hip and knee replacement surgeries at the King Edward VII hospital, their new joints were bespokely manufactured in South Africa, from a tungsten/rhodium/hafnium alloy. So she's virtually bionic! (To give you an idea, tungsten is 1.74 x heavier than lead). It's a good job she never has to go through airport security!😊

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  • I'm not that surprised so much as they are high profile people.

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